my piece for the @notyourpuppetsfanzine!!! I was sort of inspired by not only the bubble, but my own childhood/younger teen years/general time period of when I was in a uh, bad situation. I tended to “escape from reality” (gravity falls pun intended haha) by daydreaming, doing art, and coming up with stories. I thought about how I’d kind of feel when you wrap yourself up in that fun, fake world, and it just makes the real world and the reality of your situation feel worse. I mean yeah it’s nice to have an escape, just everything feels dull in comparison until you get a real escape and the world becomes as bright as your fantasies. anyway, this project was really such an amazing thing to work on- really, I can’t put into words how much it means to me, not only seeing it complete but by seeing the heartfelt response to it. I never thought people could care that much, but I guess people surprise you in the best ways sometimes. <3

anonymous asked:

I've been thinking about a Gravity Falls Pokémon AU, and I decided that each member of the Cipher wheel would have a Pokémon that can Mega Evolve. I don't have enough to make a story, but I've got to share with someone, so I'm going to send you my ideas and reasoning for who has what. Ok?

Yooo, let’s go, Anon! I got a couple of these, so I’mma combine it into one big ask.

Dipper and Mabel: Mega Gallade and Mega Gardevoir. It completely fits that they each would have one of those, but I’m having trouble deciding who has which. In Dipper vs Manliness, having his Kirlia evolve into Gallade can be part of the plot, or if he has Gardevoir he could be given extra flak for having a “girly” Pokémon. Either would work with Mabel too (a princess/bride or a knight in shining armor). What do you think would work best for them?

Gardevoir for Dipper, definitely. It’s a psychic-fairy type, all brainy and a bit fantastical, which is his niche. Gallade is a fighting-psychic, so it has a smart but buff connotation, which fits our main girl, Mabes.

Stan: Mega Houndoom. I’m thinking after he got kicked out as a teenager, he came across an abandoned Houndour, and figured “Us unwanteds better stick together,” and so the Houndour slept in the backseat of the Stanleymobile until Stan managed to shoplift a Pokéball. (Plus this goes with that cute AU where Stan adopts a Grim as a pet😊).

I am 1000% down with Stan adopting a giant horned doggo as a pet! He’s probably got it a spikey collar to wear and only ever really uses intimidate, but he also cuddles with it and feeds it half of whatever is on his plate. By the time Dip and Mabes pop up in the picture he’s an old man doggo with a gray-ish muzzle who sleeps under Stan’s feet; he uses it as a footrest.

For Soos, I knew it had to relate to his job as a handyman and it had to be CUTE. I decided on Mega Ampharos.

Ohhhh, Anon, Soos would love his floofy yellow buddy to death. He got it from the local farm as a Mareep and over the years it slowly grew and evolved.

For Wendy: Ice Pack plus Lumberjill equals MEGA ABOMASNOW. You canNOT convince me that that is not perfect.

You just know she named it something super deceiving, like Pidgey. “You can’t handle my Pidgey, bro.” “My Pidgey and me’ll take you on, son.”

Dipper wanted adventure, mystery and true friends 

And he got it :) 

Mabel wanted a boy who would love her and never leave her behind 

And she got it :)

Soos wanted to become Mr. Mystery 

And he got it :) 

Wendy wanted some excitement/action in her summer 

And she got it :) 

Pacifica wanted to not be like her family 

And she got it :)

Gideon, towards the end, wanted to become a better person 

And he got it :) 

Robbie wanted a girl who’d love him 

And he got it :) 

McGucket wanted to be good/useful to somebody 

And he got it :)

Ford wanted somebody to go on adventures with him

And he got it :)

And finally, Stan wanted to accomplish something great 

And he got it :)

And as you can all see, the Bill Cipher wheel characters had all gotten what they wanted :*)


I present to you: My attempt at a fandom shitpost to end all fandom shitposts.

Thanks to @crystalitar and @thegreyturtle for letting me borrow their icons to make it look more authentic