mabel is awesome

Merry Christmas!


Grunkle Stanta Claus is here to bring Dipper and Mabel some awesome not-stolen, totally legally attained gifts

(Stan took Ford’s shoes in order to pull that outfit off, which is why he’s not wearing any. and Dipper has absolutely no holiday themed clothes whatsoever because he only has like three outfits)

(Mabel made Ford’s sweater and the lights do, in fact, glow. he was very impressed by this)

(Mabel would absolutely go all out with her Christmas outfit don’t even deny it)


why doesn’t a PHINEAS AND FERB/GRAVITY FALLS crossover exist!!!!!

Its a shame that phineas and ferb ended before the creators got a chance to make a crossover. Just try to imagine the awesomenes, just for a second, close your eyes and imagine:

Waddles being recruted by major monogram and becoming an agent alongside Perry:

Soos and Buford becoming best buddies

Buford hitting it off with Grenda

Baljit hitting it off with Candy

Robbie and Vanessa get together, and Wendy and Candace both being mad together. (Wendy mad because of robbie, candace because she cant bust her brothers.) and wendy giving Candace advice on busting brothers since she’s got 3 of them:

Mable and Isabella becoming best friends, Mable trying to set Isabella and Phineas together (since she is the world’s BEST match-maker)

Mable developing a crush on Ferb:

Dipper and Phineas creating a machine that knows ALL the secrets of the universe! or building machines to fight monsters and solve mysteries! and it goes terribly wrong:


Thats all the ideas i have, if you have anything to add, go ahead!

Why Dipper is Awesome: determined as fuck, loves his sister and family, ultimate snark master, calls people out on their bs, if angered he will not hesitate to fight back, smart and strong, jumped off a cliff and crashed into a mech to fight a creep taking his sister away, sacrificed his chance to impress Wendy so that Mabel can keep Waddles, learns that its better to become a person worthy of loving than to force others to love you, uses motivational and touching speeches to inspire Pacifca and Gideon, fought through the fuckin’ apocalypse to save his sister, helped in ending weirdmageddon

Why Mabel is Awesome: embodiment of joy, loves her bro-bro and family, sees the beauty in everyone and everything, grappling hook, smart and strong, makes her own sweaters, mastered several art forms (sculpting, playwriting, fashion, etc.) punched a unicorn in the face for being a pompous pos, sacrificed her puppet she worked hard on to save her brother from Bill, even after a series of failed summer romances she learned that it is better to love yourself, used her summer scrapbook to reignite Stan’s memories, helped in ending weirdmageddon

Why Soos is Awesome: ultimate handyman, pretty much a big brother for Dipper and Mabel and is willing to protect them, chill af, helped the kids escape the pterodactyl’s nest, managed to overcome his addiction to the dating simulator game and destroyed said game, has his own show on public acess television, provided companionship for Stan who was probably lonely at the time, helped in ending weirdmageddon

Why Stan is Awesome: clever and cunning, loves his family, spent 30 years trying to restart the portal so he could save his brother by learning physics and stealing nuclear waste, punched a pterodactyl in the face, he beat up a horde of zombies that were about to eat the twins, climbed up a mountain and punched an eagle to save the kids, filled the role of a father figure for Soos, master of dad jokes, has brass knuckles at all times, sarcastic af, sacrificed himself to destroy Bill once and for all, helped in ending weirdmageddon, meded his sibling relationship with his brother

Why Ford is Awesome: amazing introduction from the portal, subverts the badass sci-fi hero by acting like a complete dork at times, table-top rpg nerd, YOUR MATH IS NO MATCH FOR MY GUN YOU IDIOTS!!, managed to survive 30 years of dimension hopping, despite being paranoid he learns to trust his family again, made amends with Fiddleford even after their fallout and causing Fidds to become paranoid, helped in ending weirdmageddon, mended his sibling relationship with his brother

TL;DR The Pines Family is awesome and those who think otherwise will suffer the wrath of the left hook.

Midnight Confession about Relativity Falls AU

I love how Stanley and Stanford are given a place, at least for the summer, where they can actually grow as individuals. Mabel is there to encourage better behavior, better outlets, and let them explore. 

If Stan wants to wear some of her old skirts he can, and he can rock them. Screw gender norms, her little Stanley likes to wrestle and dress up with her. 

If Ford gets a crush on that weird southern kid, you bet she will be cheering on her little boy. 

Stan can learn not to steal, but to use his natural charisma for good. Helping run her business may teach him that he really likes this and does have a future that doesn’t involve hitting or slacking off. 

Or little Stan can fund that make-up is awesome and lead that into his love for Special-Effects makeup for movies. We already saw some of the things cannon!Stan could do in Summerween. Imagine if he was allowed to further that, he could have been an awesome Special Effects Make-up Artist for movies. 

Stanford will get the taste of abnormal. Get a place where he feels like the normal one. A town that wouldn’t tease him too much on his weirdness because it is already full of weird. Mabel is there to help him come out of his shell, show him that he is more then just smarts. 

Ford is a witty boy with a terrible taste in humor that can actually grow into his more sensitive side. Actually be allowed to show that breaking away from the labels is a good thing, that he has nothing he needs to prove. 

Not to mention the great thing of Grauntie Mabel getting the twins out of Filbrick’s home for good. 

And even if she doesn’t and the same stuff happens like it did in the Tale of Two Stans I can be certain that Stanley had a home with Mabel. That he could have gone to her or she would have come and got him. Made sure they made up after she made sure both her boys were okay. 

And when Dipper comes out of that portal there is no big fight because the Stan and Ford relationship of cannon I just can’t see working out at all. There thing was more of the AU of the Mystery Trio, working with each other. Dipper is just happy to be back and going to work with his sister to fix the rift problem. 

Relativity Falls is just, slightly, better for everyone. It is like a do-over verse. I love this AU almost as much as Cannon. The AU is just a whole new story, practically, and the things that could come out of it are amazing. 

Some people have pointed out that Ford saying ‘call me for dinner’ contradicts the idea he eats nutrient tablets instead of meals

I propose a compromise: he said that to be polite and he wants to get to know the kids, but when he’s sitting at the table he excuses himself for eating whatever stan made “no, no, I have my own food” he puts the nutrients tablet on the plate and eats it with a knife and fork. Stan is downright offended, Dipper thinks it’s awesome, Mabel can’t believe ford is missing out on this delicious foods, even if it has stans hair in it