So Gravity Falls Is Over...

Plenty members of the fandom are stuck in this weird state in which they don’t want to leave Gravity Falls behind, but they’re all out of new content to pore over. While it might be obtuse of me to do this, I would like this offer up something that might spark you interest:

Please don’t mind the crappy logo! I spent 10 minutes in paint trying to make it!

This fanfiction has been in the works since last year, taking the Gravity Falls universe into something of its own. Plenty of old and new characters make their appearance in a tale that is both old and new. 

The story? Through a series of events out of her control, Mabel never spends has her fateful summer in Gravity Falls while Dipper returns every year until he’s old enough to live there by himself. Adult life seems to be treating the twins well until one winter morning, Dipper is found dead. Mabel arrives at Gravity Falls a year later, looking for a reason why a letter she’d received at his funeral asked her to come visit. Here she finds that her brother is not only the town hero, but is the local expert of everything weird and supernatural. The more lies she uncovers, the more she realizes that Dipper Pines was a man that kept many secrets from her and the people of Gravity Falls. With a demon-turned-human and a government agent by her side, Mabel sets off to find the her brother’s murderer while the weirdness that thrilled her brother forces her to realize that she might never have known Dipper at all.

This fic also includes:

  • A return of characters like Bill Cipher, Pacifica Northwest, and Gideon Gleeful
  • New diverse characters that add to the plot and world building
  • New lore combined with the old
  • Competently written
  • The return of the infamous ciphers from the show, along with an introduction to new ones
  • Multiple story lines that are new or revamps from the show
  • BillDip so slight you’ll love it if you want it or can easily ignore it if you don’t
  • Mysteries just waiting to be solved

If you’re a Gravity Falls fan that’s looking for a long story that’s not going to end any time soon, then this is the fanfiction for you. Come check it out on AO3 and!

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A Diverging in the Wood [1/2]


Summary:  Canon Divergence AU of “A Thousand Natural Shocks” in which Stan doesn’t manage to hold it together during Weirdmageddon and another horror beyond human comprehension joins the fray.  Good thing they’re on the side of humanity.

[A/N:  Features:  all - read: most - of the Stan and “characters who aren’t Ford” interactions I couldn’t have in the original fic, overprotective eldritch abominations, undignified monster brawls, and a much wilder Ford rescue sequence.  And more!

Beta’d by @trustme-im-a-pirate who turned this from shit to slightly not-shit.  Still choppy at parts, though.  Extremely late birthday present for @embulalia, who gave me free reign to turn shameless self-indulgence into ten thousand words of fanfiction.  Thanks buddy.]

The skies had shifted abruptly from bright Oregon blue to shades of red-orange, even deeper and more vivid than just the color of sunlight hitting a patch of particularly awful air pollution. Even without the twin gashes that gaped across the sky and oozed substance of colors beyond the visible spectrum, it was clearly an unnatural landscape.

Stan Pines stared skywards, a hammer and a rotted old sign still held loosely with his fingers, a look of pure resignation on his worn face. He hadn’t needed to look to know what had happened, but it helped to see it. In a way. Just for that final kick in the gut.

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Imagine mabel dragging stan to watch SU’s Mindful education

Imagine Stan bawling when the episode finished and Mabel trying to comfort him

Imagine Mabel shocked and dumbfounded after finding out it wasn’t stan who was crying, but Bill

Imagine Ford walking in on Mabel confused and panicked and Ford sent Mabel to her room so he could have a little talk with ‘his former muse’

Imagine Bill being a tsundere and Ford having to convince him into saying what the heck was wrong because it isn’t like Bill to cry over anything in general

Imagine Bill confessing to Ford all the shit he had gone through as a young flatlander and how he destroyed his dimension in self defense because he was to be executed for preaching about the 3rd Dimension and he didn’t want to die.

Imagine Ford finally understanding why Bill was acting the way he is and is reminded of Rick so he kinda just wanna comfort Bill because why would you give up on someone who has a chance to change.


Grunkle Sphinx - Dipper and Mabel's Guide to...

AO3 (zfiledh) / LJ (chilibreath)


A floor above the Mystery Shack, a pair of pre-teens are looking at an assortment of items on the floor. Mabel rubbed her hands together in anticipation while Dipper finished writing a checklist on the notepad.

“We’re all set,” he said, putting down the notepad and looking at his sister. “So, which one do you want to start with?”

Mabel looked at him while fighting to keep her squeals contained.

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What Lies Beneath

Hey guys I was working on this for Telepathy Twins week but ended up being too late. So here you go anyway.

This reverse falls one shot takes place when the twins are eleven and before they have moved to Gravity Falls.


A deep sigh filtered through her rose red lips, irritation hanging on her breath. Her manicured nails drummed impatiently against the redwood table. Mabel wished she had the sense to lock her bedroom door before her twin could barge in and restate his proposition. He had been making the same argument for the past two weeks, but she refused to budge. Usually she didn’t mind agreeing to his decisions, considering they were thought out with the utmost precision. But the choice to uproot everything they had built was not one she could get behind. Mabel was currently sketching her newest costume design, trying to figure out what type of skirt to give herself as her brother continued to act as overly annoying background noise.

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I’ve mentioned every now and then that I question just how exactly Stan expected his reunion with Ford to go when he rescued him from the other side of the portal. Well, since I’m marathoning Gravity Falls right now for…….. reasons, I’ve really got the show on my mind, so I think I’ll take this time to elaborate on what I mean when I say that.

So what do I mean when I say that? The show seems ot make it pretty clear what he expects. Stan greets his brother with a sentimental tone and open arms. Only to be punched in the face, but regardless. So this is what he wanted and expected for 30 years right? Well, I don’t think so. At least not most of the time.

I have no doubt that this is the kind of reunion Stan wanted with Ford. Even before he was trapped and needed to be rescued. But I highly doubt it’s what he expected. For one, they didn’t exactly leave on the best of terms, and as thesnadger pointed out in this post, there were some pretty unflattering things about Stan in the journals (I know this is from Journal 3, but there may have been some parts like this in Journal 1, who knows?).

So there’s already some bad blood between them. We all know that, but Stan still stuck around and did everything in his power to restart the portal, he had ot expected some gratitude in return the whole time right? Again, I don’t think so, and the reason why is what made me think of Stan’s expectations in the first place. The fake ID’s Stan kept.

Now yes, this is thematically important for the show. It plants the seeds of doubt in Dipper and Mabel, and by extension, we the audience. But for Stan as a character, doesn’t this strike you as kind of odd? I mean, why would he keep these very incriminating documents from what were possibly the worst years of his life? Maybe because, he thought he was going to need them again.

Fans devoted a lot of time before the finale to wondering what Stan would do at the end of summer if Ford had taken the Shack back like he said he would. And most people pointed out that Stan would probably try to go back to doing what he did before Ford contacted him all those years ago. He’d try to go back to being a drifter.

Plus, even though Ford had a reason for saying this to Stan, one of the last things Ford asked him to do was to take his journal to the ends of the Earth. To get as far away form him as possible. I can imagine that with all of this, it’s not too hard to believe that Stan kept a backup plan. But if that’s the case, why did he greet Ford the way he did when Stan did rescue him?  Well, you probably already know, but I want to add some sentimentality here, so here we go.

The most appealing thing about Stan as a character to most fans is his love and dedication to his family. But when the show started, that was very subdued. Sure, he was still at the Mystery Shack, living under a different name to save his brother, but he was still very cold and closed off. And possibly not expecting the warmest reception if and when he got Ford back.

I don’t think anyone would disagree with me when I say that Stan was much more closed off when the show began, especially towards the idea of feeling compassion from or towards others. This man had become a master at hiding his feelings. Which I honestly couldn’t blame him for after everything that’s happened to him. But then Dipper and Mable came along.

Suddenly, unbeknownst to them and even us, taking care of the Dipper and Mabel for the summer opened up that long forgotten and neglected part of Stan’s heart. By having people around who still love him regardless of the things he says or the crimes he commits. In the beginning, Stan didn’t treat them any differently then he treated anyone else, but as time went on, and he grew more attached to having them around, he grew more attached to the idea of being close with his family again.

He probably had to keep his distance to keep up the facade all those years, but maybe having Dipper and Mabel around, and seeing how much they care about each other, made him think that maybe, just maybe, he could work things out with Ford. That he wouldn’t have to leave and be alone again. Dipper inadvertently gave him one of the pieces he needed to succeed in that mission, which would probably make him gain even more hope that he could get his brother back, and he could make things right between them. And even if that warm reception upon Ford’s return didn’t go quite how he may have thought, turns out…..

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