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okay, i saw a hunger games au, and i’m not sorry but it was wrong, and here is what the hunger games au for YOI would really look like:

  • yuuri and victor wouldn’t meet until the second book. 
  •  yuuri and phichit would both be district 12, and phichit would create the romantic narrative between them that would help them win the game.  they would be best friends, and it would hurt to force an intimacy that didn’t exist, but it would be the only one they could rely on.  phichit would be the smarts and yuuri would be the strength and stamina that would get them through to the end.  this would be the first part of the story.
  • victor would be the finnick odair type.  victor was incredibly popular with the capital during his games, most notably when he was gifted a pair of diamond blade skates when the arena was flooded and iced over.  he became the winner of his own games after performing a signature jump kick on the ice that slit his last opponent’s throat.  
  • yuuri and victor would meet during the 75th games where they would both be sent back to the arena.
  • they would also be competing against yuri plisetsky, who would be the johanna mason, district 7 of the group; angry and unpredictable and wild, but honest to a fault.  
  • yuuri and victor would fall in love as the four of them (yuuri, victor, phichit, yuri) planned an uneasy alliance.  yakov, victor and yuri’s mentor, would lead the alliance (and revolution).  i just want victor carrying yakov around on his back all the time. 
  • it would be scandalous in the capital, you know, before the escape. yuuri was supposed to be engaged to phichit, but he’s standing guard with victor in the night and getting kissed senseless against a tree, scared and unsure but craving the solidity of him.  their love story would distract everyone from realizing the uprising was coming that would help them escape.
  • “was i just a distraction,” yuuri would ask, especially on the nights when they were trying to recover phichit after the games.  “is that what i was to you, a narrative?”
  • “it was real,” victor would say afterwards. they’re heading to the capital, they’re going to war.  “it wasn’t just to save my own ass–you and me, we’re real.”
  • “we’re real,” he repeats at the end of it, at the end of all the games and the war and the empire.  they’re in a crumbling estate on the edge of district twelve, fully clothed in bed.  victor has yuuri’s face cradled in his hands, as tenderly as he did when yuuri was stung by tracker jackers and hallucinating for two days, and he kisses every one of yuuri’s scars.  he says, again, “we’re real.” 
Safe & Sound - Chapter 11
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LOOK, I UPDATED! Took me a little longer than usual because of spring break, but I hope to keep things semi-consistent from here on out. 

Summary: Marcus receives an unexpected phone call! Flashbacks to his early days as a Peacekeeper (and a Callie Cartwig reference I’m pretty proud of, tbh)! More Kabby bickering! Abby developing a mysterious plan! There’s way more, of course, but that’s what I felt like putting in exclamation points. 

Hope you guys enjoy!

so i was thinking earlier about the interesting mis-match in terms of au ra emotes, which is that female au ra emotes seemed to have been designed with doman raen au ra in mind (which makes sense, because our first au ra character was yugiri), while the male au ra emotes seem to have been designed more with steppe xaela in mind (how very little we know about xaela/xaela men aside), and i was wondering if this sort of design optimization was part of why i tended to see more male xaela than male raen and female raen than female xaela among players and especially among players who did au ra shipping, and then

i realized

holy crap it’s all a bunch of lizard khal drogos and lizard daeneryses