mabel and flirting

gettin-schwifty  asked:

If you are still up for the pose meme drawing, could you make Dipper A2 and Mabel D6 (the twins acting flirty in front of their unseen crushes) please?

maybe mabel’s flirting is a bit embarrassing usually, but once dip has someone to woo, her expertise comes in handy!

Pose meme!

So in the nuclear falls mod Mabel’s passive is Flirts with Death and i just found that SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! 

like if Mabel is at 1 HP she could still survive, so im just here imagining Mabel flirting in a tired delusional state as a weird defense mechanism!!! Flirting with her enemies just dealing with imminent death with romantic advances!!! I LOVE IT

AU mod by @nuclearfalls

@artisticdoodler theres not alot of reason why but i really want you to see this.

The Catch That Came To Stay (Cryptid AU)

Summary: Years after letting the fish whole stole his heart go, Stan Pines finds himself once more sailing the open seas, this time with his twin brother Ford in search of the paranormal. Childhood dreams finally achieved, and yet there’s still only one anomaly out in those waters that Stan wishes he could catch…

Author side note: Because I’m a creature of constant musical inspiration, my suggested listening for this one is Heavy Seas of Love by Damon Albarn

Not for the first time over the course of the past few months spent at sea on board the newly christened Stan Of War II, Stanley Pines found himself staring out at the waves while nursing a cigar, wondering what in hell had possessed him to let his brother convince him that this trip would be a good idea. Here he was finally on the worldly adventures he’d always dreamed of having since Ford and him were freckled boys on the New Jersey coast, and yet despite how happy he was, his moods were often as turbulent and dark as the waters they sailed. He didn’t discuss it with his brother, though he was sure Ford knew what was plaguing him. After all these years, Stan had foolishly thought that maybe he could finally stop caring that his heart still roamed somewhere in that briny depth without him. He’d been wrong.

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I just wish there could be one otgw crossover episode in gravity falls.

I mean, think about all the possibilities. Greg and Mabel interactions. Greg and Dipper interactions. Mabel flirting with Wirt (and making him sing karaoke with her). Greg trying to befriend uncle Stan by telling him why his frog is named Jason Fuderburker. Wirt making a fool of himself in front of Dipper because he wants to look cool but is too nervous. Greg bringing home several gnomes because he thinks Wirt will like them.

The characters fit together so nice, there are options for like 7 episodes of it, seriously.