ma wall

She was wrapped
in a blanket of petals,
surrounded by thorns—
a soft beautiful heart
guarded by strong walls.
—  ma.c.a // Rose, Lovely Rose
this is lahk my gr'ffeetee room.. ah jst decided that ah wahn'ed t’ .. lahk .. sprey pain’ th walls? s'cool , mahn, cuz lahk .. nob'dy cahn tell me ah cahn’t? lahk, cn y'magine if a wahn'ed t'do this at ma haus at hohm? m’ moom wuhd b lahk.. “no weh y'noh sprey pain'in on ma walls, i don’ fink so”… go’ m'ohn ahs .. so m lahk …cohs ahm gonna sprey pain’ on th wall
—  my child zanyé who doesnt move his lips when he talks nd nobody ever knows wat he’s saying