What we all actually wanted to see in Haikyuu.



hello stranger,

Jeongguk was woken up by the loud ringing of his work phone at 4 AM. He groaned loudly in protest, because did V really have to wake him up like that? At this hour? Sure, this was supposed to be his original work hours when business was as usual, but he had jobs during the afternoon and evening yesterday, and so V should be a little bit considerate and let him rest. He wouldn’t be able to kick ass if he fell asleep mid-punch.

Still, he knew better than to ignore V when he called.

Begrudgingly, he rolled out of his bed and picked up his work phone - it was an old thing that was untraceable - and answered with a hoarse, “this better be fucking good, V.”

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Finally did the day 4 prompt, “picnicking” 

I wanted to do something in canonverse, but I can’t imagine them ever being able to have a nice picnic ‘cause they don’t have any good food… plus neither of them seem the type to set up a romantic picnic date anyway, but Eren is sweet enough to Levi sit on his cloak so he doesn’t get his butt dirty :)