ma: baby

but imagine yuuri and victor arguing whether they should teach their baby to speak japanese or russian because they just wanted the baby’s first language not to be english.

“i don’t want my son to learn english first. i want him to learn english later,” yuuri said. “i want him to learn japanese first.”

“i agree that he better learn something other than english first, but,” victor replied. “he should learn russian first.”

“no, he should learn japanese first. russian is hard,” yuuri argued.

“but japanese is way more difficult than russian,” victor argued back.

the argument continued too long until it stopped with yuuri saying, “vitya,” with his puppy eyes. victor was weak with yuuri’s puppy eyes so he just jumped onto yuuri and said, “okay, we won’t teach russian first to our baby.”

but then victor taught their baby french because his promise was “not to teach the baby russian first” and was not “to teach the baby japanese first”