i just want 2 say that harry looks like such a Dad™ in that picture with his Dad Shirt™ and Dad That Hasn’t Slept In 48 Hours Hair™ and Dad Jeans™ and Dad Arms™



Barça B have been confirmed as Division 2B Group III champions. Winning the group provides the team with a double chance to snap up one of the four berths to be promoted to next season’s second division.

Barça B will now go into the ‘Group Champions Playoffs’ along with the other three group winners (which as things stand at the moment at Racing Santander, Albacete and Lorca FC, although none of those three have clinched their places definitively yet). The Catalans will play one of those sides home and away, and if they win they’ll gain promotion and also get a chance to play the other winning side for the honour of Division 2B champions.

If they are unable to do this, Barça B would still have a second chance to qualify. They would then enter the second round of ‘Non-Champions Promotion Playoffs’ along with the teams that finished 2nd to 4th in each of the four groups, where they would need to negotiate two home and away rounds in order to claim one of the two remaining berths in Division 2 for the 2017/18 season.

Songs the 90's in spanish for the zodiac signs
  • Aries: Alejandra Guzmán - Hacer el amor con otro.
  • Taurus: Fey - Media Naranja.
  • Gemini: Paulina Rubio - Mío.
  • Cancer: Shakira - ¿Dondé estás corazón?.
  • Leo: Mercurio - Enamoradísimo.
  • Virgo: Thalia – Amor A La Mexicana.
  • Libra: Caballo Dorado - No Rompas Más.
  • Scorpio: El Tri – Las Piedras Rodantes.
  • Sagittarius: Héroes del Silencio – Entre Dos Tierras.
  • Capricorn: Kabah – La Calle de las Sirenas.
  • Aquarius: La Maldita Vecindad – Pachuco.
  • Pisces: Víctimas del Dr. Cerebro – El Esqueleto

8/100 days of productivity

Woke up kinda late today but right after breakfast I was determined to understand the math i struggled with yesterday. So I watched some Khan academy and manage to do the basics, I’ll just save the more difficult questions for class 😅 also did some note taking for chem👏🏼

bluewinseverytime  asked:

I follow you because: the first time you ever messaged me I grinned, and I had no idea what incredibleness was yet to come 😘

And then I made you cry *insert evil Zo’e laughter track no. 5 here*

And heads up @aarondingel here is drunk Robron fic no. 2 *hands you a tissue*

Leave the Light On

Paddy had been watching Robert Sugden for over an hour. He watched as Robert drank pint, after pint, after pint. He’d looked on as Victoria had tried to get Robert to eat something. He had seen Aaron’s husband just sink deeper and deeper inside his own head.

Paddy hated Robert Sugden. He did. But Aaron loved him and Paddy loved Aaron, so he kept watching.

Paddy had been watching for weeks, not really sure what else to do but keep an eye out. He knew someone needed to talk to Robert, but it wasn’t his place, he didn’t want to be the one to help. He couldn’t stop thinking about what Aaron would want and Paddy knew that he’d be pissed if everyone just ignored the fact that Robert was drowning.

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Come NON fare amicizia con amici di amici: step one

tizio: *tiene un'intensa filippica sul livello delle serie tv degli ultimi anni*
me: *percepisce il pericolo*
me: *inizia a indietreggiare*
tizio: *la guarda stranito*
me: *fugge*


sinon ma mère est ma nouvelle héroïne parce que ma grand-mère lui a dit qu’elle ne voulait pas aller voter et ma mère lui a dit: si tu aimes à ta petite-fille, va voter Macron. pense à son avenir. 


appelez vos grand-parents. demandez leur qui ils vont voter et essayez de les convaincre qu’il doivent penser à vous et non à eux. sauvez la france putain!