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RFA + Saeran get too much in character with their costumes


  • He’s an actor, he definitely lives for the character he’s dressing up as
  • But with the werewolf costume, well… it’s not like he’s pretending that much
  • The only thing he’s doing differently from his usual self is howling
  • The whole “be careful with your actions, princess, I’m a wolf” is still there, tho
  • So no biggie, you just tease him about being a good boy or else… he won’t get his reward later…
  • The wolf now is being a good dog~


  • He always wants to be a knight for you, with this LOLOL costume, he gets to
  • So he’s been escorting you and taking whatever chore you have for him as a quest
  • You’ll even be the princess for his warrior to save and protect
  • But “save and protect” is just helping you with the guests’ list and making sue RFA’s Halloween party is on the right track
  • Well, not to him… every quest is essential on saving his princess and increasing his likeability points with you.
  • Oh wait… this is a different kind of game


  • It’s just a black dress, she’s not dressing as a witch
  • She kept trying to convince herself the whole night on it, only until she agreed on putting the pointy hat…
  • Not that the glasses of wine she had on RFA’s Halloween party had anything to do with that, of course not! She’s not drunk!
  • She’s just laughing like that because everybody sounds much funnier
  • She even had the guts to ask Jumin to lend her his books on dark magic
  • But nothing compares on what she has planned for you tonight… she’s feeling rather… wicked…



  • Your neck is always the first spot he goes for
  • Why would that change with him dressed as a vampire?
  • But… not the sexy kind of vampire… the scary kind…
  • Like, did he seriously put make up on? He looks really pale…
  •  You even asked him if he was feeling okay… and he answered by biting your neck
  • Yep, he’s alright. And you’re in for a night.


  • You’re not sure if you should get mad or just laugh
  • He can be a very strict nun
  • There he goes measuring the length of your skirt
  • And even scolding you for trying to get mushy with him, what are you trying to do? Get this sinful thoughts out of your mind right this instant, child of the Devil!
  • And he stays in character during the whole party
  • And for some part of the night when you guys get home and he grabs the… ruler.


  • I don’t see him dressing up, tbh
  • The most he would do is wearing a hideous sweater with a pumpkin on it
  • He’s been wearing it year after year after year
  • Well, this year… he has a twist just for you… wait for it…
  • The pumpkin’s eyes and mouth glow for real! Cool, right?
  • Right… good thing you’re already working on making him take the sweater off pretty soon…


  • He’s feeling rather frisky and decided to mess with his brother
  • So he dressed as… his brother
  • And at first, it’s obvious that though they might look alike, they are completely different people
  • But soon he gets in character for real, it’s… a little scary how he gets to take his brother’s personality
  • You’re scared and… fascinated. Too fascinated?
  • No, what if you fall for his brother? Okay, time to drop the act and remind you that there are things only a Saeran could do with you…
BTS Reaction | Ejaculating quickly

Request; bts reaction to cumming fast when they have sex raw without a condom for the first time. 

Kim Namjoon

Namjoon had set out to take things slowly, not wanting to cum so soon like he did. The moment he pushed himself inside you he knew he wasn’t going to last as long as he usually would. His hands would be on your hips, fingers digging into your skin harder when he released.

“O-oh f-fuck Y/N”

“Baby girl you felt so good I couldn’t help myself”

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin wouldn’t be ashamed of himself that he had cum so soon, but he would feel bad that he didn’t get to pleasure you just as much as you did him. Pulling you into his arms he’d smother your face with light pecks, letting you know just how good you made him feel.

“I’m sorry princess”

“I’ll make you feel good too, I promise”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi would let out a strangled groan of your name when he came inside you. Seeing white as a wave of intense pleasure washed through his body. He would fall back onto the bed, letting out a small sigh, annoyed that he had cum so soon.

“I really didn’t expect to cum that soon”

“It felt so good to be inside you raw and I just lost myself, I’m sorry baby girl”

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok wouldn’t be able to hold himself back, despite how much he tried. The new feeling had him cumming quicker than he usually would. He’d place a few lazy kisses to your lips before pulling out and plopping down on the bed beside you, panting.

“I’m sorry baby girl, I didn’t think I’d cum that quick”

“Just give me a moment and I’ll make  you feel good too”

Park Jimin

Jimin would feel a shiver run down his spine as he came, collapsing on top of you. His body covered in a sheen layer of sweat, face buried into the crook of your neck as he panted heavily, placing a  few light pecks to the side of your neck.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t last longer princess”

“It felt too good, I’ll be good to go again soon just give me time to catch my breath”

Kim Taehyung

Taehyung’s hands would grip your waist tighter than normal, completely lost in the new feeling. His face would be buried in the crook of your neck, lips attached to your neck, groaning as his hips snapped into your own.  Before he knew it his release would hit him.


“F-fuck Y/N I’m cumming”

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook would be unable to control himself as he thrust up into you. The new feeling of being raw inside of you was overwhelming to him. He’d feel his release building quickly, only just being able to warn you before releasing inside of you with a groan.

“F-fuck Y/N”

“Oh my god, s-shit that felt so good”


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