I can’t believe I never posted this 🙃

Illustration homework! For this exercise, we had to draw a picture using our favorite artist’s style, and I chose @horrorcat (well at least I tried to lol). These are my characters nena and Mabel! They were friends back in the day and decided to rekindle their friendship, and took a road trip together 😁

Just a preview of a Pink Twins AU sketch dump I’m probs gonna finish up later this week. Still, I don’t think this is that bad considering its the first thing I’ve drawn on my brand new tablet. Besides, I’ve really been dying to draw these two little cuties in earnest instead of just doing a lamo pallet swap like I did for them last week, and so alas I finally have and I’m very pleased with how adorable they turned out. Ya know, amidst their existential angst about dying and not really being fully human anymore but hahahahah who wants to think about any of that amiright? 


I’m so excited to finally be able to post this! A few months back I was contacted by a production coordinator for Disney XD. They had seen the mug cosies I make and ended up commissioning me to make four “book sweaters” - props for a infomercial skit they did for the show Gravity Falls! Now that the infomercial has been aired, I can finally share these! See the infomercial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofdj1jMzQFY