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GoRA Orange Interview in Spoon 2di Vol. 19 on Side: Green - Chinese translation.

I’ve found these Weibo links by accident, but they may be useful for those who know Chinese.

Suzuki Suzu interview in Spoon 2di Page 2

Suzuki Suzu interview in Spoon 2di Pages 3-4

My Chinese is non-existent, so if anybody can find the rest or do whatever is possible, they are welcome.

anonymous asked:

What kind of romantic or sweet things Yata would do for his crush or girlfriend?

okay so I headcanon Misaki as a total sap secretly, like he acts like he’s a Tough Guy but he actually really likes cutesty stuff but he gets really embarrassed doing it. 

  • He’d be really tolerant if she wanted to do “girly stuff” like go shopping or do facemasks, he’s not one of those guys who gets all “ew boring” raining on her parade, he thinks those guys are assholes, so he’ll happily go clothes shopping with her and give her his opinion on things (which is always “you look pretty” which isn’t helpful but he doesn’t know anything about fashion let him live) and he carries her bags bc he’s a Strong Boyfriend, and if she wants to put exfoliating black seaweed masks on then cool he’ll do that no complaints or disrespecting her interests
  • He insists on being the chivalrous guy, and he does stuff like carry heavy things, holding doors open, pulling chairs out for her, Defending her Honour (which is not a thing in this day and age but his equivalent is things like holding her hand when they’re out together in public so people will know she’s taken and not make unwanted advances against her) etc etc
  • He gets really bashful when he compliments her but he also wants to tell her how pretty she is all the time so he’s always blushing
  • He’s super protective and caring and if she’s sick he goes into Maximum Overdrive and will do everything in his power to make her better he appears at her home in 3 seconds flat with chicken soup and ice cream and every kind of medication. He’s the “hey are you doing okay?” “just checking in to see how you’re doing” “do you need anything?” type of boyfriend. If anyone ever says a mean word to her or idk catcalls her he’s the first person to be like “I swear to GOD”. Also if she has a bad day at work he’s Ready To Hear The Rant and bitch with her about her annoying coworker or evil boss or friend’s irritating boyfriend  
  • if ever she’s wearing a particularly pretty or sexy outfit he just dissolves into a stuttering mess and goes bright red and it takes him like a full minute before he remembers to inhale and he can’t make the words come out to tell her how amazing she looks
  • He does really cheesy cute stuff sometimes like buying her flowers out of the blue or buying something because it reminded him of her but then he gets really embarrassed and he ends up on her doorstep for 5 mins rehearsing what he’s gonna say before he knocks on the door and then he still messes it up and stutters and then just holds out the stuffed bear like “I thought of you…”