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What we might provisionally call ‘reproductive Afrofuturism’ is, I think, the troubled affirmation of survival we find when we hold Butler’s finished works in juxtaposition with her notes, first drafts, and abandoned projects as found in the Huntington. Hers is a futurism that is never 100% sure, where 'optimism’ always threatens to tip over into 'cruel optimism’ instead. Margaret Atwood sees a similar pattern in her own work, calling it ustopia: utopia and dystopia existing simultaneously, in quantum superposition, each one always threatening to suddenly flip into the other. For Butler, it is not just that 'we were never mean to survive,’ as Audre Lorde once put it—we’re not even all that sure we want to, though we must, and we do. Where the improv comic celebrates the 'yes/and,’ for Butler it was always rather the Trickster’s ambiguously dialectical 'yes—but…’
—  Gerry Canavan, “The Octavia E. Butler Papers”
The Songs In My Head-Gabriel x Reader

Based on the Song-”I Will Remember” by Train

Words: 1,882 ( I’m so sorry, I have no idea what happened…)

Warnings: None, I don’t believe…just remembering a breakup

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader (Just friends/strangers for now)

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A/N: Don’t know if I should do a part 2 of this…please let me know what you think? It had a cliffhanger ending, so I could continue it if you all enjoy it! :) (Gif not mine)

           It was just another uneventful day at the Y/L/N house. Everything exactly the same as it always is. You still felt like your heart had been set on fire, and then stomped on. It was months ago he had left you, but the pain still felt new.

           “I’m going down to the diner!” You shouted down the hall to your parents. They didn’t seem to hear you over the argument they were having with each other, over God knows what. You sighed and decided to leave a note on the kitchen counter, just in case. You headed down to your favorite diner in the area, only walking distance from your house. From the outside it looked a little run-down, but that’s why you liked it. The food there was superb, and because of the building’s outward appearance, not many people came in, leaving it pretty much empty for you to dine in peace.

           Today, however, it seemed a little bit busier than usual. When you walked in, you saw four unfamiliar men. All of whom were very handsome. One had short, spiky dirty blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. The man sitting next to him had longer, flowing brown hair, and hazel eyes. The other two men had their backs to you, but you assumed they were just as handsome. What stuck out most about the two men facing you, was their attire. They were clad in suits with ties and seemingly expensive dress shoes. In such a small town like this, they stuck out like sore thumbs. You made your way by the table, and sat down at the booth behind theirs, to get a good look at the other two men. One man was wearing a tan trenchcoat, and had messy dark brown hair, stong features, and piercing blue eyes. He was gorgeous, but nowhere near as handsome as his companion sitting beside him. This man had longer, caramel colored hair, that you could tell had been done with care. He had a strong jaw line, and the scruff on his face accented it nicely. Oh, but his eyes. They must have been the most mesmerizing things you had ever seen. As soon as you looked into them, you could have sworn your heart stopped for just a moment. They were a deep and rich honey-whisky color, with flecks of gold in them.

           Eva, the afternoon waitress, walked over to you, interrupting your eye contact with the man. “Hiya Y/N! Bacon cheeseburger with extra fries and a Dr. Pepper like usual dear?”

           You flashed Eva a warm smile. “You know me so well doll!” You said with a giggle.

           “ Alright darling. Coming right up! Hey Earl! Y/N’s usual! Fire ‘er up! Eva yelled to the cook in the back.

           “Yes ma’am!” You heard Earl yell from the kitchen.

           You let out a genuinely happy laugh-you hadn’t had one of those in a while- and said, “Thanks, Eva. And thank you too Earl!” You shouted to the back.

           Earl’s answer rang out from the back, “Anything for you baby doll!”

           Yeah, this was definitely your place, and no one could ever take that from you. As you waited for your food to arrive, you strained your ears trying to over hear the men’s conversation. However, they kept their voices barely above a whisper, with the exception of acknowledging Eva when she’d check on them.

           Your food came a few minutes later, and you wolfed it down, not realizing how hungry you actually were. You stood up, ready to leave, when you felt eyes on you. Raising your head, you ended up locking your Y/E/C eyes with the whisky and gold ones across from you. You felt as though you had been turned to stone. You couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, and you didn’t dare tear your gaze away from his.

           Eva called out to you, sounding concerned. “Y/N, you ok sweetheart?”

           At the sound of Eva’s voice, you snapped out of your daze. “Oh, yes! Sorry! I totally spaced for a moment there, I guess.” And with that, you slid out of your booth and headed for the door. Before walking out of the diner, you turned back to  the mysterious man. His mouth was turned up at the corners slightly, smiling at you. Your face began to burn a ferocious red as you smiled back quickly. You then walked out the door, heading directly to the beach, only a few blocks away.

           You lived on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, in Washington State. The beach was your favorite place to just relax and try to forget all of your problems. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore, the wind blowing gently around you, and the smell of the ocean wafting through the air. You always hoped that the constant breeze on the beach would somehow pick you up and carry you away from all this mess. You never brought any electronics with you; they were distracting and disturbed the peace and serenity you were trying to find.

           You walked along the shore, right where the water and sand meet. You had your shoes in your hand, and you let the water crash into your ankles as you walked. After about an hour, your feet were completely numb from the cold, and the only thing in your mind were the lyrics to one of the songs helping you get through your breakup.

           Have you ever done drugs?

           It’s like love.

           Have you ever done love?

           It’s like a drug.

           It’ll mess you up good, mess you up bad,

           Make you fall harder than you ever have.

           To you, these words were far more than just lyrics. You felt as though they were directed right at you.

           Did you ever get dumped?

           By somebody that you thought was the one?

           But somebody told you that you’re not the one for them,

           And then you’re friends all say,

           ‘They’ve been cheating on you anyway.’

You rolled your eyes. “Some friends,” you muttered under your breath. However, you hadn’t realized you’d said it aloud until someone responded to you.

           “Having friend troubles?”

           You looked up, into familiar eyes. It was the man who had been sitting across from you at the diner, earlier today. You took a couple steps back, not expecting the stranger to be so close.

           “Oh! I-I-Uhm-no it’s nothing!” You laughed shakily, hoping he wouldn’t be able to tell you were lying.

           “Riiight…So how bouts you tell me your story, and I’ll listen like a good friend should.” So much for trying to disguise your lie.

           “Really though,” you argued, “I’ll be just fine. She wasn’t much in the way of a friend anyway.”

           “Exactly! I can tell, which is why I offered to be yours. For right now, at least.”

            You sighed. Apparently, you weren’t getting rid of him. Not that you really wanted to, deep down. He was so beautiful, you didn’t want to take your eyes off him. “Well, alright then,” you started skeptically. “I guess everyone could use a friend every once in a while.” You smiled up at him.

           He smiled back, the biggest and brightest smile you had seen in a very long time. “Go ahead then, start at the beginning.”

           You continued to walk down the shore side by side, as you told him about your breakup. You had loved your boyfriend with every fiber of your being, and after about three years, you decided to tell him.

           Did you give it all you got?

           Till your heart went ‘snap, crackle, pop!’

He then promptly dumped you, claiming it was ‘too much of a commitment for him.’ When you tried to talk to your best friend about it, she told you it was because they had been seeing each other behind your back for about a year. As you walked along, telling this stranger your story, he would make faces or commentary on how stupid your boyfriend was, or how traitorous of a friend you had. Surprisingly, this made you feel a lot better, and slowly, you came to really appreciate his company.

           “If you don’t mind me asking, I never did catch your name.” You suddenly realized.

           “Right! They call me Gabriel-or Gabe for short, either will do. And yours is Y/N right? I heard the waitress at the diner call you that. Beautiful name.” He winked at you with a small smirk.

           “Yep that’s me.” You said with a wide grin plastered on your face. He smiled his big bright grin back at you. Even though it was completely ridiculous, and highly irrational, you began to develop feelings for this man. No one had ever listened to you the way he had in just this past hour. And he seemed genuinely interested in whqat you had to say. More lyrics from the song started to creep back into your mind. This time, with a whole new meaning.

           Here’s to us, when we’re at the top.

           And here’s to never knowing when we’re not.

           The time we have together

           Love is not supposed to stop,

           If you forget, I will remember.

           “Something on your mind there, beautiful?” Gabriel asked pulling you out of your trance. He was smirking, like he had just read your mind, or something.

           “Oh, nothing really. Just a song that’s been helping me through all this. It’s been working really well.”

           “I see…” he said trailing off, the smirk still on his face. “You wanna get outa here?” He asked suddenly.


           “Like get away for a while. I think it would be good for you. Plus, it’s always fun to go on an adventure.”

“But what about my family and your friends? Can we really just leave them?”

           “The boys will eventually catch up at some point, heaven help us, but by the way you talk about your parents-well maybe time away from them would do you some good.”

           You thought about it for a moment. “Alright, but where would we go?” Sure, it seemed a little quick to go running off with some guy you just met, but now was your chance to get out of this too small town.

           “Anywhere,” Gabriel replied. “I’ll take you absolutely anywhere you want. You deserve it, after everything you’ve been through.”

           You laughed, “Well sign me up then!” You exclaimed. “I hope you’ve got a car nearby. Mine’s been broken down for a while now.”

           Gabriel suddenly got a devious glint in his eyes. “Oh honey, I have something so much better than that! Close your eyes, and don’t open them until I tell you.’

           You did as he asked, curious as to why. Suddenly, you felt almost sick. It felt as though you were falling, and the Earth was tilting all around you, all at once. Then, just as quickly as it had started, it stopped.

           “Ok, open.” Gabe commanded.

           You slowly opened your eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden brightness streaming down on you. Once your eyes were fully opened and adjusted, you gasped at what you saw around you.

A follow up to this one, I did the Flash rogues this time haha. It takes a lot longer than I would think to just doodle these morons (mostly due to the complex outfits and all), but it was fun to draw. Wizzie is a mix of his new 52 and old designs.

(Please do not use any part of this picture without permission, thanks!!)