ma babehs

so i decided

im going to stop eating at chik-fil-a

some of the most important people in my life are gay and i love with all my heart and everything they do. i knew that chik-fil-a didnt support them and then i threw it to the wind. but now ive come to the realization that…

yea i ate there, and my money went to anti-gay things

but now im a little upset at that :<

so yea…imma stop eating there

BUT im not gonna shove my opinion in everyone’s faces, im not gonna tell you dont eat there. do what you fucking want. im doing this to support my friends.

Chapter 37


It had been two days since that wrap up session and also two days since Yaya and I last spoke. A nigga was perfectly content with lettin’ ha ass sulk some more, but I decided to take ma mama advice and be the mature one. Even though I was mad at ha ass, I knew us not talking to each other for days on end wasn’t a good thing. Ma mama always told me ya should never go to bed mad and Yaya and I had done just that. A few too many times. This Light Bright bullshit was all over now so the only thing holding us back from each other was…each other.

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Chapter 22 Part 2: Recovery


“August wait, I’m coming with you!” Raye yelled as she came outside with a different outfit in her hands. Stoppin’ ma car, I waited for ha to get in. When she did, I expected ha to say somethin’ but she didn’t. Good, cause I didn’t feel like talkin’ anyways. I just wanted to be alone to be honest, but I didn’t want to make ha worry to much, so I’m lettin’ her come. I had to get the fuck up out that house. If I didn’t I would’ve turned that motherfucka inside out.

I can’t believe Chris had the fuckin’ nerve to go do some bullshit like that. That’s why we not fuckin’ cool now. I was tryin’ to be nice to his ass cause this drama shit was getting annoying as fuck. Fuck him now though. I lowkey wanted to laugh so bad when he broke his leg, but I held it in. That’s what the fuck he gets. Chris does the most fucked up shit to people, but somehow always gets sympathy. Bitch ass motherfucka!

Once we got to ma crib, I went straight to ma room and plopped down on the bed. My fuckin’ nose hurts thanks to Chris bitch ass. I needed to go clean ma shit, but ma body was too sore to get up. 

Hearing the door creak open, there appeared Raye. Sittin’ up to look at her, I noticed that her eyes were red from cryin’. I should be the one cryin’, shit.
A couple of seconds later, she crawled onto ma lap straddlin’ me makin’ sure she didn’t hurt me, and gently grabbed my face to kiss me on my forehead. 

“You don’t believe me, August?” She asked me breaking the silence. I didn’t answer ha fa a few moments. I was still heated. Should I say some shit back? Yea, I ain’ gone be mean to her. It wasn’t ha fault. 

“Yea, I believe you. I’m just pissed da fuck off. Sorry for spazzin’ on you like that. I shouldn’t of put my hands on you.” I apologized as I remembered how hard I pushed ha earlier. I didn’t mean to, I honestly didn’t give a fuck about shit but fuckin’ Chris up at the moment. 

“It’s ok. I know you didn’t realize that you pushed me down. You okay?” She asked, scanning my face. I obviously wasn’t, but I ain’t gone be rude to her even thought my attitude on 100 right now. 

“Nah, ima go clean my face real q–” She cut me off as she stood up.

“It’s fine, I’ll do it. You sit your injured ass down.” She said, pushing me back down on the bed. I ain’ injured, my nose leaked a little, I had a few cuts, and my knuckles were busted up.

“Injured? If anything, yo ex is injured. Nigga screamed like somebody shot him.” I chuckled as Raye shook her head and let out a small laugh. 

She disappeared in my bathroom and a few seconds later, she came out with a small warm wet towel and a first aid kit to clean my cuts and nose up. Looking down at my shirt, there were spots of blood on it so I took it off.

Sittin’ down on my lap, she began to clean up my face as I stared at hers. She had a few freckles splattered on her face that I didn’t even notice. How I ain’t notice that and I stare at her all the time? 

“I can’t believe Chris..” Raye mumbled as I nodded. That nigga got some serious issues. 

“What exactly happened?” I asked. I remember her sayin’ it earlier, but I forgot cause I didn’t let her finish. I knew it was some fuckery.

“It was all fun and games until this nigga woke me up. Well I thought it was you, cause why would Chris be in my bed? But, yea I was having a good ass nap until he started kissing on me then I was like stop then he grabbed my ass so I turned around and realized it wasn’t you. So I slapped his ass silly and then I moved away. I was trying to get him out before you came back, but we see how that went.” She explained to me as I repeatedly shook my head. 

Lowkey, I shoulda known he’d pull some shit like that. That’s fake as fuck. I tried to be nice to his ass & not even some minutes later the nigga tried to fuck ma girl. If only she hadn’t turned around.. Shit, if only I hadn’t did some illegal ass shit cause the traffic was a bitch, but I managed to get back quick. I’m glad I did.

“Ya kno’ befo’ I left I spoke ta’ him. I spoke ta’ him fa’ you, shit I even offered ta’ spend ma’ money on some In-N-Out fa’ him. I come back half hour lata’ and he in ya’ bed with his shirt off. I swear I was gon’ kill him.” I grumbled laying back against my pillows.

She sighed and tears started to fall out here eyes again. I wiped them because I hated seeing ma’ babeh’ cryin’ and shit. “Stop crying babeh’ I’m alright.”

“No, this is all my fault. I came in between the two of you knowing you had problems. I just made what was already bad worse.” she rambled making me smirk.

“Oh so me crying is funny now? Jerk!” She said making me chuckle.

“I’m sorry, but your cute when ya all worried about ya man and his problems. To be honest Chris and I were supposed to have dat fight a long time ago. And you ain’t come between us. I had ya first.” I said trying to lean up to kiss her, but groaned grabbing my ribs instead.

“August baby, are you ok?” she asked freaking out. 

“Yeah, it’s just all those punches I took I’m starting to feel those shits now.” I said laying back on the pillows.

“So are we going to be ok? You aren’t upset with me?” She asked looking worried about my answer.

I knew deep down Raye wouldn’t cheat on me. That wasn’t her, but a part of me be feelin’ like this ain’t what she wants. I think my paranoia comes from the fact that this nigga will not give it up already. Like this is a whole new extreme, but for her to deny him I know she loves me. I’m not ready to let her go. Raye’s ma babeh’.

“We good, I’m sorry. I was deadass wrong babeh’. Even doe his stupid ass gets on ma nerves, and he’s disrespectful as fuck I kind of feel bad about his leg. But, you ma babeh’ I luhhhh you.” I said making her giggle. 

She leaned forward gently and kissed me softly. I pulled her closer, and she moaned into the kiss when I squeezed her hips. She pulled back from me and got up. “Whea you goin’?”

“To get you some ice for your nose and warm towels to put on your stomach and food. You know wifey duty and what not” she said winking at me.
I shook my head and laid back closing my eyes “don’t forget to add a side of ma pussy with that.” I said making her suck her teeth. I don’t kno’ why she fronting fa. She luh da dick.

Fuck Chris, I’m not breaking up with Raye.


*One Week Later*

Mixing around the chicken Alfredo that I just made, I moaned at the smell. My mom always made me cook when she went off to work. I actually enjoyed it. If I didn’t want to be a dancer, I’d go to Culinary school. 

Getting out 3 bowls for Elijah, Chris, and I, I sat them down at the table along with cups. Since I didn’t really have a big appetite, I poured most of the food into Chris and Elijah’s bowl. They could eat for days. Getting out some Minute Maid Tropical Punch, I poured us all some juice before calling their names. 

A few seconds later, Chris came in the kitchen with his crutches as he wore an annoyed look on his face. He hated having a broken leg. I know it’s bad, but he should look on the bright side of things. The doctor told him it’ll be be healing up soon if he takes care of it. All we can do is pray.

“Awe baby.” I laughed as I stared at his face. Once he noticed me laughing at him, he smirked and shook his head.

“Shut up, ain’t shit funny.” He said right as Elijah came in. He’s been in the room all day. I know he must be real hungry. 

“This is love man. You know how hungry a nigga was?” He chuckled, rubbing his bare stomach. He had small little outie that made me laugh to myself. I loved outies. 

“Baby, how you break your leg anyway?” I asked, examining his leg. When he first showed me, it looked like it hurt real bad. It was all out of place when I got to the hospital to see him.

“I was bein’ a dumbass playing with Ty’s rough ass.” He said as I chuckled. Him and Ty are always fighting over something stupid. 

“I’m gonna slap Ty.” I said, jokingly as I finished eating my food. I barely got some so that’s why I ate it so quick. 


"I’m gonna be in my room if you need me.” I told Chris as he nodded. It was real hot out today so I could really use a swim. 

Jogging upstairs to my room, I went straight to my closet and picked out a random 2 piece swim suit. Stripping out of my muscle tee and sweats, I quickly put on my swim suit bottoms. As I was about to put my top on, Chris’ phone started ringing. Picking it up, the screen read Ty so I answered. 

“How yo leg feeling? Nah But I heard you tried to fuck Raye that’s why you and Aug fought.” Ty laughed into the phone making me clench my jaw. Chris fucking lied to me! 

“What the fuck?!” I yelled as I heard Ty mumble a ‘shit’ before hanging up.
Quickly putting on my pink and nude swimsuit bra, I snatched Chris phone off of the bed and stormed into our medium sized kitchen downstairs.

“You lied to me!” I yelled, throwing his phone at him. He scrunched up his face at me then looked at me like I was crazy. 

“Bout what?” He asked, playing dumb. Good thing Elijah isn’t in here, cause I’m about to go hell off.

“You tried to fuck Raye you bitch! And you weren’t fighting Ty, you fought August! Why the fuck did you lie?”

“Fuck!” I heard him mumble.

I raised and eyebrow and crossed my arms. I wasn’t Raye I dare Chris to apologize to me and think I’m not going to beat his fucking ass. “What I can’t give you babies so you want that old thing back?”

He scrunched up his face at me. “ALISHA, LOWER YOUR FUCKING TONE! YOU KNOW BETTER! I lied because I was avoiding the same shit going on now. I don’t want to fight with you damn!”

I laughed. “You know your full of shit. You want me to suck and ride nobody else’s dick but yours. Oh and this is supposed to be your pussy, but it’s ok for you to pull your dick out and try to fuck Raye!! You don’t love me you love that bitch!”

He picked up his crutches and made his way over to where I was standing. “For you to even bring my fucking kid into this is low even for you. We just lost the damn baby. A baby that I wanted with you, not Raye you. I don’t know where you got it in your head that I don’t love you, but your mistaken. I’m fucking sorry I fucked up I always fuck up! Maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore.”

The moment he said that to me is looked up at him searching for doubt but I found none. “CHRIS ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU OUT HERE CHEATING ON ME AND YOU GET TI BREAK UP WITH ME?! GET THE FUCK OUT! YOU WANNA BE DONE THEN WE CAN BE DONE FOR-FUCKING-EVER!”

I stormed off and I could hear him calling me, but I just ignored him. I walked out into the backyard and dove into the pool. Water relaxed me. It made me feel good, and like everything bad would just was away. When I submerged from the water Chris was standing there. I sucked my teeth and started to float.

“Is there a reason you still here?” I asked him nonchalantly.

He chuckled. “You know what Alisha, fuck you. And don’t make it a habit of ringing my doorbell when you miss me or I get a new bitch!”

With that he left, and I knew at that moment he wasn’t coming back. I mean we fought all the time. I told him to get out, he’d tell me we’re done, but we’d never be done. This time was different. It’s like the need for each other died in this argument. I swam out the pool, and grabbed a towel drying off before laying down on a lounge chair. 

A few moments later Elijah came out drinking a bottle of water. “What you and big head arguing about now? I could hear y'all in the damn room.”

I looked at him and started crying. He ran over and consoled me. “It’s over this time Eli, really over.”

“Don’t cry. It isn’t over. You guys will find your way back somehow. In the meantime don’t sit here crying over no niggas. Call up your girls and go have some fun. Show the nigga what he’s missing.” he said giving my a hug.

I sniffled. “Ok, thanks Eli.”

“That’s dad to you.” he said before laughing.

I laughed and shook my head “stupid!”

“My ass to young and sexy for all that anyways. I gotta go to work, imma check you later Lish” he said getting up to leave.

I grabbed my phone and texted me girls. It was time I stopped revolving my world around Chris. I was going to do me now.

“This shit better not be wet.” I mumbled to myself as I took off my cheetah print bonnet. I washed my hair last night and did a twist out while it was wet. I was gonna be pissed if it didn’t come out right. 

As I began to take my twist down, a satisfied smile took over my face. It smelt really good and it was soft from this curl defining creme that I stole from Bri. She has all the curly hair products over her house. She never straightens her hair. 

Speaking of her ass, I gotta tell her what happened. She’s gonna be like 'oh my god, I’m gonna beat his ass’. I can see her saying it right now. 

Grabbing my phone off of the counter, it almost fell out of my hand due to all the hair product that was on it. Once I slid my finger across the screen, I dialed Bri’s number and put the phone on speaker. A couple of seconds later, she answered. 

“Ayo.” She answered, making me suck my teeth. Cameron got her talking Iike him now. 

“Look at you, talking like your bae.” I cooed as she groaned loudly. She hated that I always teased her about messing with Cam Bam. 

“Bitch.. Just tell me why you called me this damn early. I was just about to go to sleep, too. You know I got this fucked up sleeping schedule.” She said with an annoyed tone, making me laugh. She worked at night so that’s why she’s just now about to go to sleep. 

“Guess what your best friend did?” I asked, getting straight to the point. She was gonna curse me out if I kept beating around the bush. 

“What his aggy ass do this time? I’m gonna beat his ass, Raye.” She said, letting out an aggravated sigh. 

“I was sleeping then I felt kisses on my neck, but I thought it was August so I didn’t really pay it no mind. But then I felt this nigga grab my ass so I was about to turn around and tell him get his ass off me. So I turn around, and guess who it is? Your motherfucking best friend." 

"Chris was like, ion care about none of these niggas, none of these niggas. Ion care bout nobodyyy, but youuu!” Bri sang Trey Songz “Disrespectful”, making me smack my lips. This bitch is supposed to be taking this serious. 

“Bri!” I yelled to get her to stop singing. 

“Girl you so special..” She said before letting out a soft laugh. This bitch plays all day. I see why her and Chris are so cool. 

“Ok, I’m playing. Real shit though, I’m gonna beat his ass.” She said in a more serious tone. 

“There’s no need for that. Him and August got into a fight and he broke his leg.” I mumbled, still not believing that he broke his leg. If he hadn’t pissed me off, I would’ve helped him cause I honestly felt bad. He couldn’t be in the games anymore. The fact that August thought it was funny is sad, but he did say he felt bad too.

“SWEAR TO GOD?! CHRIS LOST? I TAUGHT HIM BETTER THAN THA–” I quickly cut off her loud ass yelling. It’s bout 9 in the morning and she wants to scream.

“No, it was honestly a tie. Chris broke his leg because of the way he fell.” I explained as she let out a sigh of relief, making me chuckle. 

“Forreal though, I’m gone have to talk to him about that though. That was not cool at all. As a matter of fact, fuck my sleep. Both yall need to bring ya asses over here right now.” She said sternly as I threw a mini tantrum. 

“Why? All we do is argue." 

"Nah, yall are gonna work this out TODAY!” She said before hanging up. Looking at the phone in disbelief, I was about to call back but I shrugged. 

“You finally took dat’ ugly ass shower cap off yo head? Lookin’ like a damn lunch lady.” August said as he walked into the bathroom to pee. He’s forever making jokes about my bonnet. 

“Ok, unlike your rough ass hair.. I wanna protect mines.” I said with a straight face, but I wanted to laugh so bad. 

“Bihhhh, keep playing!” He imitated Plies as he tilted his head back and squinted his eyes making me laugh.

“Don’t talk about my bonnet then, big head. I’ll be back in a little while though.” I said as I was about to do my make-up but August smacked it out of my hand. 

“You don’t need it. And alright, be here before noon.” He said, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. 

“But I wanna wear it, and why? You taking my shopping daddy?” I said as I moved out of the way for him to wash his hands. He’s always complaining about me wearing makeup like its his face that I’m putting it on. 

“I'ma throw that shit away, but yeah.” He threatened, but I knew he was playing. He better be, because MAC was fucking expensive and that was the only brand of makeup I purchased mostly.

“Bihhhh.” I mimicked him from earlier as he chuckled. Laughing at myself, I went back in his room and plopped down on his bed. Since it was so cold in here, I put my hands in my pants. It feels like Antarctica in here. 

“I know you ain’t fingering yo self.” I heard August mumbled as he tossed me his keys. Ugh, I so can’t wait til I get my own car. 

“No, it’s cold as hell in here.” I mumbled, getting up to grab August’ grey Polo jacket that I always wore. Slipping on some dark denim True Religion jeans, I heard August blow a whistle. These jeans did fit good as hell on me. Looking around for some shoes, I grabbed my Columbia 4s and quickly stepped into them.

 "Bye babe, love you!“ I yelled out to August as he went back in to bathroom to brush his teeth. 

"Love you too!" 

Hopefully this goes well.
Grabbing the spare key that was under the mat, I unlocked the door and heard loud ass Chris and Bri. Haven’t even stepped a foot in the house and I can already hear them. 

Locking the door behind me, I appeared in the living room coming face to face with Bri. She’s gonna be sleepy at work tonight, trying to be Dr Phill. 

"Girl, I was ready for attack mode! You scared me.” She chuckled as I sat down on the couch. 

“Nigga, I told you not to make this shit until I came over here..” I heard Chris say in the kitchen. A few seconds later, he rolled in the living room with one of those black rolling computer chairs. Basic as fuck. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t.
Once he saw me, he stopped rolling and sucked his teeth.

 "Really bihh? You tricked me.“ Chris said, shaking his head making Bri and I laugh.
"I had to!” she said throwing her hands in the air. 

“Whatever, why the fuck I’m here for?” He asked, roughly crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Cause I’m tired of yall arguing ALL THE DAMN TIME!” We did argue all the time. But shit, that just proves that we don’t need to be around each other.
“I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore. It’s sad that it took me to break my damn leg for me to realize that she don’t care, but oh well. I’m out your hair, Raye." 

He said as I gasped. I did care about him, it’s just that.. I don’t know but it’s not like I hate him. Fuck, I should’ve never said it first time. I didn’t mean it. 

"I do care–”

“Nope. Don’t even fucking tell that lie.  You hate me, remember?” He spat as my heart dropped. That’s how he’s feeling?

“Shit, I gotta make popcorn!” Bri squeaked as she quickly ran to the kitchen to go make popcorn.

“Chris, I don’t hate you. I swear I didn’t mean it, you just really pissed me off! I respect your little relationship with Alisha but you can’t seem to respect mines!” I yelled as he waved me off. The fuck is wrong with him? 

“It’s okay, you aint gotta lie. And because I love you! I was trying to fight for you! You left my black ass and went straight to August! Do you know how much that hurt me? Its like you were waiting for me to fuck up just so you can go to him!” He yelled as I scrunched up my face. A few seconds later Bri came and plopped back down on the couch, stuffing popcorn in her mouth. She’s being dramatic as hell of course. Typical Pisces.  

“That is not true! I left because I was so tired of you fucking up all the time! The apologizes and excuses were getting old and annoying, Chris. I’m sorry that you feel that way." 

"That’s some muthafuckin’ bullshit because you didn’t let me explain or nothing! You just broke up with me over some shit I didn’t do! I let you slide all them times when you was seeing that nigga August when I could’ve broken up with you! It’s all good though." 

"Ok Chris and I’m sorry! But you gotta stop saying I was talking to August when I was your girlfriend because I didn’t!” I yelled as he shrugged. That hurt a little.

“You just expected me to just get over you that quick? You thought I was just gone let you go? Nah I couldn’t do that. And Raye we were talking same difference. I see that I’m just wasting my time so I’ll stop now cause I see that Autumn is who you love." 

"Why are you making it seem like I’m the bad guy?” I asked calmly. I wanted to yell it, but yelling always gets us no where. 

“Did I fucking say you were? I owned up to my mistakes already but you act like you just the most innocent person ever!” He snapped, causing me to scrunch up my face. Why is he acting like this? 

“I didn’t say I was.." 

"Well admit that you was wrong for continuously seeing August." 

"Why do you keep bringing up old shit? When I do it, you get mad.” I rolled my eyes. Every time I bring up when we first met, he be ready to curse me out. 

“Cause I’m gone win this argument whether you like it or not.” He smirked, but that smirk fell once he saw me giving him a small smile. 

“Ok whatever, but I’m not gonna admit that.” I shrugged as he gave me a look like he wanted to slap me. 

“Why the fuck not?” He spat. He was so rude today. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 

“Because I went to him for a good reason.. He was there for me ALL the time when you were treating me like shit. He was my ONLY FRIEND Chris.” He rolled his eyes and started playing in his black curls. 

“So you still don’t think that’s wrong? Oh alright, but when alisha showed up you wanted to act like I was the baddest nigga in the world. Running away like a little b-” he cut himself of once I gave him that look. 

“You full of shit, Raye. Head so far up Autumn’s ass.” He said making me sigh.

“First of all his name’s August. Second of all when that bitch came over just like any other time, you ain’t never want to check her. You treat her like she’s the only girl in the world especially when she gave you that gift, and as your girl at the time I was through. It was like you were saying you were saying, but you kept repeating the same actions from last week.” I said truthfully.

“Ok Raye, so when you gonna let me show you I’m sorry huh? You want to keep fighting or you want to try and be fucking friends first, something we never got a chance to be.” He said picking up his crutches and coming over to me.
I backed away and he chuckled. “Why you backing away for? I still give you butterflies?”

I smacked my teeth. “You wish.”

“Yeah, I do.” I heard him mumble as he looked down.

I was utterly and completely over all this mess. I wanted the drama to be done and to graduate in peace, but with him and August at odds I don’t know what I should do. I pulled out my phone and dialed August. It rang twice before he picked up. “What’s up babeh’? Miss me already?” He said making me blush.

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked him sweetly.

“Of course, you know I’ll do anythin’ for you.” he said making me smile.

“Can you get Ty to drop you over here at Bri’s I need you to fix something for her.” I lied.

“Aight, be there in 10.” he said hanging up.

“I know you ain’t call this bitch ass nigga over here to this house Silver.” Chris gritted at me.

“You want us to be friends, then the two of you are going to sit here and at least agree to co-exist.” I said seriously.

He groaned and crutched his way back to me closing the space between us completely. “Fine, but you mark my words Raye. One day your going to mine again, and when I get my hands on you I’m going to make you regret the day you let that nigga in my shit, or told him you loved him.”  He said pushing my curls out my face.

I shivered from the way he looked at me. The intensity in his eyes and words showed he meant what he said. “Go sit down cripple boy.” I said waving him off.

“Shit, I need more popcorn!” Bri said getting up and going to the kitchen.

“Aight Raye, remember what I said.” he said going to sit on the couch.
I opened my mouth to reply him, but the doorbell rang. I ran to the door knowing it was August. When I opened it he was leaning on the doorway looking like a sex God. 

“Mmm, you so sexy Auggie.” I said making him smirk.
He walked in and closed the door behind him before leaning me up against it 

“Nah, you sexy.” He said placing one hand over my head before leaning down to kiss me.

My heart rate raced as he kissed me, but I had to push him away. I was getting drunk from his lips being on mine. “Come on befo’ we end up makin’ love against this front doe’.” he said taking my hand.

He ran upstairs and I followed. I was going to warn him about Chris, but I knew he’d leave so I didn’t. When we got upstairs he stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw Chris.

 "Raye, start talkin’ now!“ He demanded.

I took a deep breath. I hoped this went well because I would hate myself if it didn’t. This could go really, really right or this can go reaaly, really wrong

“It’s Been A While”

“Can I look now?” Brooklyn whined stomping her feet on the ground. A tired Aug rolled his eyes at his spoiled girlfriend before grabbing her with a little too much force standing her five foot even frame in front of his six foot one stance.

Brooklyn sucked her teeth stumbling over her small feet and opening her mouth only to close it back when the blindfold dropped in a puddle in front of her Balenciaga sandals.

“Baby!?” Turning around Aug nodded inwardly patting himself on the back as the smile on her face grew and those beautiful dimples he loved deepened as her cheeks darkened.

“It’s beautiful. Like how?” August chuckled handing the bellhop a tip when he sat their bags down. “Thank you, enjoy your stay here in Bali.” His thick accent made Brooklyn smile slightly before her attention shifted to their beautiful villa.

“I love it!” She smiled twirling around. The teal blue maxi dress hugged all of her newly formed curves and the large promise ring that he was soon going to be replacing..little did she know shinned brightly on her finger.

August let out a silent thank you when he noticed Brooklyn had no panties on. His tongue swiped slowly over his bottom lip and everything he had set up for tonight flew out the window.

Pulling off her sandals Brooklyn opened the glass door which separated the main room from the bedroom. “Babe look fish!” Her excitement made him smile and as bad as he wanted to sit around and explore with her he had other plans of doing some exploring of his own.

“C’mon Gi.” Just by his voice Brooklyn knew what August wanted and happily followed his lead. August let Brook go first watching her ass and hips each time she crossed the pathway. Reaching the wooden ground she went to what she assumed was the bedroom but stopped when August grabbed her hand.

Turning around she looked up at him her tiny hands holding his face. “It’s been so long.” It wasn’t just the love making she was talking about. It was the intimacy she craved as well. The way his hands held onto her body, his lips against hers, his voice, his grunts in her ears, the way he made love to her with only his hands. That’s what she missed the most.

Looking into her almond colored eyes August felt like the man of the world knowing that the Goddess in front of him only had eyes for him. He was lucky to have someone like Brooklyn to enter his life. She came out of nowhere.

The first night he laid eyes on her at that club he had made a mental note that she was going to eventually be his. Everything about her was amazing. Her flawless skin, her natural beauty, the way she effortlessly put a smile on his face and most of all because she gave him something he didn’t want with anyone else but her.

A son.

“Baby I love you so much and even though we’re young right now I can’t fathom life without you. You make me happy and I just love you so much.” Brooklyn confessed her arms locked around his neck while his stayed around her waist that she was working hard on getting back.

Brooklyn Giselle loved August Anthony Alsina so much that some would call her crazy, but when you’ve been through what she’s been through one would understand.

August brushed Brooklyn’s blonde hair behind her ear leaning down and kissing her soft pink lips. Usually he would fuss about the lip gloss or the lipstick she wore but he didn’t care right now.

This moment. This very moment all he wanted to do was please his girl and be in her presence.

“I love you more Giselle babeh. Ya ma’ world ma.” Brooklyn secretly adored when he called her ma even though she hated it in the beginning but now she cherished the times he would call her that.

Brooklyn stood on the tip of her toes. Her bare feet pressing against the hardwood floor. Placing her tiny hands on either side of his face she brought his lips down to hers kissing him slowly before she slid her tongue along his bottom lip.

August parted his lips allowing her to entangle her tongue with his. His long tattooed covered arms wrapped around her waist, his hands planted firmly on her butt. Gripping both of her ass cheeks in his hands he pulled her up and like always her toned legs wrapped around his waist.

Their lips never left each other as he walked them to the bedroom. 

Her fingers felt like silk to him as she massaged his hair gently digging her nails in his scalp. 

Brooklyn felt the softness of the expensive Sferra Italian sheets felt good against her skin.

Dropping her hands from August hair she spread her arms out feeling the coolness of the blood red silk sheets.

August stepped back some staring down at the Angel in front of him. Her flushed red cheeks and bedroom eyes had just about everything on his body standing at attention. Brooklyn licked her lips slowly biting down on her bottom lip before giggling and turning her head.

Even when she tried to be sexy she always ended up laughing.

August grinned grabbing her ankles lifting both of her feet and placing them on either side of his shoulder. 

Taking her right leg he massaged her feet and she sighed in content enjoying the massage her boyfriend was giving her. He showed the left foot the same amount of attention before he worked his way up her ankles past her knee caps and to her thick thighs.

No matter how hard Gi tried losing her thighs from the wet gain it just wouldn’t work and August had no problem with that. He loved thick Gi. 

‘Thick thighs keep the pussy warm and Gi’s was definitely warm’ he thought to himself with a smirk on his face.

Each time his hands went higher so did her breathing. Her chest caved up and down and she prayed to God that he would stop playing and just make love to her right now but from the playful glint in his brown eyes she knew her prayer wasn’t going to be answered.

“You missed me?” The huskiness mixed with the New Orleans accent made her clench her walls together and she immediately regretted not wearing any panties.

August kept the same glint in his eyes as he trailed his fingers up higher brushing against her freshly waxed box. Brooklyn gasped staring at him, begging for him with her eyes to just give it to her already.

“I can’t hea’ ya B.” His long finger slipped in between her ‘lips’ and she let out a low moan spreading her legs for him. 

August dick jumped from just the feel of her. It’s been way too long since he’s been inside her. With his finger her rubbed against her g spot biting his lip when Gi arched her back up off the bed.

She tried her best to keep the moans in but failed miserably when he slid another finger in her. Staring down at his flustered girlfriend he ripped the teal blue maxi dress from the top grinning when her full D cup breast spilled out. 

Brooklyn was too gone to scold him about it but best believe he would hear her mouth as soon as they were finished.

Latching his plump lips around her breast he squeezed it in his hands and quickly pulled back. “The fuck?” Brooklyn giggled, “I’m still breastfeeding dummy.” He groaned not understanding how AJ could drink that nasty shit.

Groaning he shook his head before moving her neck all while his finger continuously worked inside of her. Her scent was a turn on to him. She smelled of Chanel and Dove soap. Licking her neck she moved so he could have more access.

August pulled her skin between his teeth moving his fingers from her gripping her thighs. Despite him being rock hard all he really wanted to do was please her…let her get hers before he got his.

However, Brooklyn had other plans. 

Rolling them over she sat on top of him ripping off his shirt not caring that it was his favorite Polo t-shirt. Trailing her cat like nails up his chest she licked her lips at the little six pack he was forming. Her nails trailed over her name and she grinned bending down and tracing each letter with her tongue.

August felt like a bitch when he closed his eyes and letting out a low noise. He couldn’t help it though, Brooklyn always seemed to bring out the bitch in him when they were in the bedroom. However, he still let her know who ran the show.

Brooklyn giggled trailing her tongue down to his navel before leaning up and pulling off the HBA black jogging pants. 

August chuckled watching her bite hard on her bottom lip when she seen how hard he actually was. Sliding off the bed Brooklyn got on her knees and momentarily shook her head at herself. 

She was never into giving oral sex. It wasn’t something a women in her caliber did but when she was with Aug all she wanted to do was please him. No matter how much she knew August loved her she knew somewhere deep down that if she wasn’t doing it somebody else would. 

And she would murder him and the bitch if she ever found out.

Besides, the freaky side of Brooklyn actually liked doing it. Like now her mouth watered just thinking about it. She loved hearing him moan her name and the way his toes curled and the grip he had on her head. The way he threw his head back when he was about to cum.

Ridding her thoughts she focused on the task at hand. Hooking her thumb against his Calvin Klein boxers she pulled them down throwing them carelessly by her foot. 

As soon as she went to wrap her lips around him, he pulled her up placing her directly on his face. “But..” “It’s about you babeh.” Was his only words to her before he was drowning in her wetness. Brooklyn gasped when he sat up getting off the bed.

Never letting up she held onto his head for dear life gasping when he pressed her against the glass wall in their bedroom. Brooklyn moaned, hollered, cried, and screamed as his tongue danced between her lips.

Holding her up by her ass Aug breathed heavily going harder sucking on her clitoris while he tongue fucked her like it was the real thing. Brooklyn clawed at anything she could trying to get down but the grip he had on her prevented that. 

Squeezing her toes together she shut her eyes tightly and moaned when Aug slipped a finger in her tight hole never letting his tongue stop exploring his favorite meal. Brooklyn moaned and cried tears falling from her eyes as she screamed out August name. 

Looking up at her love faces August knew just by her faces that she was on the verge of cumming and he was ready for every bit of the sweet juices that flowed from her.Moving his mouth Brooklyn looked down at his glistening lips licking her own as his fingers went faster. 

The sounds of how wet she was, was music to his ears..inspiration for a new track he thought to himself. “Ya luh me?” Brooklyn shook her head rapidly gyrating her hips to match the rhythm of his long fingers. “Use..ya..words…B.” With each word his tongue did circles around her slit before he sucked on her pulsing pearl. 

That was all it took before Brooklyn was literally creaming and yelling out how much she loved him. August grinned holding onto her meaty thighs licking up every drop of her sweetness. Carrying a now limp Brooklyn over to the bed he laid her down and chuckled at her closing her eyes. “Ya tappin’ out on me?” He questioned amused and Brooklyn rolled her almond eyes

She couldn’t..not after all the shit she talked over the plethora of late night phone conversations they had. 

“No but I’ll make sure you will.” Sitting up on her knees she crawled over to August grabbing his already hardened member in her tiny hands. The feel of her small soft hands wrapping around his healthy size shaft made his knees week and Brooklyn smirk. “Already papi?” August secretly loved when Brooklyn spoke Spanish. She wasn’t a lick of Spanish but she spoke the language like she was born and raised in the Dominicans her entire life. “Fuck up.“ 

Brooklyn grinned cutting the small talk and wrapping her full lips around his erection. She started off by swirling her tongue around his dick before laying it flat against him and dragging it up to his head. Licking it like a lollipop, the slurping sounds had August grabbing a hold of her hair and closing his eyes. 

The taste of his pre cum turned her on even more. Brooklyn was a freak and August loved it. Their sex life was never lacking and Brooklyn had no shame in her game. Moaning she looked up at him trailing her dainty hands up his thighs before grabbing his balls. 

Massaging them in her hands she bobbed her head up and down never once taking her eyes off her man. She loved him and it was no denying as August stared down at her fighting to keep his eyes opened. 

Brooklyn relaxed her throat before taking him all in her warm mouth smirking on the inside when August mumbled a low ‘shit’. August toes dug into the white cashmere rug as Brooklyn pleased him. 

He had already made up his mind that he was proposing to her. She was going to be his wife. 

For real this time. Brooklyn continuously bobbed her head up and down wrapping one hand around his now pulsing dick which was coated in her saliva. Sloppy was the best type of way to please her man. August loved it and so did she. 

Feeling him swell in her mouth Brooklyn went faster letting August guide her head the way he wanted as he called out her name. Only after two strokes Brooklyn leaned away stroking his erection before he was spilling his warm seed in her hand. Instead of letting her take a breath August abruptly picked her up placing her right on his dick. 

Brooklyn called out his name clawing at his back as he fucked her standing up. “I love you!” She cried his name happy that the villa was secluded. August grabbed both of her ass cheeks bouncing her up and down before grabbing her face and kissing her with urgency.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed Brooklyn took control placing her arms around on his shoulders bouncing up and down. Clenching her walls around his dick Brooklyn leaned backs massaging his balls while August took one of her nipples in his mouth sucking on it like it was a piece of divine chocolate.

August and Brooklyn both let out low groans at the way it felt. Licking and sucking her breast he held onto her waist as she rolled her hips in a figure eight before sliding up and only riding just the tip. August bit down on his bottom lip before burying his face in her neck.

“Baby I’m about to cum.” Brooklyn cried out going faster. August held her waist stopping her movements before he fucked her from the bottom.

August gave Brooklyn deep long strokes. So deep she could feel him in her stomach..literally. “Yes baby right there!!” She screamed staring at Aug who kept his eyes on her flushed red face. Her 34D cup breast bounced up and down making August look down burying his face between her full breast.

Removing his face he held her against him never letting up from the assaulting he was putting on her now swollen kitty. The feeling of her clenching her walls together and the sharpness of her nude painted nails digging into his tattooed back only meant one thing. She was about to cum.

Focusing on pleasing her he let her take control as she rode him to her liking before she milked his already coated wood with her creamy substance.

Catching her breath Brooklyn pulled her blonde curly hair from her face before licking her lips at Aug. “I missed you.” She smirked her eyes glossy and filled with lust. August mirrored her facial expression kissing her pouty lips. “I missed ya too. Come throw dat ass back on ya nigga tho.” Grinning she swung her leg over standing up before placing her hands on the edge of the silk sheets.

August smirked standing behind her and slapping her ass which jiggled with each slap. Brooklyn moaned poking her ass out more for him arching her back. “Like that daddy.” She spoke in a sexy voice looking at him through the mirror on the headboard. The sight in front him only had him that much harder to the point it actually began hurting.

Keeping his eyes on the sight in front of him he gripped the base of his dick pushing the arch in Brooklyn’s back further down before he slowly eased into her. Brooklyn moaned out closing her eyes as Aug did the same throwing is head back embracing the feel of her warm tightness sucking him in.

Each time he thrusted into her she met him half way throwing it back like the pro she was. August bit his bottoms lip looking down at the ripple effect her ass created each time his dick slid in and out of her.

Brooklyn tried containing her moans and was doing a hell of a good job up until Aug grabbed her right leg placing her foot flat against the bed. This permitted August to go deeper and for her to scream out every word known to man calling on God like he was going to save her.

A cocky smirk was placed on August face despite him letting a moan slip when she twerked and popped her ass on his dick. Reaching one hand to her hair he pulled it yanking her back against his chest and biting on her neck. “Ya feel so good babeh.” Her eyes only rolled to the back of her head as she slid her hand down her sweaty body and to her pulsing clit.

Squeezing it and playing with it like she would do when August was away she screamed his name from the overwhelming sensation speaking in a completely different language. “Cum fa me babeh.” He encouraged her moving her hand and rubbing against throbbing clit.

Brooklyn grabbed onto his arms bracing herself for the intense orgasm she felt flow through her body. Kissing her on her neck August laid her on her back sliding into her.

This time it was different he didn’t want to fuck her, he only wanted to make love to her. The glass covered rooftop allowed Brooklyn to look up at the sky, the full moons light shining down on her beautiful boyfriends smooth coffee colored skin.

She held onto him tightly her legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his shoulders. He held Brooklyn into him kissing her softly as his strokes stayed at a steady pace but still long and deep.

August pulled away from her lips seeing her eyes glossy and tears rolling down her cheek. “Why ya cryin’ babeh.” His words were choppy and it was hard to answer when August was constantly disappearing in and out her wetness. “I..I love you!” She managed to say before kissing him with everything she had. August sighed into the kiss feeling his heart beat quicken. He loved her..scratch that he was more than in love with her.

“I love you too Brooklyn.” He got out before he was shooting his kids deep inside her. Even though AJ was only a couple of month old the thought of his Queen carrying his Princess made it all worth it.

August and Brooklyn made love that entire night before falling asleep in the comfort of each others arms.

Brooklyn got dressed in her deep burgundy Celiné wrap dress which fit her body perfectly. It showed enough just to tease her boyfriend yet keep it just as classy. On her feet were a pair of Sergio Rossi black sandal high heels with dark bronze and burgundy details embedded making the outfit pop. The fifteen thousand dollar heels were worth every bit of it and a graduation gift from her father who was so proud of his baby girl.

Brooklyn styled her hair in a half up half down ponytail her golden hair reaching the bottom of her butt and her baby hair laying down perfectly. She smiled into the wall to wall mirror rubbing the coconut oil on her breast and thighs she sprayed her favorite Prada perfume on her body before giving herself a once over in the mirror.

Popping her lips she neatly applied her favorite MAC lipgloss ‘Moth to a Flame’ on her pouty lips before deeming herself as ready but not before grabbing her bracelet and necklace August gave her throughout their relationship.

Her nude colored stiletto nails latched the necklace together before she picked up her black and burgundy Chanel clutch and left out. Her heels clicked against the hardwood floor before she walked across the water walkway to get to the living room.

Through the glass she could see August on the phone clenching his jaw looking like a sex God dressed in the black Versace Python Joggers and the matching shirt. The golden chains she bought him during the beginning stages of their relationship made her gleam with happiness especially when she seen he was sporting the fifty thousand dollar Rolex she gave him for Christmas.

She cautiously walked across the pond grinning at the tropical fish finally reaching her boyfriend. She tried to be quiet as she walked up behind him but he surprised her grabbing he by her tiny waist and pulling her in front of him.

Kissing her neck she giggled taking in his Tom Ford cologne. “Jus’ have it done. I’m on my way.” And with that the call had ended and he could now place his attention on the vixen before him.

“Hey gorgeous.” Brooklyn blushed kissing his exposed arms. She admired his new tattoo for a second before turning in his arms.

“Hey handsome.” Playing with his chains she looked at him through her long eyelashes before blushing and giggling. August made her happy and she couldn’t help but act like a little girl with her first middle school crush when he was around.

Stepping back he admired her style and grinned in approval as she did the same. He loved that his baby could dress. She claimed she was the one with fashion sense in the relationship but Aug thought otherwise.

“No picnic table shirts. Color coordinated and you don’t look like Migos. Mhmm mama put it down last night.” She boosted popping her imaginary collar.

August sucked his teeth giving her his finger before guiding her to the door. His Balenciaga sneakers collided against the cherry wooden floor.

Brooklyn had absolutely no ideas where he was taking her but the sight of the cocaine white Maybach made her eyes widened. The top was down and a short Indonesian male stood off to the side with the drivers side door opened.

Brooklyn stood speechless letting August walk her over to the passenger side. She had a lot of questions but decided to go with the flow.

Shortly after August spoke with the Indonesian they were driving down a highway which overlooked the ocean blue water. The soft sounds of Sade mellowed an apprehensive Brooklyn out as she hummed along to one of her songs.

August held onto her hand twirling the promise ring around her small fingers feeling pressure in his pants pocket.

“Babe where we going?” Brooklyn inquired trying her best to keep her hair away from her face. August didn’t answer her and after three failed attempts she eventually gave up and sat back.

On their own her eyes closed and before she knew it she was sleep.

A hour of being on the road the two finally reached their destination and Aug aggressively shook a now annoyed Brooklyn and laughed at the glare she sent him.

“Get up Goldie locks we hea’.” Rolling her eyes she looked around not seeing anything but sand and water. She could admit it was gorgeous but her stomach was only focused on food and so was she.

“C'mon.” Sighing she tapped Augs shoulder and he bent down as she jumped on his back. “I’m hungry.”

“Chill out fat ass im'a feed ya.” She pouted pulling his ear. “I miss my baby Anthony.” She missed her pumpkin and they’ve never been apart for this long especially in a different country.

“He miss ya too. Ki called when ya was sleep. She had jus’ got em ta stop cryin’.” Brook pouted she couldn’t wait to get home to her little Prince and kiss his chubby face.

“And we hea’.” Stoppin’ in tha middle of the table with candles and lanterns lit all around Brook gasped sliding off his back and pulling off her shoes.

“Aww babe it’s pretty. But I’m hungry where the food.” Shaking his head at his baby mama he guided her to her chair just as one of the servers he hired approached the two.

The menu was surf and turf both Brooklyn and August favorite foods. The porterhouse steak. King crabs with lobster tails and scallops were topped with asparagus, baked potato and zucchini.

Brooklyn moaned at the food that was placed down in front of her before grabbing the steak sauce and going in.

August chuckled..

Classy as fuck but still eat like a fat nigga who ain’t never had food. He thought to himself while laughing.

The two made light conversation occasionally joking and laughing. The two were now walking along the shore the cool blue water brushing against their bare feet.

“Remember when we walked along the beach?” Brooklyn asked swinging their arms looking at her feet which sink in the wet sand with

“Yea’ dat was tha day I think I really fell in love wit'chu.” Brooklyn felt butterflies in her stomach and she smiled. “In spite of what happened that day it’s one of my favorite memories.” She confessed.

August stopped abruptly causing her to stop and pull her in his arms wrapping her in his body. “Next trip it’s jus’ you, me, n’ ma lil yungin.” Brooklyn nodded in agreement basking in this moment.

“I found tha spot bae.” Brooklyn squealed jumping up and down. August had been trying to find a studio so that he could work on his own label. He told her one night that he wasn’t feeling the lifestyle anymore. He just wanted to be Aug..not the singer.

Brooklyn suggested he open up his own studio and record label because he still loved music.

“Really where!?” Her excitement made him grin. “It’s a surprise Kai found it.” Brooklyn pouted because he wouldn’t tell her but nodded.

August thought now was the perfect time to give her what’s been weighing his pockets down since he got dressed. Turning her around she looked down in his hand immediately noticing the Harry Winston box. She looked at August confused hoping it wasn’t a ring.

They both agreed marriage wasn’t something they were ready for. Especially Brooklyn she liked where they were at. “Chill it ain’ dat. I ain’ tryna marry ya ass no way.” Relaxing completely August shook his head chuckling some.

Rolling her eyes she punched him in his chest walking away from him. August laughed running to catch up to her. Pulling her into him she tried to get out his grip but failed and gave up.

“I’m fuckin’ wit'cha. Ya kno’ I’ll marry ya petty ass in a heartbeat.” She giggled snatching the box out his hand. “This better be my push present seeing as how I ain’t get one.” August waved her off. He wasn’t getting her no damn push present. If that’s the case he needed a ‘deal with Brooklyn present’ that was a headache in itself.

“You even talk shit in your head but I love my earrings baby.” She smiled staring down at her white gold diamond studs.

“Ya welcome ya lil brat.” She shrugged putting them in her ears. She was happy she chose not wear earrings tonight.

The two stayed on the beach for a good while before it was time to head back to the villa and pack. “Thank you baby. I really had fun this weekend.”

August nodded leaning over and kissing her lips. “Ya welcome Squirt.” Content she smiled softly.

She loved her baby but now it was time to head back to the states and cuddle with her other baby. She was missing him.

50.5 (Important)


I watched amused as she stood on tha mini ladder focusin’ intently on wha’ she was doin’ mouthing ta tha words of Miguel ‘Adorn’. Ha hair sat on top of ha head in a weird way, strands of ha long curls fallin’ around ha face as she occasionally blew it out tha way. Dressed in a nun’n but a black Nike sports bra and denim overalls, ha face make up free and still looked amazin’ ta me.

Tha diamond ring on ha hand literally shined wit’out tha light from tha sun castin’ down on it. Ma’ nigga Jay really came thru fa tha boy n’ I had ta thank him tha next time I seen him, which was soon. “Kai finally found the dresses for her bridesmaids.” I ain’ kno’ if she was talkin’ ta ha’ self or wit’ ha Bluetooth but I had already ex’d out ha talkin’ ta me since she ain’ think I was back yet.

“Yes! Like I really wish I wouldn’t be eight months pregnant in my big sisters wedding but I’ll pull it off I always do.” Climbin’ down from tha ladder she placed tha paint brush in its rightful place befo’ wipin’ ha face gettin’ tha gold paint on ha face.

“Why didn’t I hire painters again?”

“Because ya stubborn n’ wanted ta do it ya’self.” Jumpin’ from ma voice she finally looked up and smiled. “Jas I’ll call you later.” I’on think she gave ha a chance ta say anything back cause she was in ma’ arms befo’ she even ended ha sentence.

“Ya really need ta pay attention Gi. I could’a been anybody.” Instead of sayin’ anything she kept ha face in ma shirt holdin’ on ta me. “I’ve been missed?” She nodded lookin’ up at me ha chin restin’ on tha middle of ma’ chest. “I’m so ready to be in Anguila with you.” She sent me a bright smile standin’ on tha tip of ha bare feet peckin’ ma lips. “I am too babeh.” “Good. We also have to fly to LA for Kai’s wedding rehersal next month. I know you don’t want me flying so I got us a driver. That’s a 34 hour drive!” She whined all in one breath.

“That’s 34 hours ta get ta kno’ each otha.” Rollin’ ha big almond eyes she smacked ha lips. “That’s 34 hours of you being extremely annoying.” Smirkin’ I squeezed ha ass through tha denim overalls makin’ ha moan. “That’s 34 hours of me fuckin’ tha shit out’ cha lil mean ass.” Though ha facial expression said one thing tha look in ha eyes said anotha. “Lil freak ass.” Wavin’ me off she changed tha subject quickly. “How was the tour?” Wrappin’ ma arms aroun’ ha I shrugged. “It was coo’ babeh ya kno’ I luh ma fans.” She smiled, “do you think we should tell them? I mean it’s been six months now.” Lookin’ down at ha stomach which was tha only thing keepin’ me from really bein’ able ta hold ha I grinned and nodded. Gi was showin’ na and rarely eva left tha house since she moved ta Atlanta.

“Auntie Gigi!! Is uncle Aug here?” Tha sounds of Chay runnin’ up tha stairs followed by ha sisters pulled us away from our conversation. Kissin’ ha soft lips I pulled away. “We’ll talk about it lata.” Noddin’ we broke apart jus’ as tha girls came inta tha room.

“It smells like paint. Auntie B can we help you paint the baby room please!!!” Maya asked as soon as they fully entered tha room. “Sure babies but don’t ya’ll wanna say hi to your uncle.”

They gasped noticin’ me and runnin’ ova ta whea’ I stood. “Ya lil ugly self finally back I see.” Muggin’ Cha she smirked kissin’ B’s cheek and handin’ ha a bag of Popeyes. I frowned at that.

“Ya kno’ ya ain’ pos’ ta be eatin’ dat sh-stuff B.” I caught ma’self since tha girls were right hea. She smiled and shrugged, “I’ve been on that stupid diet you got me on for the last two months leave me alone.” I guess she was tryna prove a point by eatin’ wha’ was in tha bag.

“No I’m not gon’ lea’ ya alone. Stop bein’ hardheaded. If ma child come out unhealthy I’m blamin’ ya.” B shrugged, “it ain’t nothing wrong wit’ a little meat on tha bones.” She thought this shit was funny. Seein’ ma face she chuckled shruggin’ ha shoulders. “Chill out Anthony I got this.”

“Ya bet’a hope it ain’ a girl. Poor Aug if it is.” Cha laughed picking up the paintbrush with black paint on it. Tha color sceme of tha room was gold, black, and sum’ ivory color Gi picked out.

“I’m not that bad.” She pouted dippin’ ha fry in ha shake. “Auntie that’s nasty.” B shrugged stickin’ out ha tongue. “Ya’ll not gone keep ganging up one me. Where is my partner in crime? Sammy!” On cue his small feet made loud pitter patters against tha hardwood floor before he came runnin’ inta tha nursery. He wasn’t allowed in hea’ so he stood by tha door a sad facial expression on his face.

“It’s ok! C’mere baby.” Squattin’ down Gi held ha arms out fa tha one month old black French Bulldog who came slidin’ in. “Hi mommy’s baby.” Cradlin’ tha puppy I sucked ma teeth as he caved inta ha like a lil ass baby. I couldn’t blame em cause dats ha she treated it.

“Aww look at tha grumpy old man. Say hi daddy!” Instead he barked at me makin’ me frown and tha rest of em laugh. “I’on like tha lil nigga anyway.” I’on een kno’ why I got tha dog, maybe cause B fell in luh wit’ Melione n’ she been talkin’ about gettin’ a dog since I met ha.

“Don’t be rude.” We all watched in amusement as she tried ta get up but was strugglin’. KayKay was tha first ta let out a low laugh shuttin’ ha mouth as soon as B glared at ha. “Ya’ll are so rude to me.” She was about ta cry. Sighin’ I helped ha up kissin’ ha cheek since she turned ha face. “We jus’ playin’ wit ya babeh.” She shrugged still poutin’ befo’ walkin’ out tha room completely. “Ya’ll know she sensitive.” Cha shook ha head leavin’ out tha room leavin’ tha rest of us wit’ guilty expressions.

“I think we should do something nice for Auntie B.” I had tha perfect idea in mind too. “Get ya jackets.” Noddin’ they ran out tha nursery and I followed behind em closin’ tha door behind me.

Giselle little bipolar self betta appreciate this.


Sinking my body in the tub I kept nothing but my face above the lavender scented bubble bath water. Not caring about my hair or anything I let the music play loudly in the large bathroom. Closing my eyes I felt myself literally falling asleep until the bathroom door opened.

In walked my rude boyfriend with a dimple deepening smile on his cute face. “Hey babeh.” Just by his voice I knew he was up to some bullshit and I really wasn’t trying to be a part of it at all. “Wha’ you want?” We both paused for a second because I really sounded like him and it was scary yet funny.

“Nun’n I just can’t come see wha’ ma babeh mama doin’?” Shaking my head no he grinned walking fully in the bathroom. “Ya still mad?” “I was never mad just annoyed and no I’m not. Seriously what you want though?” Sitting up his eyes fell to my breast and after five minutes of not getting an answer I snapped my fingers.

“My face is here.” A mischievous look was all I got from him.

“I kno’ but I was still starin’ at dem titties tho!” Laughin’ because he mimicked Drakes voice. “I can’t stand you at times.” Pushing my hair to the left side of my shoulder I twisted my curly hair around my fingers.

In a daze I shivered when I felt August trace the new ink on my right side. Tracing the Roman numerals that held his birthday and my birthday he leaned over the tub kissing my lips. My arms automatically went around his neck my nails tracing my name that graced the side of his neck.

Biting on his bottom lip I pulled away watching it pop back into place. “Love you. Where’s Cha and the girls?” Wiping his bottom lip he motioned down the stairs. “Oh, well I’m going to take a nap before I finish unpacking the rest of my stuff.” If it wasn’t noticed before I finally moved in with Aug a month ago.

It’s been nice so far to wake up to his face every morning and to come home to him every night when he wasn’t on tour or in the studio but I have yet to unpack any of my bags. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past month.

“Don’t worry ‘bout it babeh I got it jus’ relax ta’day.” He was up to something and as bad as I would like to be nosey and find out I was equally as tired. My baby just wanted mommy to sleep and that’s exactly what I was going to do.

“B?” Lazily looking up at him I wiped my eyes sleepily before letting out a yawn. His tattooed covered hand covered my mouth as he laughed at me. “Ya lil cute self.” Giggling I let him rinse my body and carry me out the tub my head resting in the crook of his neck. “Ya ain’ do nun’n ta be so tired.” Which was true all I really did was paint the nursery and wash the clothes. “My feet hurt. Rub my feet baby daddy.” Looking down at my feet that were swollen from Augs big headed child I wiggled my freshly nude colored toes at him.

“Anything else.” Motioning my head up and down I popped my head up staring in his brown eyes. “Can you sing to us? We sleep better when we hear you sing.” Almost as if my lil pumpkin was agreeing they kicked their little feet making us both laugh. “See!” Rubbing my tummy in small circles it was kind of hard to tell exactly where the baby is at times.

Throughout most of my pregnancy the baby only stayed curled up on my right side extremely close to me, almost to where it was sometimes hard to find them. The Doctors said it was normal and that more than likely it’s going to be a result of my child and I being extremely close when born. Of course, daddy Aug was jealous and I grinned all while in the doctors office.

Shivering from the cool silk sheets when August placed my naked body on the bed he grabbed the SheaMoisture Shea butter squeezing it in his hands and rubbing it in my body.

Surprisingly I had no dark stretch marks or anything of that on my stomach which I was thankful for. August hands worked the soothing lotion into my body making me even more tired. “Sing to me.” He chuckled licking his lips and nodding. “Wha’ ya wan’ me ta sing?”

Lately all I’ve been listening to is Miguel so I shrugged. “I don’t know.” “A’ight. I got tha perfect song.” After moisturizing my body he tapped my thigh and I moved over so he could take my spot.

Handing me his t-shirt I pulled it over my head crawling in his lap. With one hand on my leg and the other playing in my wet curls he cleared his throat.

I don’t have to think about it I’ve never been in love.

I’ve only dreamed about it I wondered what it was.

Grinning he rested his chin on my shoulder rocking us side to side. August could be cute when he wanted to but only when it was literally just us.

But now I think I know it’s clear to me.

You’ve made me understand.

I’m so proud to say I love you.

And I’m so proud to be your man, Yes I am.

I really didn’t think Aug and I would ever be in this place in a million years. I’m actually genuinely happy with where we are right now and I couldn’t wait until one day to become his wife. Glancing down at my ring I smiled twisting it around my finger. My baby daddy did good.

I promise I’ll never hit you.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

I know I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you warm, I’ll keep you satisfied.

Be your sunshine in the morning.

Be your everything at night

Touching my face he I looked up at him through the mirror to see him smiling. He was so cute. His smile was contagious and I ended up smiling too.

Girl, I’ll stand by you, if you give me your hand I’ll make love to you baby.

Your wish is my command.

Let play out yo fantasies I’ll make you lose your mind.

Take you places you ain’t never been before, I promise you in time.

He never once broke eye contact with me as he sung out those words smirking on certain parts. Flustered, I covered my face but he moved my hands laughing. “Why ha hidin’?” “You make me nervous.” It was like the conversation we both had the first time I met him at his recording session with Chris and Trey.

“Babe we have to start thinking of baby names. Oh and Kai and Ki don’t know I know about my baby shower and I need you to tell them not to go through with it.”

“Ya nosey Gi but why?” I shrugged I really didn’t want a baby shower. I mean I know I should but really I didn’t want to be bothered with a bunch of people I rarely even knew. “Because I just don’t like being around people for a long period of time.” Another thing that’s been happening since I’ve been pregnant. I just get really moody and extremely anti social when I’m around a lot of people I don’t know, add on to the fact that I despise for people to touch my stomach a baby shower was just not an option for me.

“B ya can’t be like dat ma.” “Anyway, Karmen will be here at one for birthing classes and this time can you please try and make it?” I’ve been doing the classes for two months now and August has yet to make it to one. I know he’s busy especially with the new music he’s been working on but he’s also getting ready to be a dad soon and I just wish he was more involved. He’s never here, always working and I’m starting to feel like a single parent when I know I’m not.

Yawning tiredly he nodded laying us down on the bed. “I’ll be there babeh.” Rolling my eyes he positioned his face between my breast, his arm wrapped protectively around my stomach, not even two seconds later did I hear his light snores. Even though I was the one extremely tired I chuckled running my fingers through his curls.

He was such a big baby but only when it was just the two of us. Licking my lips I grabbed the remote turning the television on just as two knocks sounded on the door before it opened. Imagine my surprise when I seen Chris with the girls behind him.

He laughed amused going to say something but I shut him down. “No lil smurf you can’t talk about anybody until you fix yo hair. Looking like a mermaid by the head. I like that color though.” He laughed unamused before throwing a rolled paper he had in his hand at me. “Shut up midget.”

“Mkay, smurf but what you doing here though?” He pointed at Aug but I was still confused and it was written all over my face.

“Ya got’a ask him midget.” Behind him Kay Kay snickered like she knew something leaving me even more curious, that’s when I paid attention to what each of them had on. “We..were ya’ll painting?” Even though I didn’t get a verbal answer their body language said it all.

Waking up a sleeping August I ignored his attitude altogether. “What are you up to with Chris?” August stared at me for all of five seconds blinking twice before laying back on my chest and going to sleep. “Annoying. I’ll just see for myself.” Pushing him off me I slid out the bed throwing on Augs basketball shorts and walking out the door pushing smurfett out the way playfully.

“Auntie Gigi you should wait for uncle Aug,” it went ignored though as I walked in the direction of the nursery almost tripping when Sammy ran around my feet. Luckily, though Chris grabbed my arm while Chay picked up the excited dog. “Now if Aug would’a seen that he w-” “pissed off. Chay put tha dog in tha cage.” I sucked my teeth because he was supposed to be sleep. “It’s not that big of a deal August.” Leaning against the balcony I waited for him to reach me before climbing on his back when he walked in front of me.

This was such a long walk from the master bedroom to our room but I was thankful that my house was so big as well.

“It is B.” His tone let me know he no longer wanted to talk about so I respected his wishes resting my chin on his shoulder. “Smurfette where’s my baby Kae?” A little grin plastered across his freckled face before he glared at me playfully. “In LA midget.”

Nodding we finally reached the baby’s nursery and August slid me down pulling me in front of him. Covering my eyes the fresh smell of paint gave me a slight headache but not as bad. “How many fingers I got up?” Shrugging I shifted my weight waiting for him to open the door.

Finally I heard him open the door and the strong smell hit me twice as much. Guiding me into the nursery my bare feet went from being cold on the cherry hardwood floors to warm on what I assumed was a plush rug which wasn’t here earlier today.

“Alright babeh op’n em’.” Opening my eyes I gasped at the room. It was so…just everything. The gold and black colors were made for both either a girl or boy. The crib sat in the middle of the large room with the baby’s initials engraved into the black and gold rug. The soft pearl colored paint written in the most gorgeous handwriting spelled out ‘Gods little Angel’ along with my little pumpkins name.

The large window had the scenery of our backyard which was nothing but a forest was covered with silk black curtains. Looking around the room I tried taking it all in but I was so speechless especially when I got to the picture hanging on the champagne colored wall. The large professional picture of Aug and I in black and white. A shirtless Augs tattooed arms wrapped around my body from behind. His long arms around my sides and his hands laying flat against my large tummy, while my right hand covered my breast and the other laid on top of his left hand laid on top of his my ring visible.

I’m not sure why I loved that picture so much but I really think it was because of the look in his eyes as we looked at each other. It was a look my papi always gave my GiGi. It was like she was the only one in the room, like she was his life source and he praised her so high because she meant everything to him. He’s so in love with my GiGi that just that one look I could tell that they were each other soul mates and that’s how August looked at me. My relationship goals.

For Aug and I to be able to walk into a room and with just one look at us you could tell how much we loved each other. That’s how my papi and GiGi are and they’ve been married for sixty four years and with the way they act you would still think they were newlyweds.

Pulling myself from my own thoughts I turned on my heels falling into Augs opened arms. “Who tha best babeh daddy?” Laughing I stood on my toes kissing his lips. “You are but my babies and smurfette are the best for decorating.”

Of course I gave my babies and smurfett my love too giggling when August got jealous. “Ya tryna take ma’ girl Breezy.” Chris laughed his arms around my neck. “Naw she pregnant and shit I ain’t with the baby daddy drama.” Laughing I pushed him off me mushing his kool-aid colored hair.

“Ya’ll so annoying. Smurfette you staying for dinner?” He nodded, of course rubbing his stomach and smirking. “Midget ya making some of that island food?” Even though my doctor told me I shouldn’t eat spicy food just this one time wasn’t gone hurt. I really had a taste for some Jamaican chicken with dirty rice, ox tails and lamb chops and ya girl was bout to make it all.

“Of course smurfette.” He wasn’t getting a name change until he changed his hair color so the looks he was giving me were really getting ignored.

“Did you ever go get fitted for your suit?” Since Aug has been on tour and the wedding is literally two months away he still hasn’t gotten his suit yet even though Jamal already got all of his groomsmen fitted and what not.

“Yea’ I had Dee send em’ ma’ measurements n’ shit.” Nodding I yawned getting ready to make dinner. “Are the girls spending the night?” He nodded grabbing a tea out of the refrigerator. Since I’ve moved in the girls tend to spend the night at least three days out the week it doesn’t bother me because they’ve been a big help during my pregnancy.

“Yea’ moms said she comin’ out’ hea next month ta.” Same thing my mom said. I was going to be seven months and those two were dead set on being physically here the last two months. “Hope you know what that means.” August frowned walking away. “Don’t be mad baby.” I shouted while laughing. “Shut up Brooklyn!” Still laughing I rubbed my tummy when my baby kicked grinning. “My lil pumpkin! Please don’t be rude to me like your daddy. You’re already going to have his big head.” I giggled before finally going to make dinner.

Short 3


Today was girl’s day out and that also meant it was time for our weekly gossip session. Our choice of venue today was the D’lor Salon and Spa, our favorite in the city. Now when it comes to beauty, I’m always down to try anything, but my so called best friends weren’t as daring. Still, I somehow managed to convince them to try the new mud bath service the spa was offering. I mean, it’s good for your skin and it’s half off. Why not jump in?

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