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Are y'all ready for a story?

Okay so yesterday was the WEIRDEST day ever, I knocked out on my bed after class with my door wide open like literally came back from class jumped into my bed and passed out. I woke up to my suite-mate telling me this girl was standing in the doorway staring at me?? I was like uhhh, found out who it was and called her and was like yo not cool don’t come into our apartment without knocking?? She was like omg I’m so sorry!! So whatever that was weird as hell

THEN out of no where this guy that’s close w/ someone I do not associate with called my roommate and was like yo I wanna talk to Haj… I was like uhh okay…? Whatever yolo you know?? So I get my boi to scope out the place make sure it’s just him and whateva cause like is the other guy is there I need to mentally prepare myself for what I’m gonna ask and say ya know, and then we’re talking and like oh my gosh. I now understand why this guy didn’t want me to ever be near his friend like he is just something else. And I don’t hangout with guys alone so my friends were there and literally so confused bc it was honestly the weirdest and most uncomfortable encounter I’ve had in a WHILE…

But that was my day yesterday and boy oh boy lemme just say I never want to see that man again, I had that one conversation, got an understanding of a lot of things and I’m OVER it. Like this past week or two had genuinely helped me understand a lot that I didn’t before but after over a year I’ve finally gotten the closure I needed and it wasn’t from the direct person but I don’t think I’ll ever get that and I guess I’ll have to just live with it.