ma face


It wasn’t until I took pictures of me with the print in the office that I realised I had yoghurt in my hair. Really Emma!?

Non of the toilets in this building have mirrors, it’s a bit of a pain… Basically going to have to use my phone’s camera everyday to make sure I don’t look a complete mess.

So here’s some selfies without food in my hair…


@marvelatthepeople tagged me for another one of these last song, lock screen thingies, this one with the dreaded selfie. Here you go. My phone won’t let me screenshot my lock screen but this is the pic on my lock screen. I took it at a park near where I live. With a DSLR and some Photoshop enhancing, not my phone camera of course :)

I tag the usual crowd, bur as ever don’t feel compelled. @denialanderror, @radical1995, @mellifluous-melodramas (if you make a joke about being an egg I’m going to throw an egg at you), @saffreelove, @givemethatgold, @canumoveyourseatup-no @james-bionic-barnes