Gotta go wash the dishes and take a shower and sleep now. Tomorrow I’ll be most of the day, offline, I think. I know that anybody will miss me but- anyway… I’ll miss Tumblr. I didn’t reblog that much today, I’m sorry, was making my homework. Wait fo meh, I’ll be back faster than you guys think. Enjoy the time without me in your dashes. It’ll end soon.

No FF tomorrow, sorry guys. Wait for next week. I know that no one cares, but I’m sorry.

@Haethais @Sapphirewish @Eunlobis @Maarivalentin @MyDive @TokumeiGirl @Yuulla @Wonnie @Shawolholic @Yastereo @Android-nee @YasminJunqueira @LikeAGhosuto @MySweetSmilee @Chokyulat @Mechty @Bonidee and everyone out there~ Take care and a good night/day :) Smile because someone here’s thinking of all you!

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