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↳Matt and Rebekah ♔ “I’m going to show you life as you’ve only dreamt it. We’ll start in Italy. There’s a lovely little church outside San Vittore in Brienno. And then I’ll show you The Northern Lights in the springtime, The Simatai Gorge from atop The Great Wall of China, every inch of The Louvre. China, Paris, Northern Lights…it’s a date." 

I have so many OTP and their fandom are so great and sweet, that my shipper heart is full of love ♥

Klaroline - Mabekah - Olicity - Snowbarry - Skyeward - Linstead - Zade - Captain Swan - Outlaw Queen - Naley - Stydia - Bellarke - Jaspenor/Jeleanor - Aimily - Japril - Livwell - Greith - Polivia…

The Originals Re-watch: Always and Forever
  • Camille and Elijah talking about Klaus. She automatically called Klaus narcissistic and paranoid after hearing about some of his behavior lol. Even before meeting him she could read him like a book.
  • I love that Elijah will never give up on Klaus. Not permanently at least. Always and Forever!
  • Elijah and Hayley “I will always protect you. You have my word on that.”
  • Davina is my little dark magic diva. Love her and Marcel’s relationship too. He’ s so protective of her.
  • I love Marcel and Rebekah also. The chemistry between the actors is OFF THE CHAIN!!!!
So it official...

My randoms have grown and I am too obsessed for words…

Otps Include:



-Captain Swan




-Seth x Summer



I don’t post that much so I’m not that interesting, but I do have some creative thoughts on these lovely human beings.

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OTP - I’ve got so many! STELENA (literal perfection), ANNA AND JEREMY OK THIS ONE MAKES ME CRY ETERNALLY, tyroline (seriously I know ty’s an ass at times but Caroline’s made him a kinder and more caring person come on), bamon, datherine, MABEKAH, etc.

Worst pairing ever - Delena. Duh. Or Damon and Caroline bc rape.

Guilty pleasure pairing - probably Klaus and Katherine? I’m not sure; I don’t really have one.
A pairing you want to see more - all of my OTPs. But particularly Matt and Caroline tbh. Their romance was brief (that’s why I wanna see more lol) but it was cute.

that pairing everyone likes but you’re like “lol no” - I don’t really have one lol the tvd fandom is too divided for there to ever exist a ship that everyone likes haha

Favourite non-romantic pair - Klebekah, Klefan, Defan, Rose and Elena, Katherine and Nadia, Elena and Jeremy, or any pair involving Jenna. Jenna is a cupcake; she’s a cinnamon roll too good and too pure for this world.

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would any of your players be interested in two characters who had a past relationship or hooked up on the show to have a child or two together? ( forwood, klaroline, delena, beremy, mabekah? )

I would be okay with this but if we have one of the parents or both. We would need to run it by them. I would honestly play one if parents are okay with this as well. I also think that we would have to be realistic on this though not every couple who dated on the show could have kids we would have to pick a select few.  Maybe if any parents would be interested in this they could message the main and I can make a list.