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What if the name Jacquelyn is just an alias? And she really is Kit Snicket? All this time I haven’t really considered the popular fan theories, because I thought she was simply just a new character, but the more I think about it… why would her role be so secretive if she was just a new addition? And the name Jacquelyn is so similar to Jacques… what if that’s how Kit came up with the alias? And plus it’s another J.S. name (see: Zombies in the Snow poster), which only adds more to its meaning. And it seems like Jacquelyn’s role is very similar to Kit’s - follow the Baudelaire’s, guide them, send them on missions. I don’t know - I really want her to be Kit now.

Merry christmas my dearest sinners. This year was a little stressefull to me, but, was also the year of new passions and friendships. So I would like to give a special thanks to my new siners friends:

Satan @shortsnas thank you for creating the server where I could met so many sinner nice people! @Crawlingonyourback, @crossaela, @the-singular-drip-off-the-baster and PARTY for keeping triggering me with everything and making me laught at 3 am. @sweetsaltysimper, @Shortysins  and everyone else!! You guys are amazing! I can’t tag all blogs, because I can’t find all blogs, love you guys!

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!