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Hey, guys. I know you guys all still miss Gravity Falls, so how about we go through the series again and see what an amazing summer it had been, shall we? :)

First the twins came to Gravity Falls and went up against an army of gnomes 

Then the twins and Soos went on a sea monster adventure and had the most memorable fishing trip with Grunkle Stan

Then the kids went on an adventure to find Grunkle Stan’s missing wax head and found living wax figures

Then the kids met the evil child psychic Gideon Gleeful 

Then the kids along with Wendy and her friends went to a haunted convenience store and Dipper did his famous Lamby Dance

Then Dipper went on a quest to become a man while Mabel helped Grunkle Stan win a woman’s heart 

Then Dipper cloned himself and Mabel had met her friends 

Then the kids found the truth about the real town founder

Then the kids met Blar Blar, went on a time travel adventure and we all fell in love with Waddles the Pig

Then Dipper bought Rumble McSkirmish to life and Mabel helped Grunkle Stan get over his fear of heights 

Then Dipper and Mabel had an incredible shrinking adventure 

Then the gang faced the summerween trickster and had an amazing summerween 

Then Mabel was left in charge of the mystery shack and Grunkle Stan competed on a game show 

Then Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Soos told us stories while they fell down the Bottomless Pit

Then Mabel met a cute merman and Dipper had a blast being an assistant lifeguard 

Then the gang had a body-swapping adventure 

Then Dipper tried to save Wendy from Robbie’s brainwashing music and Mabel and her friends met Sev’ral Timez

Then the gang ventured into a dinosaur world to save Mabel’s pig 

Then the gang went on a journey into Stan’s mind to defeat Bill Cipher and save the shack 

Then Gideon had been defeated, the Pines became heros and we discovered Stan’s secret 

Then the gang threw a shack is back party and went up against hordes of zombies 

And how can we forget the Pines family’s amazing performance? :)

Then the gang ventured into the author’s bunker, encountered the shapeshifter and Dipper confessed his feelings to Wendy 

Then we met the Lilliputtians and Mabel and Pacifica had a golf competition 

Then Mabel threw on an amazing puppet show and BIPPER 

Then Soos met the perfect girl and Stan attempted to steal a robot mascot

Then Stan invited us to his shack and told us tales

Then the gang uncovered the society of the blind eye and McGucket learned the truth of his past

Then Blar Blar returned, the twins got challenged to Globnar and they went all out to make Soos happy on his birthday 

Then Mabel played matchmaker to find Robbie true love and Stan tried to make kids love him 

Also there was the famous “I EAT KIDS” balloon 

Then we went to the Northwest Mansion, where Candy, Mabel and Grenda tried to flirt with a boy and Dipper and Pacifica encountered a ghost. Pacifica saved the day by pulling the lever and standing up to her parents

Then Stan got arrested, the kids went on a journey to find out who Stan really is and after one huge epic scene, we find out the author is none other than Stan’s brother, Stanford Pines 

Then we were told the Stan twins’ backstory 

Then Dipper and Ford bonded over a nerdy game 

Then Stan competed for Mayor of Gravity Falls 

Then Mabel, Candy, Grenda and Wendy went on a quest to get some unicorn hair and we learn about Ford’s history with Bill

Then Stan took the kids on a road trip and gave bad dating advice to Dipper

Then Dipper goes on an adventure with Ford to find alien adhesive and after a horrible day, Mabel starts fearing about growing up 

Then Weirdmageddon begins after Bill tricks Mabel, Ford gets turned to gold and after getting passed Gideon and his henchmen, the gang head to rescue to Mabel from the bubble

Then the gang find Mabel in the bubble and she and Dipper make up 

And finally, after everyone regroups and goes to face Bill, Stan eventually saves everyone by erasing his memory but once it was recovered, the kids were given a huge birthday party and they soon left for home while the characters said their good-byes

It had truly been one amazing summer folks :*)


My AWOLNATION/ Gravity Falls mashup is now up and running on Youtube! I don’t know about you guys, but the song Sail always reminded me of Stan Pines and his backstory. If anyone recalls, I actually used the song in Three Letters Back two years ago.

I’ll post the download for it  at a later date. I still don’t have proper cover art.

The video runs at 12 frames a second, hopefully giving people the impression of stop motion or old limited animation. I also have time actually go by in this one, instead of the visualizer just being a straight loop. Also, the Bill Cipher zodiac that appears throughout was photocopied directly from my copy of Journal 3. Finally, the opening was based directly on old Mickey Mouse cartoons, with some creative license.

Samples below the cut:’

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I got this request from someone on DeviantART and they asked I could do the scene where Mabel was trying to flirt with that turtle dude thing but with Madeline and Adeline instead. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then that’s okay because I’m too tired to explain X’D

ANYWAYS, I drew the request for them because I’m a nice fart and didn’t want to disappoint XD

I have also noticed that they both have the same round buckle on their belt, they’re both physically strong…and they’re lovers both end with the name ‘Ford’….

I dunno, they seem so alike yet, so different and unique in their own way XD 

I was told numerous times that @hntrgurl13 ‘s OC and mine should just have their own comic or something…


The Addie and Maddie Adventures perhaps? X’’’D

I mean, that could be a very awesome AU where they’d go on this crazy adventure together. They’re both strong and very adventurous (From what I can tell with Addie XD) so it’d be a pretty bad-ass comic!

Although, while I wouldn’t oppose to the offer if it ever happened, hntrgurl13 and I have never really talked to each other ^^; We just usually reblog, like and follow each other. So the likeliness of both of us doing anything collaborative as of now is pretty unlikely (Unless she states otherwise, then that’s up to her because I’m always up for something like that XD)

I am asked countless of times how she’s doing or what she’s working on or if she’ll be able to do a request and I laugh because I don’t know her very well other than the fact she’s amazingly talented and that she’s the creator of Addie Marks.

NOT that I would mind if we began talking or whatever, I mean I’m always open for socializing but I want you guys to know that we don’t know each other at this moment XDDD

ANYWAYS, yes! More Addie/Maddie crossover from someone who wants to keep themselves anonymous XD


Madeline/Fiddleline/Art © Me @missinspi

Adeline/AddiFord © @hntrgurl13

The Catch That Came To Stay (Cryptid AU)

Summary: Years after letting the fish whole stole his heart go, Stan Pines finds himself once more sailing the open seas, this time with his twin brother Ford in search of the paranormal. Childhood dreams finally achieved, and yet there’s still only one anomaly out in those waters that Stan wishes he could catch…

Author side note: Because I’m a creature of constant musical inspiration, my suggested listening for this one is Heavy Seas of Love by Damon Albarn

Not for the first time over the course of the past few months spent at sea on board the newly christened Stan Of War II, Stanley Pines found himself staring out at the waves while nursing a cigar, wondering what in hell had possessed him to let his brother convince him that this trip would be a good idea. Here he was finally on the worldly adventures he’d always dreamed of having since Ford and him were freckled boys on the New Jersey coast, and yet despite how happy he was, his moods were often as turbulent and dark as the waters they sailed. He didn’t discuss it with his brother, though he was sure Ford knew what was plaguing him. After all these years, Stan had foolishly thought that maybe he could finally stop caring that his heart still roamed somewhere in that briny depth without him. He’d been wrong.

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Wedge - Chapter 3

This is where the fun starts.

Summary: After being unsatisfied with their lives, Dipper and Mabel move back to Gravity Falls to reopen the Mystery Shack, and something scary and new starts bubbling under the surface. But the sudden appearance of a third party throws even their sibling relationship into chaos. 

[Ch 01] [Ch 02] [Ch 03] [Ch 04] [Ch 05] [Ch 06] ​[Ch 07] [Ch 08] ​[Ch 09] [Ch 10] [Ch 11] [Ch 12] ​[Ch 13] [Ch 14] [Ch 15] [Epilogue]


Chapter 3 – Water That Isn’t

The past week had probably been the most stressful week of Dipper’s life, and he once spent half a month being the prisoner-king of a Gnoll society.

It was for a lot of reasons. The easiest and most obvious: everything about what he and Mabel were currently doing. They were hiking through a part of the forest neither of them were familiar with, the trees so clustered they couldn’t see further than three trunks away, and they were headed toward an unknown and uncertain danger. It was all the right ingredients for a tension-thick soup, and the unknowable rules of their Grunkle’s world still fresh in his mind gave it a powerful garnish. This wasn’t their first meal, not by a longshot, but something about it made him feel a little over his head.

But still he pushed through the trees with Mabel, kicking through the brush that littered the forest floor and breathing in the heavy smell of pine needles to clear away the stress. As worrisome as it was, this whole venture was proving to be a much needed distraction.

That was what it was now: a distraction. Ford had called it “existentially dangerous,” and even so, it was a reprieve from whatever force had gripped his chest and flung him around like a yo-yo.

It had started when Mabel announced they’d spent the whole week together, side by side. He had intended for her to go out with other friends, because he knew she needed it and he wanted to work out this whole dependency thing. She threw a wrench right into that plan. Not that he was upset exactly. He got to spend more time with her, and he loved spending time with her, but that just fed the growing need in him. He didn’t want it to get worse.

And that was exactly what happened, and it was getting worse in a way he was starting to feel uncomfortable about. It was especially noticeable during day three and four of Mabel’s week of themes. When she asked to play DD&D with him he was ecstatic, even if he had to throw out most of the graphs and charts to keep her attention. The two of them had a lot of fun making stuff up, he thought. But then…

Then Mabel kept flirting with all the male NPCs. And fine, that was in character as Warrior Princess Maybelline, but he was still the ones controlling the NPCs, so all her flirting was directed toward him. And while it made him feel embarrassed, it… didn’t feel like the right kind of embarrassment? He didn’t know how to explain it. All he knew is that at no point did it ever occur to him to ask her to stop.

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I’m finally elaborating once more on my “Old Stans take an anomaly stop at Beach City and Stan slowly remembers his time spent there during his drifter days” and it’s a lot of fun lol

So in the nuclear falls mod Mabel’s passive is Flirts with Death and i just found that SO FUCKING FUNNY!!!! 

like if Mabel is at 1 HP she could still survive, so im just here imagining Mabel flirting in a tired delusional state as a weird defense mechanism!!! Flirting with her enemies just dealing with imminent death with romantic advances!!! I LOVE IT

AU mod by @nuclearfalls

@artisticdoodler theres not alot of reason why but i really want you to see this.

Forsaking the Stars ch. 14

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7,Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13


“Oh, no you don’t, Bill!” Ford replied, smacking the demon with a rolled up map, “As soon as we obtain a means to preserve Stan’s body, you are out of it if I have to call in a priest to have you exercised.”

Mabel shook her head. Clearly she was spending too much time with Bill of she was legitimately the only one who could tell when he was joking. Then again, he did seem to be truly enjoying himself while prancing around in Stan’s body, so perhaps it was an easy mistake.

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the thought just came up to me last night and now I can’t stop thinking of it…

Basically a crossover where one of them got brought out of the unknown but not the way he wanted and another get to go to the unknown not knowing what await in there, just thinking about Wirt-Mabel/Greg-Dipper combination fuel my interested