Psychedelic Nature-Inspired Swirling Illustrations Are Animated by James R. Eads

Los Angeles based multi-disciplinary artist and illustrator James R. Ead’s stunning illustrations are known for their unique style and technique. Following van Gogh’s signature brushstroke composed of colorful and fast moving brush strokes, Ead’s work reveals a meditative and soothing connection with nature and humanity. 

Both gentle and powerful, the swirling illustrations contain a surrealist and ethereal touch. Their latest animation has added a psychedelic quality, which seems to create a magical atmosphere, which are spellbinding.

Friendly reminder that

It’s not okay for partners to hit each other!!! Just because one of them is a girl does not mean she can hit or slap her boyfriend!!! Arguments and anger do not justify violence!! I’ve seen relationships depicted like this in fanfiction, books, tv shows, and movies and it’s not okay. Gender does not matter. You. Do. Not. Hit. Your. Partner.

EXO Reaction when their mate is a high schooler

Requested by @chenchenismagurl . So I decided to do this a little different, more like what they would be like, what kind of boyfriend they would be like. 

Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Would be that kind of boyfriend who pretends to know what he’s doing but doesn’t but he is just there to protect his jagi from other high school wolves*


*Waits for you at the entrance every day* “I’ve been here all morning baobei. What do you mean? My first priority is checking you are safe… in this jungle of teens”


“You ready guys? Time to watch my girl, let’s go. I’m sure they’ll think we are from the football team”


*Doesn’t care he isn’t enrolled. He walks through the halls as if he owned the school* “My babe… look who’s here”


“Don’t you ever feel likes this is like that TV show you watch… Teen wolf? I should start playing Lacrosse” 


*Is the hot guy everyone wants to date but is not even in school* “I’ll pick you up today jagi, winter is coming. I’ll lend you my fur”


*Thinking* “I wonder if she is having fun… because I’m clearly not.. I want to see her, maybe I’ll break in” *Such a bad boy*


*Looks so young that decides to get in high school again and have his own movie-like high school life with you* “This is fun, all for my baobei”


“Hello I’m Kim Jongdae and I just transferred. Do not touch my girl” *If someone knows how to do things right, that’s ChenChen*


*Brings you flowers everyday* “I know it’s hard, I know it’s stressful so I hope my flowers bring you a little bit of joy, my darling”


*Confused* “I don’t understand it… why can’t I get in? What do you mean i already graduated… but my baobei is in there!”


“Of course I can be here, my family owns this school. So what do you say jagi, shall we go eat something before you go back to class? I actually made you lunch”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

i came across this post about a soulmate au where you’ve got your soulmate’s name on one wrist and your enemie’s on another and what if you had the same name on both wrists?? And my mind went to patater. so have this bullet post that got too long to go in the tags:

  • all kent’s life he’s wondered why he has the same name written on each wrist
  • but its in cyrillic so he can’t make it out hes tried google translate but it doesnt work
  • and he doesnt ask the russians on his team cause he knows its a guys name and kents not out
  • so he mostly focuses on hockey but lbr he checks out every guy with a russian accent
  • And then he plays the falcs and he notices alexei for the first time. obviously kent has seen him before, gave him a quick once-over like he does to anyone with a russian name on their back
  • But what makes him pause is this guy is always standing next to jack, talking to him between plays, cheering the loudest when jack scores.  
  • Who the fuck is this guy taking all of jack’s attention when kent is desperately trying to get jack to acknowledge him???
  • Kent knows he and jack were never meant to be soulmates but what they had when they were younger was so good and maybe it could have worked
  • (What kent doesnt realize is sexual chemistry =/= romantic compatibility god kent)
  • So kent commits himself to winning because he needs jack to notice him he needs that validation, because if jack is mad at him for winning then at least it’s something. Negative attention is still attention.  
  • Which is how kent ends up knocking the net aside and causing the pile up we were there we know what happened
  • Thus starts the animosity between Alexei and Kent
  • (and lets be clear at this point alexei would know that kent is his soulmate/rival but Kent doesnt know shit… in the biz we call this dramatic irony)

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Little dark dots

Her fingers traced lines on my skin, slowly unbuttoning my shirt. She was sitting on my lap, legs wrapped around my waist. My hands held her hips, pulling her closer whenever her lips touched my bare skin. 

There was no sexual tension between us in that moment, it was just love, pure love. She was the girl I loved the most, the girl I wished to make happy for all eternity, and she was the girl that gave me life. 

Before I met her, I thought the moles on my skin were hideous, I thought they made me look more than imperfect, flawed; but she proved me wrong. As her lips kissed each one of the dark dots, I remembered each one of the sweet words coming out of her mouth, telling me how much I mattered, how perfect I was. Sometimes I still doubted it, but it doesn’t take much for her to convince me otherwise. I just need to look into her beautiful eyes, full of light, to remember that those things don’t matter, only she and me do. 

I’m looking into her eyes now, she knows I’m thinking about it, thinking how much she has changed my life. She smiles, I smile. There’s this cute blush on her cheeks that make me giggle and hug her tighter. We don’t need to exchange words, we don’t need to whisper the words that aren’t coming out. We only need to look at each other to know what we are thinking, what we are doing. Love. 

I love her and she knows. I love her and I won’t stop saying it. I love her and I always will. I love my girl. 

A/N So I know it’s a little short but I didn’t want to write a whole smut scenario, just something sweet and romantic. I’m kind of done with sexy times because it just gets boring and I think cute and romantic things like this are more intimate and beautiful. Hope you all like it! Admin A~