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love the piggy!

In case you needed a hug today, here’s one from Dipper and Mabel :)

Stay strong guys! And never forget about love and how it always wins over hate.

Think it was about time I do a screen redraw with my non-consistent style. Might do more (even if the background takes me hours XD).


“But if you’re curious, don’t wait. Take a trip. Find it. It’s out there, somewhere in the woods…waiting.”

From the bottom of my heart - thank you.

Grunkles version

Wendy version

Soos version

I redrew these little doodles into these digital ones 

I asked @lets-draw what colors to use for the unicorn but she didn’t freaking respond. I mean, it was like 11pm so idk. I had to use some color generator.

Edit: I just posted this and I already have to edit. I just had to edit the tags, though. They sounded weird.

They’re telling me that I’m fine                                                                             They’re telling me nothing’s wrong, anymore                                                     Nothing’s real (x)

  • Me: I'm fine
  • What I really mean: it's 1:18 am and I'm worried for Stanford and im worried for September 7th because the Dorito demon is back to cause chaos but I secretly can't wait. but I'm also worried for dipper bc he seems angsty and dippers and Mabel's relationship and #Stanley is going to die theory. omg this show has ruined me I've been here since 2012 and it was so innocent with cute little codes here and there and BAM now we have demons and character development and I accidentally joined a cult I think. Gravity falls has ruined me. But I still love you Alex.

Another edit. Jfc, what if the Pines twins admitted their homosexuality at the exact same time.
Dip: Mabel.
Mabel: Dipper
Mabel and Dipper: I have something important to tell you.
Mabel and Dipper: *gives eachother weird stares*
Mabel and Dipper: you first, no you first, stop copying me!
Mabel: Let’s just say it at the same time bro bro
Dipper: fine
Mabel and Dipper: I’m gay.


for pinescone week day 5, highschool au (sorry this is late & messy, i am sleep deprived)

The Power of Mabel

Day 5: Missed Moments

I will forever mourn the fact that we never got to have a boxing episode wherein Stan teaches Mabel how to box (I’d like to imagine the episode would be titled either “Raging Ma-Bull” or “Million Dollar Mabel”. Can’t quite decide…)

Not sure what the plot would be but here are some general ideas for a plot: 

  • It’s time for the Gravity Falls’ Semi-Annual Children’s boxing match (for charity purposes, of course)! Stan used to enter Soos into the boxing match to give the Shack some free publicity but 1) Soos no longer legally qualifies as a kid and 2) ever since Soos saw “The Karate Dude”, he’s lost a bit of interest in boxing (he hopes to get his brown belt next fall!)
  • Looking for a replacement, Stan decides to train Mabel in the basics of boxing. After all, he saw her in action against the zombies and knows she can handle herself in a fight.
  • All Mabel knows about boxing comes from the movie Stony IV staring the Norse Horse himself, Stony van Bobkinson (Mabel only originally watched it because that Russian boxer was quite the looker and it had a cute robot friend!) So her understanding of boxing is limited to “a 3-minute inspirational montage will make me the best in my sport and also stop communism!”
  • Stan comes up with a plan, though. If he lugs around a big boombox and follows Mabel, then she’ll stay motivated and be an expert in no time. So for the next week, no matter where they go or what they’re doing (training, eating at a diner, scrapbooking current events), Stan and Mabel hang out together with inspirational eighties songs in the background.

And I have no idea where the plot goes from there; I just really wanted to see Mabel and her Grunkle Stan bond over boxing and goofy dated sports movie from the 80’s!


The Summerween Trickster: Trick-or-treat. 

Dipper Pines: Dude, really? You’re a little old for this, man. Sorry. 

The Trickster: But wait, I…

Mabel Pines: Why’d you close the door? 

Dipper: I told you, Mabel, I’m just not feeling it tonight. 

Mabel: I think a little trick-or-treating will make you feel better. 

Dipper: I’m not trick-or-treating! Look man, just go to another house! 

Mabel: Dipper! Where’s your Summerween hospitality? 

Dipper: I’m not getting that. 

Mabel: Well I am! I apologize for my brother. He came down with a case of the grumpy-grumps. 

Trickster: SILENCE! You have insulted me! For this you must pay with your lives!

Mabel: Aww, what a cute little mask! You’re a funny guy, aren’t you? 

Trickster: Funny, am I?! 

Gourney: Twik-or-tweet! My name is Gourney. AH! Remember meeee! 

Grenda: Gourney! 

The Trickster: There’s only one way for you to avoid his fate: I need a treat. If you can collect five hundred pieces of candy and bring it to me before the last jack-o-melon goes out, I will let you live. 

Dipper: Five hundred treats in one night? That’s impossible! 

The Trickster: The choice is yours, children. You must trick-or-treat…or DIE! 

-”Gravity Falls”

This time, Timestuck AU! 8D

I didn’t have time for a real nice picture, but I love this AU and wanted to do a doodle at least. Still not entirely sure who’s “incharge” of this AU though, so if someone knows and can let me know, I’ll give credit where credit is due.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I am a fictive of Stanford Pines, I'm looking for my brother, Fiddleford, and of course Mabel and Dipper. I remember a lot of my time spent in Bill's dimension and my host is currently re-watching the first season, allowing me to see what happened to the kids and Stanley before I got there. I do remember, personally, a lot from after I returned but some of it is a little fuzzy when I front, so I apologize.


(Watch the speed paint here!) (this is also a desktop wall paper, feel free to use it, but don’t re-post)

Happy one year anniversary of the GF finale! Ok but can I be serious for a moment. I am really happy this show happened. It helped me through one of the toughest times of my life. And still is. I love it so much. And I actually grieved for the next month or so, after it ended. I was sad to see it go. It got the ending it deserved. A well written climactic ending with lots of tears and hugs. Than you Gravity Falls for the adventure of a life time. And keeping me alive through tough times.


I will miss the happy fun times ;n;
Trying to calm myself from all the alarming theories and speculations from fans by sketching my two favorite characters in the original gravity falls style
You know…as long as they are still alive