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Gentle reminder that yes, Riku was able to conquer his darkness in contrast to Terra, but while Riku has been forced to use his darkness to fight his friends, Terra was forced to use it to save his friends.

Riku grew into his darkness and embraced it willingly, in that way he had way more control over it. Terra on the other hand struggled with it, having been told all his life that darkness is bad and then suddenly it’s the only thing he can use to save Ven, and later on, Aqua. This internal struggle is exactly what Xehanort used to get into Terra. So by no means does that mean that Riku is better or stronger, their situations are simply fundamentally different.

  • Gon: *thinking* this food is kinda plain...
  • Gon: Hey daddy can you pass me the salt?
  • Killua and Ging: *both reach for the salt*
  • Killua: *stares at Ging*
  • Ging: *stares at Killua*
  • Killua: SHIT! I can explain! *draws back his hand*

He may look like one, but Socrate is not a cat.

Another project I’m working on, about a cute black cat who thinks he’s a dog, and is persecuted because of superstition and bad stories about black cats.


spanish idiom masterpost here !!

useful for bumping up your assessments from a’s to a*’s !!! i’m at gcse level and these are the most useful ones for me. i’m sure these look good at any level as they show you have a deeper understanding of the language !!

Appeler un chat un chat
translation: to call a cat a cat
used as: to say it how it is
example: ‘j'appelle un chat un chat’ (i say it how it is)

Avoir un poil dans la main
translation: to have a hair in the hand
used as: to be very lazy
example: ‘je n'ai pas un poil dans la main, mais…’(i’m not very lazy, but…)

Chercher la petite bête
translation: to look for the little beast
used as: to look for something to complain about
example: ‘tu cherches toujours la petite bête!’ (you always look for something to complain about!)

Coup de foudre
translation: a strike of lightning
used as: love at first sight
example: ‘c'était le coup de foudre’ (it was love at first sight).

Coûter les yeux de la tête
translation: costs the eyes in the head
used as: costs an arm and a leg (a lot)
example: ’…pourtant, je sais que ça coûte les yeux de la tête’ (…however, i know that it costs an arm and a leg)

Donner sa langue au chat
translation: to give one’s tongue to the cat
used as: to have no idea
example: ‘désolée, je donne ma langue au chat’ (sorry, i have no idea)

Donner un coup de main
translation: to give a knock of hand
used as: to give a helping hand
example: ‘je l'aime, parce qu'elle donnes toujours coup de main’ (i like her, because she always gives a helping hand)

Étre à l'ouest
translation: to be in the west
used as: to be out of it
example: ‘aujourd'hui, je suis à l'ouest’ (today, i’m out of it)

Faire la grasse matinée
translation: to have a fat morning
used as: to have a lie in
example: ‘le weekend prochain, je vais faire la grasse matinée’ (next weekend, i am going to have a lie in)

Faire un froid de canard
translation: to do a cold duck
used as: to be very cold
example: ‘il fait un froid de canard’ (it was very cold)

Il y a quelque chose qui cloche
translation: there is something ringing
used as: there is something wrong
example: ‘j'ai pensé, ‘il y a quelque chose qui cloche’…’ (i thought, ‘there is something wrong’)

Mettre son grain de sel
translation: to put in one’s grain of salt
used as: to give an unwanted opinion
example: ‘il va mettre son grain de sel’ (he is going to give an unwanted opinion)

Poser un lapin à quelqu'en
translation: to put a rabbit on somebody
used as: to stand somebody up
example: ‘oh non! je s'ai posé un lapin!’ (oh no! i stood him up!)

i will add more when i can !! i do spanish as well so i might make one for that. enjoy !!

thanks to slytherinleigh for correcting a few mistakes !!!

Ciao, questo è per te; tu che stai leggendo.
Lo sappiamo entrambi che non ce la fai più vero? Lo sappiamo entrambi che quelle che sto dicendo sono semplicemente parole vero? Ma rifletti. Pensa a tutto quello che hai affrontato, pensa a quante volte hai detto “questa è l'ultima, non ce la faccio più.” ma alla fine ce l'hai fatta; e se ancora non ce l'hai fatta ci riuscirai. Finché respiri combatti! Continua, fai stronzate, buttati, senza giri di parole. Fallo. Sta a te interpretare la parola. La vita è UNA! Stai perdendo tempo! Muoviti! CORAGGIO! CE LA FARAI!
—  whitemoondust
Última vez.
  • - ¿Me amas? - pregunté esperanzada, él me dio la espalda y se quedó así por un momento.
  • Al cabo de unos segundos se escuchó unos sollozos
  • - No, ya no te amo - su voz sonaba presumbrosa y triste tan triste como alguien que ha conocido el dolor puede estarlo.
  • - Lo sé - le dije y mis lágrimas recorrieron mi rostro y entraron en mis labios - solo quería escucharlo de ti.-
  • Esa noche fue la última vez, la última noche, el último momento, en que nos miramos o más bien, nos olvidamos.

Não, eu estou bem, é só que… Já parou pra pensar em como as pessoas ligam tanto pro que os outros falam? Mesmo que não perceba, ainda assim ligam, e isso pode te machucar tanto, de uma forma tão grande, que pode te levar a fazer coisas que não deveria, só pra tentar mudar isso, es tan triste… Enfim, eu tenho que parar de pensar sobre quando eu era mais nova, porque eu fico assim, você pode só me ignorar.

Eu diria de nada e disponha, mas não garanto fazer outro favor se você me pedir porque eu sou meio preguiçosa… Quer dizer, talvez se você me oferecer alguma coisa em troca funcione, meu lado mercenário é maior que o preguiçoso.