maang tika

I would love to see this jewelry set available in the Sims 3. I imagine the hair thing would have to be a hairstyle with accessories (like a hat or something). I don’t know what to call all of the bands and strings going all over the hair, but I know the part hanging over the forehead is called maang tikka (or maang tikka). The jewelry on the hands are hathphool (also called haathphool). 

Another Indian jewelry set that would be neat to have in Sims 3.

As I mentioned before, the thing on the forehead is called a maang tikka. I’m not sure about the things that are hanging on the side of the hair though. 

Does anyone know what those are called? 

Apparently the piece hanging over the side of the head is called a Jhumar and was originally worn by Muslim brides (although now it is worn by brides of any religion).