Oh maaaaan, Episode 24! I have so many feelings! 

Final recap and ramblings below. This got pretty long ahaha sorry:

- Most of this episode was definitely a repeat of the finale of Genesis: demons and gods coming together, but instead of coming together to contain the beast, they came together to protect the humans and their city (and the other demons too), which I found interesting considering the way their king has been towards them. It just goes to show the natural need to protect innocent people wins out. 

- Amira appearing to Nina I about lost it guys!! What a blessing. 

- Nina pretty much did what she said she was going to do, which was to be with Charioce in whatever he was dealing with. Made sense to have her be willing to go out with him.

- As much as everyone was hoping for zombie!Kaisar, I honestly didn’t think it was going to happen considering how utterly destroyed Rita was when Kaisar officially died. But, we actually DID get him as a zombie, even though he will never be the same.

- I’m a little confused about Mugaro since they seemed to hype up the whole “holy child” thing, which made me think he would play more of a role in Bahamut’s demise, but they just decided to drop him out. Or maybe I’m just interpreting things wrong, ah well. 

- That dance scene had me reeling. It was so good! Ahhh, I don’t care what y’all say that ending dance scene was super cute. Despite one blind and the other without a voice, they’re able to communicate just fine. To be honest though I really did think that they both lucked out. I was seriously thinking one or both of them was going to die. 

- Even though I’m sure a lot of fans were hoping Charioce would get a severe punishment in the end (which I think would be deserved. They did seem to gloss over that a bit, which was disappointing but it’s not like I was expecting anything tbh. They could have at least show us some Charioce remorse), at least we do find out that he’s no longer enslaving demons and that both them and humans are working to build better relations.

- Favamira for the win! all the feelings…

- Foreshadowing for season 3? Or perhaps just playfully referencing Genesis again? I think we can take it in two ways. What Favaro says could be taken to mean that Bahamut really isn’t dead (which would mean that Dromos didn’t technically work), OR that Bahamut isn’t dead because Amira is alive ‘in spirit’. Who knows.

- That end card was rather lovely~

Overall, despite some things that I felt was wrong with it (plot points, pacing, character development, the rather abrupt climax to the story), I thought this was a pretty good anime with great animation and characters. My heart felt like it was pounding in suspense during that entire last episode! Did they do an effective job of telling us a tale of love and ruin? Despite its flaws, I thought so. :)