No nos olvidemos de las recurrentes crímenes de canibalismo que llevaron a cabo los cruzados en distintas ciudades Sirias como Maarat. donde después de matar a hombres, mujeres y niños, quemaron la ciudad y se comieron la carne de los cadáveres.

Si creías que DAESH. era lo peor, no sabes de historia niño de papa.

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Syria's First Responders Welcome Female Recruits

From October to December 2014, the Idlib Governorate in northern Syria endured 60 days of air raids. Bombs dropped by the regime of Bashar al Assad transformed entire neighborhoods into piles of rubble, trapping civilians underneath the concrete and steel that had once been their homes and workplaces. The Syrian Civil Defense (SCD), a group of nurses, firefighters, and first responders, were always the first ones on the scene, triaging victims and helping to transport them to local hospitals.

An airstrike launched in July 2014 on the Idlib district of Maarat al Numan left dozens of civilians injured, many of whom were trapped under the bloodstained cement. “A woman was stuck underneath a collapsed roof,” said Ebaa, a lithe 20-year-old woman with deep, dark eyes who is now one of three women working for the SCD in this rural area. “Her clothes were torn, and she was embarrassed by the presence of men.” Ebaa and her team extracted her and quickly stabilized her on the back of an old pickup truck. “Her life depended on us [women] being there,” Ebaa told me.


Running Free

I miss going trailing with my Dad. This was taken in Maarat, San Mateo. That’s my Dad driving our Suzuki LJ10. The Suzuki LJ series (light jeep) was a small 4x4 produced between 1970 and 1980. He restored this vehicle to its present condition. You wouldn’t think it’s the same vehicle if you saw what it looked like before being restored.