mabel & dipper

Piedmont will have absolutely no clue how to handle Post-Weirdmaggedon Dipper and Mabel.

The neighborhood kids play hide and seek and they’re hanging out on some random roof. You can’t beat them if you can’t reach them, suckas.

They’re outside every hour of the day. Literally. If you happen to be outside at two in the morning you might find them mid-magic hunt. Why not? Ford always said to take advantage of your insomnia for science.

Once some teenagers performing some weird Halloween hazing the Pines kids absolutely wrecked them. They literally have no chill.

For that matter, if you look Mabel in the eye, rumors say, you immediately have to play a game of cards with her. Never take pocket change anywhere near their street.

The pig goes with them. That’s final.

They say Dipper Pines has a six pack. They say he’s shredded. They saw he’s got a scar across the belly from fighting off a pack of wolves with his fists.

All the doors in the world are open if you know how to pick locks… Not that they’re saying they can. That’s implementing themselves in multiple unsolved crimes, and that would be stupid.

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GUYS LOOK i know there’s a lot of really important stuff going on right now. pheonix person. prison. rick’s fabricated past. BUT IN THE CITADEL THERE’S A DIPPER-MORTY AND MABEL-MORTICIA 

EDIT: Alex Hirsch used my picture!!! I feel like royalty

A big ol’ crossover piece I’ve been planning for nearly over a month! Four series in one! Approximately 24 characters! This was a joy to work on! :D


Dipper wanted adventure, mystery and true friends 

And he got it :) 

Mabel wanted a boy who would love her and never leave her behind 

And she got it :)

Soos wanted to become Mr. Mystery 

And he got it :) 

Wendy wanted some excitement/action in her summer 

And she got it :) 

Pacifica wanted to not be like her family 

And she got it :)

Gideon, towards the end, wanted to become a better person 

And he got it :) 

Robbie wanted a girl who’d love him 

And he got it :) 

McGucket wanted to be good/useful to somebody 

And he got it :)

Ford wanted somebody to go on adventures with him

And he got it :)

And finally, Stan wanted to accomplish something great 

And he got it :)

And as you can all see, the Bill Cipher wheel characters had all gotten what they wanted :*)