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#stanchez#<3 <3 <3#oh my god they would be the worst most insufferable#i feel like this would go one of two ways#one–they irritate each other trying to move around in this and take it off after a minute#or two#they’re shockingly capable of moving around in this without getting in each others way#with total ease#(comes from a lifetime’s worth of crazy capers that involved getting accidentally handcuffed/shackled/tied together)#and instead they get in the way of everyone else#i actually think the second one is more likely#like everyone expects them to drive each other crazy and burn the sweater by the end of the day#but instead they’re just totally casual about it#what has mabel done#she had created a monster#(that said mabel is the only one who isn’t surprised)#look at these cuties#cutie patooties#rad art

I know I always do this to you Snadge when you reblogged my stuff, but I’m posting your tags yet again cause they are so flawlessly on point to my own headcanons regarding my art that I need everyone to appreciate them please.

Just all the yes. These. Tags. Are. Golden. Wrap them in a bow and call them a present. I love them. <3