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Magickal Folk Names for Herbs

Having knowledge of herbs and plants (either magically or medicinally) during the Middle Ages, often was reason enough to accuse a woman of being a “witch,” so there is no doubt some of the country folk at the time took these herbal folk names literal.  Chances are, these names were used merely as descriptors to help remember them easier.  Most plants were given names descriptive of their uses and others were given names for something they generally resembled. Spells written by witches in ancient times were often written with such descriptors, which personally i believe to be a form of secret coding.

Here is a small list of “witchy” herb names (most of these are already floating around the community) that you can use in your craft when you create your spells.  This list could be a great addition to any Grimoire and i hope you find them as useful as i do.

Enjoy ~~~  Cannawitch


Aaron’s Rod - Goldenrod or mullein stalk
Absinthe - Wormwood
Adder’s Fork - Adder’s Tongue Fern or Bistort
Adder’s Tongue - Dog’s Tooth Violet (or Adder’s Tongue Fern
Ague root - Unicorn root
Alison - Sweet Alyssum
Angel Food, Archangel - Angelica
Angel’s Trumpet - Datura
Ass’s Ear - colt’s foot or comfrey
Ass’s Foot, Bull’s Foot - colt’s foot
Auld Man’s Bells, Old man’s bells - wood hyacinth, Hyacinthoides hispanica

Bad Man’s/Devil’s Oatmeal/Porridge - hemlock
Bad Man’s/Devil’s Plaything - Yarrow
Bastard - false Dittany
Bat flower - tacca
Bat’s Wing - Holly leaf
Bat’s Wool - moss (which moss?)
Bear’s Foot - Lady’s Mantle
Bear’s Grape Bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
Bear Paw - ramsons Allium ursinum or the root of male fern Dryopteris Felix-mas
Bear weed - Yerba Santa Eriodictyon californicum
Beard of a Monk - Chicory
Beggar’s Lice - Hound’s tongue
Beggar’s Buttons - Burdock
Bird’s Eye - Speedwell Veronica officinalis
Bird’s Foot - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum (Also bird’s foot violet and bird’s foot trefoil)
Bird’s Nest - carrot, Indian pipe
Bishop’s Wort, Bishop’s Elder - Wood betony Stachys betonica
Bitter Grass - Ague Root Aletris Farinosa
Black Sampson - Echinacea
Blazing Star - liatris
Blind Eyes - Poppy
Blood from a head - Lupine *
Blood from a shoulder - Bear’s breech *
Blood of a Goose - Sap from a mulberry * Morus nigra
Blood of an Eye - Tamarisk gall * (probably the tannin extracted from)
Blood of Ares - purslane *
Blood of Hephaestus - wormwood *
Blood of Hestia - Chamomile *
Blood - sap of the elder or bloodwort
Bloody butcher - Valerian
Bloody Fingers - Foxglove
Blue Bottle - Bachelor’s buttons
Boy’s Love, Lad’s Love: Southernwood
Brain Thief - Mandrake
Bone of an Ibis - buckthorn * I am not sure if this is Rhamnus cathartica or sea buckthorn Hippophae spp If I can find a recipe containing this, I will know for sure by comparing its purpose to their very different qualities
Bread and Cheese - Hawthorn
Bride of the Meadow - meadowsweet
Bull’s Blood - beet or horehound
Burning bush - false dittany, also a modern name for species of Euonymus
Cow’s Horn - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
Bride of the Sun - calendula
Brown Dragon - wake robin
Buttons - tansy

Calf’s snout - Snapdragon
Candlemas Maiden - snowdrop
Candlewick - mullein, the flower stalk
Capon’s Tail - valerian
Carpenter’s Herb - bugleweed Lycopus europaeus
Carpenter’s Square - knotted figwort
Carpenter’s weed - Yarrow
Cat - catnip
Cat’s foot - white balsam, black cohosh, ground ivy
Cat’s herb - valerian
Chameleon star - bromeliad
Cheeses - marsh mallow
Chocolate flower - wild geranium (I don’t buy it)
Christ’s eye - wild clary Salvia verbenaca
Christ’s ladder - centaury
Christ’s spear - adder’s tongue fern Ophioglossum vulgatum
Church steeple - Agrimony
Clear eye - clary sage
Cleavers - bedstraw
Click - goosegrass
Clot - great mullien
Cocklebur - Agrimony
Cock’s comb - amaranth
Colt’s Tail - fleabane
Crane’s bill - wild geranium
Crow’s foot - wild geranium, or wood anemone bulbous buttercup (verified)
Crowdy kit - figwort
Cuckoo’s bread - common plantago
Cucumber tree - magnolia
Cuddy’s lungs - great mullein
Crown for a king - wormwood

Dagger flower - blue flag
Daphne - bay laurel
Dead man’s bells foxglove
Death angel - fly agaric Amanita Muscaria
Death cap - fly agaric Amanita Muscaria
Death flower - Yarrow
Death’s Herb - Belladonna
Delight of the Eye - rowan
Devil Plant - basil
Devil’s Apple - Mayapple or Mandrake
Devil’s beard - houseleek
Devil’s bit - false unicorn root
Devil’s cherries Belladonna berries
Devil’s plaything - yarrow
Devil’s dung - asafoetida
Devil’s ear - wakerobin
Devil’s eye - henbane or periwinkle
Devil’s flower - bachelor’s buttons
Devil’s fuge - mistletoe
Devil’s guts - dodder
Devil’s herb - belladonna
Devil’s milk - celandine
Devil’s nettle - yarrow
Devil’s Shoestring: Various varieties of vibernum, esp Black Haw, cramp bark, hobblebush
Dew of the Sea - Rosemary
Dog Berry - wild rose hips
Dog’s mouth - snap dragon
Dog’s tongue - hound’s tongue
Dove’s foot - wild geranium
Dragon - tarragon
Dragon Flower - blue flag (really, wild iris? not an arum or a Antirrhinum?)
Dragon wort - bistort
Dragon’s blood - calamus

Eagle - ramsons Allium ursinum
Earth apple - potato
Earth smoke- fumitory
Elf’s wort - Elecampane
Enchanter’s plant - vervain
Englishman’s fruit/ White man’s foot - common plantain
Everlasting friendship - goosegrass
Eye root - goldenseal

Fairy smoke - Indian pipe
Fairy fingers - foxglove
Fat from a Head - spurge *
Felon herb - Mugwort
Five fingers - cinquefoil
Fox’s Clote - burdock
Frog’s foot - bulbous buttercup
From the belly - Earth-apple. * potato?? Did the writers know about potatoes? When was pgm written?
From the foot - houseleek *
From the loins - chamomile *

Goat’s foot - morning glory
Goat’s Horn - Fenugreek Trigonella foenum-graecum
God’s hair - hart’s tongue fern
Golden’s star - avens
Gosling’s wing - goosegrass
Graveyard dust - mullein (and sometimes it’s just graveyard dust)

Hag’s taper - mullien stalk
Hagthorn - hawthorn
Hair of Venus - Maidenhair fern
Hairs of a Hamadryas Baboon: Dill Seed *
Hare’s beard - mullein
Hawk’s Heart, Old Woman - Wormwood Artemisia absinthium crown or seed head *
Hind’s tongue - hart’s tongue fern
Holy herb - yerba santa
Holy rope - hemp agrimony Eupatorium cannabinum
Horse tongue - hart’s tongue fern
Hundred eyes - periwinkle

Innocence - bluets

Jacob’s Staff - Great Mullein
Joy of the Mountain - Marjoram
Jupiter’s Staff - Great Mullein

King’s Crown: Black Haw vibernum
Knight’s Milfoil - Yarrow
Kronos’ Blood - sap of Cedar *

Lady’s glove - foxglove
Lamb’s ears - betony but more likely lamb’s ear Stachys byzantina
Lion’s Hair - The extra little roots that stick out of the turnip bulb or the base leaves Brassica rapa *
Lion’s tooth - dandelion
Little dragon - tarragon
Love in idleness - pansy
Love Lies Bleeding - amaranth (Not so ancient, a modern ornamental variant)
Love Leaves - burdock
Love man - goosegrass
Love Parsley - lovage
Love root - orris root

Maiden’s Ruin - Southernwood
Man’s Bile - Turnip Juice *
Man’s Health - Ginseng
Master of the Woods - Woodruff
May Lily - Lily of the Valley
May Rose - Black Haw viburnum
May - Black Haw viburnum
Maypops - Passion Flower
Mistress of the Night - Tuberose
Mutton Chops - Goosegrass

Nose Bleed - Yarrow

Old Man’s Flannel - Great Mullein
Old Man’s Pepper - Yarrow
Old-Maid’s-Nightcap - Wild Geranium

Password - primrose
Peter’s Staff - Great Mullein
Poor Man’s Treacle - Garlic
Priest’s Crown - Dandelion leaves

Queen of the Meadow Root - Gravelroot
Queen of the Meadow - Meadowsweet
Queen of the Night - Vanilla Cactus

Rats and Mice - Hound’s tongue
Ram’s horn - valerian
Ring a Bells - bluebell
Robin run in the grass - goosegrass

Scaldhead - blackberry
Seed of Horus - horehound
See bright - Clary sage
Semen of Ammon - Houseleek *
Semen of Ares - Clover *
Semen of Helios - White Hellebore *
Semen of Hephaistos - Fleabane *
Semen of Herakles - arugula *
Semen of Hermes - Dill *
Seven Year’s Love Yarrow
Shameface - Wild Geranium
Shepherd’s Heart - Shepherd’s Purse
Silver Bells - Black Haw viburnum
Snake Root - black cohosh
Soapwort - Comfrey or Daisy or maybe Soapwort
Sorcerer’s Violet - Periwinkle
Sparrow’s Tongue - Knotweed
St. John’s Herb - Hemp Agrimony
St. John’s Plant - Mugwort
Star Flower - Borage
Star of the Earth - Avens
Starweed - Chickweed
Sweethearts - Goosegrass
Swine’s Snout - Dandelion leaves

Tail of a Pig - Leopard’s bane *
Tanner’s bark - toadflax
Tartar root - ginseng
Tears of a Hamadryas Baboon - Dill Juice *
Thousand weed - yarrow
Thunder plant - houseleek
Titan’s Blood - Wild Lettuce Lactuca virosa *
Torches - mullein flower stalk

Unicorn’s horn - unicorn root or false unicorn root
Urine - dandelion or maybe urine

Wax dolls - fumitory
Weasel - rue
Weasel snout - yellow archangel
Winter wood - wild cinnamon Canella alba
White - ox eye daisy
Witch’s Asprin - white willow bark (this is ancient?)
Witch’s brier - wild brier rose hips
Wolf claw - club moss
Wolf’s foot - bugleweed
Wolf’s milk - euphorbia
Woodpecker - herbLpeony
Worm fern- male fern Dryopteris Felix-mas

Yerba Santa Maria - epazote

Plant Parts/Body Parts

Blood - Sap or juice
Eye - The disc of a composite flower, or a seed
Foot - Leaf
Guts - Roots, stalks, tangly bits
Hair - Very stringy roots (sometimes silk or tangly stems)
Head - Flower head or seed head
Tail - Stem
Tongue - Petal, sometimes stigma
Toes - leaf or bud
Paw - sometimes bud, usually leaf
Privates - Seed pod
Worm - stringy roots
Wool - Moss


A Snake’s Ball of Thread - soapstone *
Blood of a Snake - hematite *
Crocodile Dung - Soil from Ethiopia *
A Physician’s bone - sandstone *

Animal Parts

A Snake’s Head - A leech *
Blood of a Hyrax - A rock badger, * small weasel-like/rodent-like (but actually neither) creature native to Africa and the Middle East
Blood of a Hamadryas Baboon - Blood of a spotted gecko *
Bull’s semen - the egg of a blister beetle *
Lion Semen - Human semen *
Kronos’ Spice - Pig Milk *

* From Ecloga ex Papyris Magicis: Liber I, V, xxvi

More Sources for verification -

  • Galen - De succedaneis, Claudii Galeni Opera Omnia, v 19
  • Paulus Aegineta, Corpus Medicorum Graecorum IX/2 vII
  • Dioscorides De Materia Medica
  • Witchipedia
  • Lady Raven
  • Tryskelion
Best Thugisa Lines

Nagisa: “What’s up, sluts! Guess who just got outta prison!”

Makoto & Haru: “Nagisa?”

Nagisa: “Yeah~”


Makoto: “Nagisa, he just called you a loser”

Nagisa: “Ayo, homebody look like shark-week I ain’t messin’ with that”


Haru: “It all feels like a dream…”

Makoto: “It wasn’t a dream! We got arrested for trespassing. We went to Jail!”

Nagisa: ”Nah man, we went to holding. There a big~ difference”

Haru: “Whatever…”

Makoto: “No whatever, we only got out because Nagisa’s friend paid bail”

Nagisa: “Oh Yeah~. Now we owe Easter Dave a favor, that is not a position you wanna be in”


Nagisa: “Ayo, waduup Jaws”

Rin: “Shut up, and why are you naked?”

Nagisa: “I’m Naked?”


Nagisa: “Look. All I’m sayin’ is we’ve done all the work. The least you could do is; is go down to 7/11 and get us some slushies and a carton of cigarettes”

Miho: “Nagisa. If I get out of this chair I guarantee, you’ll end up in one with wheels”

Nagisa: “Okay. I’ll admit, I’m a little threatened. Dang”


Nagisa: “Oh, Hey it’s Gou. How many guys d’you pair up in head on the way here. Also come help with the pool”

Gou: Nine. And F**k That”

Nagisa: “What is it with all these people and wrecking ma game today”


Makoto: “They’re so fast!”

Nagisa: “Rin’s pullin’ ahead though. I think. I Rin the jet plane

firing out unicorns or the gun with my mother’s face”


Makoto: “C’mon Haru, you can do me. It, it. You can do it”

Nagisa: “I heard that one”

Makoto: “Shut up! You’re High as Balls”

Nagisa: “Ha, yeah I am”


Nagisa: “Hey yo, you tell that story how Haru lost that race”

Makoto: “Nagisa! He’s right there!”

Nagisa: “Nah, Nah. Homebody’s pulling a rain man right now he can’t hear me. Check this, Check this. *Ghostly Voice* Haru~ we’re not getting a Season two~”

Haru: *Ignores*

Nagisa: “See!”


Rei: “-and my stop is coming up in 3.34 seconds, so you you’d make the pitch, real quick”

Nagisa: “Alright, so swim Team, right?”

*Bell goes Rei leaves*

Nagisa: “Hey, wait. I was actually gonna ask you what size colour you wear, c’mon let me get them digits baby”


Rei: “I am now going to walk away. Do not follow”

Nagisa: “I hate it when you leave but I love~ watchin’ you go”


Makoto: “Why don’t you just be yourself, and tell him how you feel”

Nagisa: “Thanks for the lesson, Boy Meets World. How’s your repressed love-life doin’?”

Makoto: “I don’t know Nagisa, How’s your mother’s drinking problem?”

Nagisa: “Below the belt Makoto”


Nagisa: “Hold it Mister. I’mma have to pull you over for excceding recommended Hotness”

Rei: “Why are you here?”


Nagisa: “Why he touchin’ ma man? Where he goin’ with ma man!”


Nagisa: “So all I gotta do is Kill all these other guys, and you give me a scholarship for ma painting”

Bear: “Ooh, boo, boo, boo. That’s pretty much it, but they can’t prove you did it”

Nagisa: “Can’t prove nothin’ if they all dead”

Bear: “That’s not quite the same thing”

Nagisa: “Okay, so which are you, are the most annoying”

Student 1: “These thug antics, are not welcome in a school environment”

Nagisa: “Hey, we got a volunteer”

*Back to Coach and Nagisa*

“Yeah it didn’t work out… For them”


Makoto: “Hey Nagisa. Did you catch Breaking bad last night?”

Nagisa: “Nah man, I lived that shit”

Makoto: “Hey Nagisa. Did you see Teen Wolf last night?”

Nagisa: “You know I did. Derek Looking Fine~”

Makoto: “Hell Yes, son”

Nagisa: “Please don’t do that”


Nagisa: “C’mon let’s wrap this up. I don’t like being alone up here”

Makoto: “Why? ‘Cause if this was a horror movie you’d die first?”

Nagisa: “Why~?”

Makoto: “Y’know…”



Makoto: “This job sucks~”

Nagisa: “You sucks!”
Makoto: “Oh, eat me”


Nagisa: “-and now it’s time to play Japan’s favourite game-show: ‘IS MAKOTO AN IDIOT!”


Nagisa: “Hey, here’s your Bitch board.”

Rei: “Kick Board

Nagisa: “Fairy Floater”

Rei: “Nagisa”

Nagisa: “Sissy swimmer”

Rei: “Nagisa!”

Nagisa: “Fine, Fine. Crybaby kickboard”

Rei: “That was a stretch”

Nagisa: “Look! It can’t all be ‘A’ material, Okay!”


Nagisa: “Haru and Makoto? Dead? Let me tell you somethin’. Those two are literally impossible to kill. To prove a theory, I one time tried to just straight-up shoot ‘em with a real-ass gun. The bullet missed, ricocheted off a frying pan on the wall, and broke open a cabinet full o’ bottles which I then tripped on and fell over. Hurt my pride more than anything… 'cept my tailbone, which I bruised. Did you know that the scientific term for “tailbone” is “coccyx”? Hehe… that’s funny. Anyway, I don’t remember why I was talking about this - they’re probably fine”


Nagisa: “Hey! Tweedledee & Tweedledumb-ass”


Makoto: “Don’t worry guys, It’s probably just a typo”

Nagisa: “Yeah, like Haru would know the difference”


Haru: “Hey, Nagisa, I think I see the Police over there”

Nagisa: “Aaah~!”


Nagisa: “It’s fine baby, if you get scared you can hold my hand”

Rei: “I am not, frightened!”

Nagisa: “Yeah, and Makoto’s love life it’s pathetic”

Makoto: “It’s true…”

Haru: “What?”

Nagisa: “Exaclty”


Nagisa: “Now, Let’s make like Scooby Doo and find some clues”

Makoto: “Hey Nagisa, that rhythmed”

Nagisa: Shut up, Makoto”


Nagisa: “Alright, Shaggy and Scooby, you take the sinks. I’ll check the cabinets and Velma; you get the spooky lookin’ fridge”


Nagisa: “…Because only Velma would say ‘Dubious Device’. Velma gets the spooky fridge”

Makoto: “Who are you Nagisa, Freddy?”

Nagisa: “Bitch, I’m Daphne”


Nagisa: “You’re so cut when you never shut up. Now shut up and open the fidge”

Makoto: “Nagisa, how many time have it told you street-sharks don’t exist”

Nagisa: “Then explain Rin”

Makoto: “Fair Point”


Nagisa: “He [Rei] can do everything but swim. Like the opposite of Haru. Nega-Haru!”

Haru: “The sunken depths of the screeching horde-“

Makoto: “Cut it out! He’s had enough!”


Might do Haru next.

Evillious Chronicles Chronological Order Playlist

so for a while now friends have asked me where to start with evillious and due to the sheer amount of songs its hard to know where to start so ye im making a list and deviding it into arcs

please tell me if i used a link without subs or got the order wrong bc its changed so many times

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BTS Reaction to Their S/O Having A Daddy Kink

Jin: I feel like Jin wouldn’t be a very kinky person in general- more of a vanilla sex kind of guy. So if you were to tell him about your preferences, he may be a little taken aback by the suddenness but would be willing to try out new things in bed. 

Yoongi: Yoongi seems like the kind of man to have many kinks- especially a daddy kink. Yoongi seems like a more possessive person. I’m sure he would enjoy hearing that you are into the same things he is. 

Hoseok: I assume Hobi’s quite kinky, but nowhere near Namjoon. He would probably get kind of playful about it and tease you about throughout the day. 

Namjoon: OKAY we all know how kinky Namjoon is, so he 100% has a daddy kink and would really love that you have one too. 

Jimin: I think Jimin would love it. He’d love being the dominant one and honestly would probably pop a boner when you told him saying something along the line of “Now look what you did baby girl”. 

Taehyung: I think this bean would also be really playful about it like Hobi. He’d also tease you about it, but it’d be 0 to 100 as soon as he got in the mood. 

Jungkook: Jungkook would be embarrassed at first, but he too would get really turned on by it like Jimin. His teenage hormones definitely wouldn’t help his poor soul.


Adair and Logan go to the bar for drinks but both seem fascinated by something to their left.  No one had better be having autonomous woohoo is what I’m thinking.  But there was none. Still don’t know what the interest was.

Adair: Hey Bear what are you doing here? I thought you were helping Sabi with the baby.

Bear: Babies are noisy.

Adair: Awwww what was Tyler doing?

Bear: Crying. I need a drink.

Bartender: What’ll it be…’am?

Bear: Gimme something strong. Anything.

Bartender just stares at Bear.

Adair: Give Bear what she f$#@$ wants Rodger.

anonymous asked:

“Mother” When was the last time you saw your son?

I’ve seen Mills plenty of times on Skype.  As far as in person visits go, I haven’t seen him in the flesh for quite a while.  It isn’t exactly easy to drop everything when you’re living on two separate continents.  He’s very busy with his important work – which I am very proud of.  So I try not to nag him too much about making it over here for visits.

We both knew when he left for London that seeing each other would be far more rare.  He has always made sure to check in on me when he can.  Sometimes his work has sent him to places close enough that he could stop into Newark, long enough that he could stay the night.  The house feels far more full with him in it.  Not as much as it used to when he’d be blasting music from his room at all hours but having him around just makes a difference.

If it were possible I wouldn’t mind having him close to home again.  Not living in the house since he likes his space and all.  Just near enough that it wouldn’t have to be so long between visits.  He did go to the trouble of asking his trust fund lawyers if they could set me up in London, but it’s..  I don’t know how I’d do in a place like that.  I’ve lived here in Newark all my life.  Guess change is a little scary even for a woman like me.


Why must I always write at some godforsaken hour?

Set in the Naga!Dean ‘verse. Not proofed because AYYYYYYYY

“Uuugggh,” Castiel groaned in frustration.

It was the time of year that Angels molt, and this being his first in Naga territory, it was absolutely miserable. All over the back of his wings and his scapulars was a persistent, incessant itch. And that would be bad enough, if it wasn’t also accompanied by a prickling pain, like thousands of tiny needles were jabbing into him. 

It was a fucking pain.

Dean had immediately taken note of his change in behavior and suggested a molting spa, assuming that it would help someone with feathers as much as it helped someone with scales. But ever since the almost-drowning incident, when the absolute soaking of his wings and the heavy humidity had caused his wings to take days to dry out, Castiel wasn’t eager to dip his wings in water again anytime soon.

Sam suggested buying a backscratcher, so of course Dean bought him five, of varying lengths and tooth size. That Naga was such a sweetheart sometimes, bless him.

And while the backscratchers did help, it didn’t solve the matter. Because Angels weren’t supposed to go through their molt alone - it was supposed to be a bonding activity, when the angels would sit in a circle and help massage the wings and clean them out. An Angel couldn’t comfortably make it through a molt alone - they can’t reach so many parts of their own wings.

So it was agony.

So that’s why Castiel was here, lying in bed in the middle of the fifth or sixth sleepless night, using the backscratcher to scrape his wings raw.

He was at the end of his rope. He’d hoped to have found a solution by now, that some Angel somewhere would have come up with a way to endure a molt alone, but no. Of course not. 

A few days ago, Castiel would have been quiet about it, kept thinking, kept pondering ways to deal with this, done something to help him sleep, but after nearly a week without sleep, Castiel had ran out of fucks to give.

So, here, in the middle of the night, half-dressed, Castiel stomped out of his quarters to knock on Dean’s next door.

There was a thump inside followed by a half-asleep, “Is something wrong? Are we under attack?”

“No, it’s me,” Castiel said, suddenly realizing exactly what he was doing. 

Oh no. This is so improper. Is there some way to pass this off as sleepwalking or…?

“Cas?” The voice called out, immediately followed by the door opening to reveal Dean, having just fastened his belt, and even now running his hands through his hair in an attempt to fix its fluffy disarray.

Oh no, my hair.

Castiel immediately began doing the same, realizing how unprofessional he looked, how much of a mess he was, and -

“Castiel, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” Dean asked, worry clear in his voice.

Should I tell him? Or should I say I was just having a bad dream, or hallucinating, or something?

Fuck it.

“I can’t sleep, my molt is driving me crazy. Will you help me?” He blurted out before he could finish talking himself out of it.

“Of course, Cas. Whatever you need. My quarters or…?”


“Alright, give me a second to get dressed and I’ll be right there.”

“…Thank you, Dean.”

“Sure thing, Cas,” Dean said with a tired smirk as he shut the door to finish dressing. 

At that, Castiel returned to his quarters, the embarrassment of what he’d just asked dropping on him like a fifty ton weight. 

This was so stupid, you woke him up? You couldn’t even wait until daylight? And looking like some half-dead zombie, half-naked and hair an embarrassing mess? What the hell must he think of me?!


Fuck, Cas was hot like that. 

“No,” Dean breathed to himself, forcing himself to calm down. “No, no, don’t you start that,” he scolded himself as he donned his sleeves and finished fixing his hair.

I hope Castiel didn’t fix his.

“Noooo, don’t go there.”

The moment he was done, Dean left his quarters to knock on Castiel’s door. Now, being mates, there was a door between both their quarters that they could use to feely traverse and visit each other, but they never used it, always keeping it locked. For propriety’s sake. After all, their relationship wasn’t like that.

“Come in, I didn’t lock it.”

When Dean entered, he found Castiel slouched over the dining table, looking absolutely miserable, poor thing. Dean immediately slithered behind him, asking, “I have to be behind you, right?”


“So…” Dean said, looking down at the slightly scruffy looking wings in front of him. “What do I do?”

Castiel briefly explained to him everything he needed to look out for, how to search through the feathers, how to spot pinfeathers, and basically if Castiel asked him to do something to just do it.

“Alright,” Dean said, looking down at the big wings in front of him. Gingerly, he reached out and very gently started poking through some of the feathers near the base. He didn’t want to hurt his wings, they looked so fragile.



“I’m not gonna break.”


“If you’re hurting me I’ll tell you.”

“Um,” Dean said, biting his lips as he carded through the feathers a little more forcefully in his search for-


“Fine!” Dean said, wincing in self-doubt as he dug his fingers into the wings.

They were so soft, a little oily, but still so soft and really a pleasure to touch. “Is… is this a pinfeather?” Dean asked, poking a suspicious quill.

Castiel nodded emphatically at the feeling of one of his itches so close to being scratched.

Dean immediately started rubbing the offending shaft, making it release a soft dust.

And making Castiel release a soft moan.

For a moment, Dean froze. 

Holy fuck that was hot.


Before he could dwell on it any longer, he kept sifting through the feathers, finding another pinfeather to massage.

And this time, Castiel made a soft whimper. He’d been suffering for so long that the relief just felt so good, he couldn’t help it.

Is he… going to keep making those noises? Dean asked himself, half hopefully, half dreadfully.

Turns out, he was. For a while they were softer, but at the very least there was a soft sigh at each released pinfeather. Not so much for the loose feathers, but the pinfeathers were enough. Especially when Dean got to the feathers on the underside of his wings. He seemed to be a lot more sensitive there.

And, god, the noises suddenly got fucking obscene.

This time, while it was mostly the relief at his sensitive wings being cared for and massaged, if Castiel was 100% honest with himself - and he wasn’t - it was partially because, well… he liked it when Dean touched him there. It made his mind wander, imagining his spouse’s hands drifting from his wings to brush across his skin, up and down his sides, fingers along his belly, palms sliding up his thighs…


Meanwhile, Dean was fighting the feeling of his pelvic scales softening, and what was within not-softening. It was getting difficult, as it seems the feathers under here almost seemed to smell like the Angel was aroused, which couldn’t be true because Dean knew Castiel wasn’t interested in anything like that, especially with such a different creature. 

God, he must find me abhorrently ugly, now that I think about it.

He really wished he hadn’t thought about it. 

So the Naga bit his lip and just kept on trucking, trying his best to redirect bloodflow from his lower torso.

“I think that’s all of them,” Castiel said, sounded rather blissed out, letting out a hum of contentment. 

“Oh, good,” Dean said pulling his hands away awkwardly, leaning down to collect the fallen feathers to make jewelry with, trying to hide his bright blush at the whole affair. 

He half wish it hadn’t ended.

The other half wished it had ended very differently. Mostly the lower half.

“Is that all you need, Cas?” he asked, still worried about the little featherbutt.

“No, no, you’ve done enough, you need your rest.”

“So there is more to do.”

“No, no, I’m fine.”

“Cas, really.”

“No, I’ll just ask an attendant to look into it in the morning.”

Another person… touching Castiel’s wings? He didn’t know why, but for some reason, that made Dean feel so jealous


“No!” he said, unaware of how forceful his voice had sounded. It even made Castiel lift up his head from the table. “Uh, I mean, no. I’ll do it, might as well get it done. I’m your spouse, it’s my job to take care of you.”

Castiel squinted at him. “You sure? You don’t have to.”

“I’m sure.”

Castiel shrugged. “Alright. There are oil glands at the base of my wings, kinda rub them a bit to get your fingers oily and just, like… scrub them in the wings. But lightly, smoothing them down in the process? Nevermind, I’m explaining it badly, and it’ll get your hands oily, so you’d better not-”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind. Really,” Dean said, immediately running his fingers along the base to find the little glands. They were very soft, and they made so much oil when he rubbed them.

And Cas made so many whimpers.

Goddamn it. 

As quickly and as thoroughly as he could, he “polished” the wings up, almost unable to bear how turned on he was, it was all he could do to keep himself soft. He hoped the rumor that Angels could barely smell was true, because Dean was sure he smelled like a Naga going through puberty.

“There,” he said, but Castiel didn’t respond.

Poor thing had been so tired that the gentle massage had put him to sleep.

Ohh. He’s so precious asleep.

As silently as he could, Dean lifted the Angel and placed him in his bed before picking up the last of the feathers, unable to ignore the fact that he was now covered in Castiel’s wing oil. And that his wing oil smelled fucking amazing.

Dean quickly slithered out of the room and back to his own, sighing in relief. 

And, now that he was covered in such delightful-smelling oils, having just got done touching and pleasing his precious little ma- spouse… he couldn’t bear it any longer.

He quickly settled into his soft nest and began quickly pleasuring himself. Oh, the oil made his hands so slick, felt so good.

Due to scent of the oil and the fact that his fantasies now had a fucking soundtrack, the Naga didn’t last very long at all, coming harder than he ever had before, doing his best to hold back his sounds so that nobody could hear him.

Especially not the person on the other side of the ever-locked door.

I hope you heard me screaming in delight all the way from Switzerland, because this was amazing! Ah, poor Dean and Cas! So much pining!! With wing grooming!! Aaaaahhhh!! ♥


It’s LGBT-Pride-Month and was inspired to make this small MAS-story (you dragged me into this ship and now I’m stuck with it). Here’s my small fiction and it you want, you may continue it (or anyone else, as long as I get the credit for my part). It’ll be my first MAS-story, so bear over with me. Also, I didn’t know what title to give it.

Ever since Ace found out he was gay, he would each year in June celebrate it, starting with the LGBT-Pride-Parade. Being a dancer, he always got a spot on the wagon, dancing through the parade. He had met many cool people here, like Izo - who introduced him to Marco. Ace had just started dating Sabo short after that pride, where he met Izo. Still he had accepted for a blind date with Marco - mostly to get Izo of his back - and damn he had fallen hard for Marco.

It had been awkward - to say it mildly - as Marco clearly didn’t like the whole blind date deal. Still as the ice was broken, they actually got along very well. Of course, Sabo knew that Ace went to this blind date, mostly because Izo had sounded so desperate to set his brother up. Still Ace had felt like he was cheating on Sabo. When he had told Marco that he did like hanging out with him, but that he was in a relationship, the blond had said it was fine and Ace wasn’t forced to anything from his side.

However, Marco asked if they could at least be friends, as he did like Ace’s company. When Sabo had met Marco, Ace could clearly see that his lover felt threatened, as Marco was indeed good-looking, hell sexy even. However, both Ace and Marco assured him that they were just friends. It took a while, but soon Sabo saw why Ace liked hanging out with Marco.

One day Sabo decided to get to know Marco a little better, asking questions even Ace found was too close, but the other blond had been open and answered them casually, as if he just talked about weather. Ace was confused on why Sabo wanted to know what Marco thought about poly-relationships and if Marco would consider getting into one.

It didn’t dawn on him what Sabo was doing, until Marco lifted Ace’s chin, made him look at the blond, before lips met Ace’s. With eyes wide open, he looked at Sabo, who smirked, giving Ace a nod, as to say it was okay. Ace then just closed his eyes and kissed Marco back, now knowing that his and Sabo’s relationship just had taken another step and included now Marco.

This happened 8 months ago and Ace couldn’t be happier. Both Marco and Sabo made him feel alive and loved, something he had lacked in his childhood and teens. He hadn’t thought this would happen, when he met Izo at last years LGBT-Pride-Parade. Of course he had thanked the cross dresser properly and many times. Izo had just smiled and said that a happy Marco was enough thank. Still, Ace did give him some small gifts and this year he managed to get Izo on one of the wagons too, much to Izo’s delight.

Ace himself was on the dancing wagon, dancing like he used to, but this time between two hot blonds, both looking a little uneasy at first, but enjoyed seeing Ace so free and happy. Besides that they loved watching him dance, especially sandwiched between them, where they could touch and kiss him.

This year was the best LGBT-Pride-Pared Ace had ever been on. Not only was there many people attending it, he was also not alone anymore. He had found love and not only with one, but two sexy and hot men. Being gay sure wasn’t a lonely thing, as his grandfather had tried to made him believe. It had made him freer and happier. 

Favourite songs of 2013 (In Alphabetic Order)

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? - AM

Atlas Genius - Trojans - When It Was Now

Bastille - Bad Blood - Bad Blood

Bear Hands - Giants 

Daft Punk - Beyond - Random Access Memories

Dan Croll - From Nowhere - From Nowhere EP

Daughter - Smother - If You Leave

Dawes - Stories Don’t End - Stories Don’t End

Foals - Bad Habit - Holy Fire

Frightened Rabbit - The Woodpile - Pedestrian Verse

Grouplove - I’m With You - Spreading Rumors

Haim - My Song 5 - Days Are Gone

Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me - Howlin

Jake Bugg - All Your Reasons - Shangri La

Jim James - Know Til Know - Regions Of Light And Sound Of God

The Jungle Giants - Domesticated manLearn to Exist

Kings of Leon - Wait for Me - Mechanical Bull

MGMT - Your Life is a Lie - MGMT

Pearl Jam - Sirens - Lightning Bolt

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool - Bankrupt!

Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red and Blue - Evil Friends

She and Him - I Could’ve Been Your Girl - Volume 3

The Strokes - Welcome to Japan - Comedown Machine

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details - Anything in Return

The Vaccines - Do You Want a Man? - Melody Calling EP

Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey - Modern Vampires of the City

Washed Out - All I Know - Paracosm

The 1975 - Menswear - The 1975

Album of the year: The 1975 - The 1975

Pretty big list but that shows how good this year was for music, I also only included one song an album.  Albums that I bolded were one’s that I thought were extremely extremely good.

I did it

Merry Christmas

Which Bayern player would you date?

Take the quiz, and count your emojis.

What describes you the best?

♠️) Not very shy, likes to show off in all kinds of ways and has high standards.

♣️) Responsible. Puts too high pressure on themselves to always do everything perfectly.

♥️) Kind of sneaky. A bit shy but confident after a short time of getting to know them.

♦️) Warm and cuddly. Likes to take care of people.

💥) Kind of small. Party animal but can be sharp as fuck.

™) Likes to have fun and hates school. Loves holidays and warm weather.

✌🏻️) Is really smart. Wants to be with someone who makes them feel needed.

What describes your dream relationship?

♣️) I want a partner that makes a good and responsible parent, that always thinks of what is best for the kid.

💥) A relationship that lets us be really romantic sometimes, but sometimes just enjoy each other’s company by reading in the same room.

✌🏻) Me and my partner are on the same level. They never try to put themselves over me, and vice versa.

™) I want to be with someone that I can fight with and make up easily. A relationship that is stable enough for us both to know it’s ok to fight.

♦️) A marriage. I don’t want to date a billion people before I find the right one, I want to find them now.

♥️) A romantic relationship that never is boring. I want my partner to treat me as if I was a princess every day.

♠️) A relationsip with somebody who I can be proud to be with, and who will be proud to be with me.

What do you value in you friends?

™) Good and pure humour that you never get tired of.

♥️) The ability to be relaxed and chill. Not overreact or judge.

✌🏻) Respect. For you, for other friends, for anyone.

♦️) Friends I can be relaxed with. I normally don’t talk much when I’m sad and I prefer to be with my friends just to have a laugh.

💥) Different things. I like to have friends that are the same as me but also very different. Keeps thing interesting.

♣️) Maturity. Of course I want my friends to joke around and stuff, but after a while the childish jokes become a little too much.

♠️) I like friends who aren’t afraid of showing they like me. I can be friends with most people but I generally like when people aren’t shy to laugh at my jokes and show them they enjoy my company.

Pick a player to be friends with.

💥) Josh.

♠️) Mats.

™) Thomas.

♦️) Lewy.

♥️) Fips.

✌🏻️) David.

♣️) Manu.

Why do you support Bayern?

♣️) It feels like my home.

✌🏻) Tumblr got me into it. I just rolled with the flow and now it’s two years later and here I am.

♠️) The players are hot.

💥) It has got a spirit of kindness and respect that not many other clubs do.

™) Because I like winning. Bayern always win.

♥️) I just support any German club…

♦️) My family has always supported Bayern.

What is your taste in music?

♠️) The trendy stuff.

💥) Partly jazz.

✌🏻) Indie.

™) Rap.

♦️) Just very weird and unusual music.

♣️) Classical music.

♦️) Any music.

Pick a word to describe yourself.

♥️) Giggly.

♦️) Positive.

♣️) Honest.

♠️) Proud.

™) Funny.

💥) Stubborn.

✌🏻) Smart

What animal would you love to be?

™) …camel?

♠️) Tiger.

💥) Cat.

♦️) Dog.

✌🏻️) Bird.

♣️) Giraffe.

♥️) Snake…

Who is your favourite player out of these?

™) David

♦️) Thomas

💥) Manu

♥️) Mats

♠️) Lewy

♣️) Fips

✌🏻) Josh

I got the most…

…💥) Manuel Neuer

✌🏻️) Joshua Kimmich

♦️) Thomas Müller

♣️) Philip Lahm

™) David Alaba

♠️) Robert Lewandowski

♥️) Mats Hummels