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Shorter, lighter and just as awesome the new Carl Gustaf

The new Carl-Gustaf M4 is a man-portable multi-role weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types.

Since 1948, the Carl-Gustaf multi-role weapon has been supporting dismounted infantry around the world in dealing with a full range of battlefield challenges.

A marked evolution in the history of the system, the new M4 model meets the needs of modern conflict environments while offering compatibility with future innovations.

As technologies evolve, weaponry needs to keep pace and offer cutting-edge capabilities. Programmable ammo is just one innovation that is set to revolutionise the battlefield for dismounted infantry.

Built with future requirements in mind, the Carl-Gustaf M4 is compatible with intelligent sighting systems, and prepared for programmable ammo, ensuring your forces have advanced technology at their fingertips.

On the modern battlefield, speed can mean the difference between life and death for dismounted infantry. Operational success depends upon soldiers that can react quickly and effectively in any combat situation.

The new Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role weapon system won’t slow you down. Building upon the success of its predecessor it offers an even shorter length and a weight of less than seven kilos – helping your troops remain agile.

Today’s dismounted infantry face a broader range of battlefield challenges than ever before. Having a single weapon for all situations increases their tactical flexibility and reduces the amount of equipment that they carry.

The M4 enables soldiers to deal with any tactical situation – from neutralising armoured tanks or enemy troops in defilade, to clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings.

Carl-Gustaf M4 Facts
(+ comparison with previous models)

M2 Weight: 14.2kg Length: 1130mm
M3 Weight: 10kg Length: 1065mm
M4 Weight: <7kg Length: <1000mm

The Carl-Gustaf M4 is compatible with all existing and future Carl-Gustaf ammunition from its wide range of anti-armour, anti-structure, anti-personnel and support rounds.