ma lighting

The Depeche Mode concert in Bratislava yesterday was mind blowing. Dave had SO much fun! And I’ll never forget the moment when he looked into my eyes while singing Heroes by David Bowie and smiled when I started grinning like a lunatic and gave him my biggest heart eyes ever, unintentionally. It was a solid 10 seconds of interaction. I can’t believe senpai noticed me again. This was worth soaking in the rain for 2 hours and almost fainting because I ran too fast to get a nice fos spot (I’m still dizzy because of this. help). But he smiled at me. Life is so good.

What if the name Jacquelyn is just an alias? And she really is Kit Snicket? All this time I haven’t really considered the popular fan theories, because I thought she was simply just a new character, but the more I think about it… why would her role be so secretive if she was just a new addition? And the name Jacquelyn is so similar to Jacques… what if that’s how Kit came up with the alias? And plus it’s another J.S. name (see: Zombies in the Snow poster), which only adds more to its meaning. And it seems like Jacquelyn’s role is very similar to Kit’s - follow the Baudelaire’s, guide them, send them on missions. I don’t know - I really want her to be Kit now.

A conversation with my conservative mother about Dumpcare

“Daddy is so angry. He called and even wrote to our representative.”

“Wait, what?”

“The healthcare bill! He told that moron since he voted for it he will never get re-elected!”

I pause, puzzled.  My father is a big fan of our district’s representative. A ‘Guns n’ God’ asshole who rolled in on the Tea Party hate wave. “Pop is complaining to the tea party dude he helped elect?”

“Well, yes, how dare he vote for that bill. Don’t they know what it’s going to do to people?”

“Yeah, they know it will make rich people richer.”

“That’s not what it is…”

“Hell yes it is, ma. It’s about tax breaks for the rich and making sure insurance companies please their shareholders. They do not give a fuck about people like us. I mean did you take a look at the list of pre-existing conditions that won’t be covered? Oh wait, you couldn’t have. They didn’t show that on Fox News.”

“Daddy and I don’t watch Fox News anymore.”

I’m shocked. My parents have been brainwashed by Fox for ages now. It was their lifeblood during the Obama years (aka The Good Ol’ Days.) “I’m sorry, what did you just say?”

“It’s gone down the tubes. There are other news channels, you know.”

“Well,” I chuckle, “that’s true.”

“Anyway, I think we should have single payer healthcare, don’t you?”