I am not ruling out the possibility that he was cornered into it without the team’s approval. We saw in November that interviewers can and will ask questions which certainly were blacklisted (ie. Zayn + drug rumours when he was absent from promo.) However, I don’t believe Louis’ team forced him into this. So, if that confirmation wasn’t supposed to happen I imagine we will get damage control ASAP.

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I really love your fanfics and I can't thank you enough for making me smile everyday with your answers. I've just read your private academy au and I'm truely amazed at how you describe the characters and also how you write the words per paragraph. Of course I've also read your other fics and I really love them all. Excuse me if my grammar is odd because English is not my mother language. But all I want to say is I really love you and thank you for making me smile everyday. Have a nice day! :)

SON listen here your english is perfectly fine and i love you, so have more confidence in yourself (it’s not my mother tongue either but i can’t say sorry everytime i publish a fic)

my mission for this blog is quite similar to Nico’s life mission - just make some people smile. maybe move a few hearts and lowkey educate some minds. idk it’s just, i’ve been given the possibility to do anything with this blog and it’s my chance of reaching out to people and making them feel better in a way that i can’t in real life, so why not take this chance? tumblr might be wasting my time in terms of being ‘productive’ but that’s just bc society deemed my time only as productive when i’m studying or working to contribute to capitalism

i call it a quite productive day when i update a fic and my inbox fills up with nice messages like these 

½ part collaboration with akachuscifo. We decided to draw our favorite jojo with our favorite ygo character sitting on their shoulders. Akachu did the sweet lines, and I colored!

Why I didn’t change my name

I always assumed when I got married I would take my husband’s name. Growing up I heard from a lot of the adults around me how ‘confusing’ it was when women didn’t take their husband’s name. 

As I began getting ready for my own wedding I began having doubts about changing my name, for a lot of reasons. One was professional, I had already published academically under my maiden name. But honestly most of my concerns were personal and labeled by most as “selfish”. My last name had become my nickname growing up, “HEY PFEFF” was what I heard at school. “PFEFFERKORN TAKE THIRD” was what was shouted on the baseball diamond. “Pfefferkorn what are you doing?” My mother would ask jokingly as I did homework. My name is apart of my identity. 

And as I thought about changing my name a feeling of disgust bubbled in my stomach. My name would be whited out and my husband’s put in it’s place. I would become apart of him, a possession of his. I know my husband is a feminist and completely views me as his equal partner but on paper, to everyone else I would look like an extension of him. All of my accomplishments would be attached to his name and his person. It left a sour taste in my mouth. 

I eventually told my fiancee that I didn’t think I was going to change my name. I don’t mind if new associates call me Mrs. DeBerto. If we have kids I’m sure our children’s friends will call us Mr. and Mrs. DeBerto and that’s ok too. But I want to continue to publish under my name, to remain my own person, to retain my own identity. 

Whether or not to change your name after getting married is a really personal decision and it’s completely OK if you decide to change your name, it certainly does not make you any less of a feminist. Whether you decide to hyphenate, or you BOTH decide to hyphenate, or you decide to take his name, or keep your own the decision should be made by you with input from your spouse. 

Don’t feel pressured into taking your husband’s name if you’re not comfortable with it, and don’t feel ashamed for taking your husband’s name if that is the thoughtful decision you have made. 

Marry a man who loves you more than you love him. My mother always tell me when I was little: When you hold a man’s hand and he makes your heart beat faster and he makes you feel giddy and excited, walk away from this man! My mother would always warn me about this kind of feeling. They are deceiving. He is not the man for you, my friend. However, if you hold a man’s hand and he makes you feel warm, safe and secure, hold onto him. Never let him go. Love him. This is the man you are going to marry.