[Such a lovely night]

Idk I saw this scene and I couldn’t resist(?)
I really want this two to be siblings (twins or not that point is equal to me(?))

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I had every intention of spending my day cheerfully lounging around in a pumpkin patch and petting miniature horses. I was in fact so excited for the day ahead that I even made one of these outfit layout thingies. I made myself breakfast, took this picture by standing on my tiptoes on an upturned suitcase at the foot of my bed, and then promptly got called in to work. It was a sad, pumpkin-less day indeed. 

Kaneki: “Ah so you are a king now a king as well, gaining power by paving a dark path of blood thru your own family… an usurper king. And I am the newly oninted One-Eyed chosen by my adopted father. We must now play a bloody game of chess as the white and black king. fighting for the world we envis…”

*Chess piece flies by Kaneki’s head

Kaneki: “What the…”

Furuta: *Grabs more pawns and a bishop.

Kaneki: “Sit down and play the game properly!”


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161023 M!Countdown Backstage (10/06)

did it ever occur to you that lesbians aren’t “imitating heterosexuality” with a femme and a butch couple, considering butches are STILL WOMEN and the prevalence of GNC women in lesbianism is 1. cultural and 2. because we don’t have to sexually and romantically appeal to men for a relationship, we don’t have to be like straight girls???? even femme lesbians present SO different to gender conforming straight girls??? butch is not “trying to be the man” you lesbophobic fucks