mabel is my favorite character

I’m Done! :)

Finnnnnnnallly i can finish it! ( ^ O ^ )/

I cann’tt write down in words, to express the joy I feel this…..

do you like Gravity Falls as like me too?~ That’s make me excited ^ ^

Tanoshii yo~ but, my English is not very good….. T_T

Zan’nen desu ne~

Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Six: The Power of Mabel

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A Time Stuck AU fic where Mabel gets trapped in the past with a younger version of Stan. Stuff starts to get real this chapter, guys, I am so excited.

Stanley, Oregon, 1979

A person could make the trip from Northern Missouri to Oregon in two days if they didn’t mind long hours on the road. It took Stan four days, delayed a little bit by car trouble but mostly by reluctance. 

Along the way he’d had to stop and pull over six times, each time telling Mabel he just wanted to stretch his legs. Really what he’d needed was a chance to find an isolated spot someplace where he could put his head between his knees and quietly panic. Where he could rock back and forth and breathe in and out until he stopped feeling lightheaded. On one occasion, Mabel had followed him and caught him like that. He’d resolved not to let her see it a second time.

He was glad to have her holding his hand as they approached the door.

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vixaravia  asked:

Do you watch Gravity Falls? If so, who's your favorite character? Mine's Bill Cipher.

Mabel was always my favourite, and hey since ya like Bill, you should stick around! The little triangle ass apparently possessed my body in another ask…. fricken triangles…

anonymous asked:

I like how sweet and kind you make her. You have the essence of Mabel. ^^

Anonymously send me your favorite detail about how I play my character.

// Really?! Thank you so much, Nonny! I try to make her the sweetest she can be.

Today is 18 June,so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX HIRSCH, the creator of the amazing “Gravity Falls” animated show! And also today Ariel, the twin sister of Alex, celebrates her birthday!

Here’s a drawing of the twin stars of the show, Mabel  and Dipper, and also Bill Cipher joins the party with a…birthday cake??

Thank you Alex for your great show full of mysteries, funny moments and awesome characters! I can’t wait for the Season 2!


P.S: If you ask me, Bill is my favorite character, and Mabel is my favorite main character! :D

What do you think about my drawing?

riothiei-deactivated20150924  asked:

Louise Belcher or Mabel Pines ;) ohhh yeah I went there.

Duuuuuuuude…..DUUUUUUUDE that is sooooo not cool.

I friggin love Bob’s Burgers and Gravity Falls so comparing 2 of Kristin Schaal’s Best characters is just downright evil.

I love Mabel for her Bubbly optimistic happy go-lucky personality

But Louise is my favorite character cause she’s an manipulative insane evil genius and is the EXACT OPPOSITE OF MABEL

Both shows are Phenomenal, so well-written, and make me laugh hard HARD…….I honestly cannot pick lol

So I recently got hooked onto this show via Ink Rose. It’s really good! It’s like if Scooby Doo crossed with Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Mabel and Dipper are such great protagonists! They act like ACTUAL SIBLINGS. My favorite characters are Mabel and Zeus. They are totally adorable.

Everyone tells me Season 2 gets better and darker. If Season 1 was this good, I can’t wait\ to get there!