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marauders aesthetics | dorcas meadowes

her name is sacred now. dorcas meadowes, the witch who always worked alone, who always covered her tracks as best she could. the witch who evaded the death eaters so many times, voldemort himself was the only one who could track her down. lots of people tell stories of that night. some say that she never once made a noise, even though you-know-who tortured her relentlessly before eventually growing bored and finally ending her in a flash of green. some say she laughed when she saw him face to face and hissed “do your worst”. some say she almost got away with a clever trick, but someone sold her out. they all say the same though: she didn’t die easy.

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Actresses you think are the hottest?

wow okay ill probably remember more as soon as i post this but here we go:
Rita Volk

Katie Stevens

Yvette Monreal

Alycia Debnam Carey

Eliza Taylor

You know what basically all the 100 ladies
Lindsey Morgan

Marie Avgeropoulos

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Shay Mitchell

Amber Heard

Missy Peregrym

This became a very long posts and im sure i forgot someone but there you go anon


- You know, and I’m also gonna write a little storybook… You know, something I can read her at bedtime. It’s called “Two monkeys and a panda.” She’s the panda because she’s Asian.

+ And we’re monkeys because…

- I can draw monkeys.