ma face

Look at this snuggly scarf 😍😍😍 It took me forever and it’s finally finished! Now I want to learn how to knit a beanie.

You know what?
This scarf is here because of The X-Files. Because of The X-Files I know @a-january-girl. And because I know her, I got to learn how to knit this, AND she’s a freaking superhero. (And someday I’ll go throw confetti at her feet all day… maybe)

Okay, that’s all.

Ar lasa mala revas. You are free. 


the boy of my dreams😍💞💖💕

i was tagged to do the bias selfie tag by @padtthai , @sugasideup , and @angellgf (thank you angels💞)

i added hearts to my picture too so we can match kjdhdgaljh i’m a lame lol

anyways I’m gonna tag all my mutuals (that like kpop) (if i tag you and you don’t like kpop I’m sorry please ignore lol) because i’m bad at picking and choosing and i love you all❣️ let me know if you don’t want to be tagged in stuff anymore!!!

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