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Oneshot/Drabbles Masterlist

→ Minseok;

Wherever I go (M)* / Monster AU

Room for four (M) / Domestic AU

You Never Know / Domestic AU 

Lucid Dreaming (M) / Unspecific

Cold Desires / Post-Apocalyptic/Vampire AU

Le Temps Qu’il Faut / Domestic/Office AU

→ Junmyeon;

That day / Normalverse

Sour, Bitter, Sweet / Domestic AU

→ Yixing;

Days without him* / Drabble

Room for four (M) / Domestic AU

Staying Sane / Normalverse 

Attention (M) / Drabble

If he sees (M) / Drabble


Morning Daze (M) / Domestic AU

Lost In The Heat / Domestic AU

Maroon (M) / Drabble

You and I (M) / Vampire AU

Let My Baby Stay (M) / Writer/CEO AU


Good kisser (M)* / College AU

Room for four (M) / Domestic AU

Beginnings / Avatar AU


Coupons (M) / Domestic AU

Pure Distractions / Domestic AU

Vagabonds / Unspecific

Leaving You / Domestic/College AU


Youth / Domestic AU

Late Nights / Time Traveler AU

Premiere / Normalverse 

Luckiest Man Alive / Domestic AU

Death By Diamonds (M) / Unspecific

Tell Me (M) / Unspecific 

Loved / Unspecific 


Royalty (M)* / Unspecific

Melting Magnets (M) / College AU

Deep Breaths (M) / Unspecific

Painkillers (M) / Drabble

Unwinding (M) / Drabble


Lay it down (M) / Drabble

Infidelity / Domestic AU

Lazy Lovebirds / Normalverse 



A calm deer* / College AU

Night Drive / Domestic AU

Glee / Drabble


Hate to see your heart break* / Domestic AU

Guest Star;

Alibis / Lawyer AU / Jungkook

Drabble game

anonymous asked:

What was your favorite Zutara moment from the show?

Hm. You know, when I first read this I was like: ”Just one? How could you possibly expect me to pick just one?

But, actually, it wasn’t all that hard at all.

It’s this:

“I’m sorry. That’s something we have in common.”

This moment of instantaneous, bone-marrow deep understanding.

The way Zuko’s face softens, and his voice as well, how he turns to face her.

How Katara immediately stops crying, how she raises her head and moves towards him, because she wants to hear what he has to say.

Just… They reach out to one another in a way that they don’t to anyone else. Ever. 

They want to communicate, they want to understand one another, they want to not be antagonistic. Like, he starts off with words of comfort, I mean, what am I supposed to do with this? She’s yelling at him, and. He. Reacts. By. Offering her comfort?!!?!? By trying to ease her pain!??! By empathising and sympathising and I just!?!?!?

I die, okay? I die for, during, and about this scene.

(The scar touching, and the way they lean towards one another when Aang and Iroh burst through the cave wall are close seconds, but seconds none the less.)

2016 Korean Box Office

2016 Korean Box Office Top 15 (Admissions)

1. Train to Busan 부산행 11,565,479
2. A Violent Prosecutor 검사외전 9,707,581
3. Captain America : Civil War 캡틴 아메리카: 시빌워 8,677,249
4. The Age of Shadows 밀정 7,500,422
5. Tunnel 터널 7,120,508
6. Operation Chromite 인천상륙작전 7,049,643
7. LUCK-KEY 럭키 6,975,295
8. The Wailing 곡성 6,879,908
9. The Last Princess 덕혜옹주 5,599,229
10. Doctor Strange 닥터 스트레인지 5,446,192
11. Zootopia 주토피아 4,706,158
12. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 신비한 동물사전 4,652,898
13. The Handmaiden 아가씨 4,287,839
14. Kung Fu Panda 3 쿵푸팬더3  3,984,812
15. Pandora 판도라  3,935,743

Yes, the running Zombies on the train to Busan ruled this year’s box office.

All Time Korean Box Office Top 15 (Admissions)

1. Roaring Currents 명량 (2014) CJ E&M / 17,615,057
2. Ode to My Father 국제시장 (2014) CJ E&M / 14,262,199
3. Veteran 베테랑 (2015) CJ E&M / 13,414,200
4. Avatar 아바타 (2009) 20th century Fox / 13,302,637
5. The Host 괴물 (2006) Show Box / 13,019,740
6. The Thieves 도둑들 (2012) Show Box / 12,983,841
7. Miracle in Cell No.7  7번방의 선물 (2013) NEW / 12,811,213
8. Assassination 암살 (2015) Show Box / 12,706,360
9. Masquerade 광해, 왕이 된 남자 (2012) CJ E&M / 12,323,555
10. King and the Clown 왕의 남자 (2005) Cinema Service / 12,302,831
11. TaeGukGi: Brotherhood Of War 태극기 휘날리며 (2004) Show Box / 11,746,135
12. Train to Busan 부산행 (2016) NEW / 11,565,479
13. The Attorney 변호인 (2013) NEW / 11,374,861
14. Haeundae 해운대 (2009) CJ E&M / 11,324,545
15. Silmido 실미도 (2003) Cinema Service / 11,081,000

2016 was a really interesting year for a Korean movie / drama fan.

Some US companies like 20th century Fox and Warner Bros started to invest in local Korean films like The Wailing (곡성) and The Age of Shadows (밀정).

Meanwhile, Korean film companies jumped into the Korean TV drama industry. Descendents of the Sun (태양의 후예) was produced by NEW (Next Entertainemnt World which produced Train to Busan) and Dokkaebi / Goblin (도깨비) was produced by Studio Dragon, one of the affiliated companies of CJ E&M Group.

Most of all, Studio Dragon (CJ E&M) took over the TV drama company established by the writers of Six Flying Dragons. It means their new Sageuk drama (the sequel to Six Flying Dragons and Tree with Deep Roots) may be broadcasted by tvN channel which is also an affiliated company of CJ group. But it remains to be seen.

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anonymous asked:

You know how people like to say oh Katara didn't return the same feelings towards Aang due to the war that was going on.. yeah to me that's just bullshit and a lame excuse, what are your thoughts on that?

I think that this one is also covered by what I said here:

And that’s where Kataang fails as a couple:

The writers who pushed for it were far more interested in keeping the audience in “will they-won’t they” suspense than in doing the work necessary to develop their relationship to a point where a mutual romantic attraction would be believable.

Their relationship doesn’t change at all. Beginning to end, Katara acts as if she’s his mother, and Aang does nothing to dissuade her from it. And instead of having them talk about their relationship and their feelings, because if they did then, God forbid, we couldn’t have ship wars, they pepper throughout these… non sequiturs, where suddenly, and without any build up, Katara reciprocates. Even though she was literally pretending to be his mother five minutes ago.*

*”The Headband”, I’m talking about “The Headband.”

Another thing that bothers me about that argument is that Kataang shippers use it as a derailing tactic:

Like, yeah, okay, Katara was confused because of the war. That’s actually reasonable. Believable, too.

It also has absolutely nothing to do with the argument Kataang-critical fans make which is that we never see Katara’s feelings change.

They just magically do.

We never see them discussing it, we never see her discussing it with anyone else, not her brother, who has always been her rock, not Suki, who would actually be perfect for it, since she is a girl, actually in love, and in a relationship during the war. We never see Katara mulling it over on her own, either.

After the kiss during the intermission, Katara goes right back to treating Aang as if she’s his mother, and they both act like it hadn’t happened, to say nothing about how Aang never apologizes for overstepping her boundaries. All the way up until the kiss during the finale, we get nothing about the state of Katara’s feelings.

Kataang shippers say: “Oh, she was just confused because of the war, she stops being confused once the war is over.” but that isn’t the argument.

The argument is: “Why is Katara, a main character, the person without whom there wouldn’t have been any plot, why is she treated with so little respect that the development of her feelings happens entirely off-screen?”

anonymous asked:

I totally get Katara being mad at Zuko when he joined them, but did you think it was kinda unfair, because Zuko never said he was joining them back in Ba Sing Se, she just assumed he would, but still I get it, her being mad, however I do think her blaming Zuko for the death of her mother was unfair, because that had nothing to do with Zuko, she just connected and threw all her anger at him, and I just loved how Zuko took it, all of it, her attitude and her anger and tried his best to fix it.

I mean, it’s no secret that I don’t think highly of the writing in Season 3.

I don’t think it was unfair at all. At least not the way it was presented in “The Western Air Temple”.

Here’s what Katara says at the end of the episode, when she threatens him:

“You might have everyone else here buying your … transformation, but you and I both know you’ve struggled with doing the right thing in the past. So let me tell you something, right now. You make one step backward, one slip-up, give me one reason to think you might hurt Aang, and you won’t have to worry about your destiny anymore. Because I’ll make sure your destiny ends … right then and there. Permanently.”

Katara had been Mama Bear-ing Aang ever since she metaphorically gave birth to him in the very first episode.

She wasn’t angry because he didn’t join them, Katara was angry because Zuko’s choice in “The Crossroads Of Destiny” got Aang killed. Not injured, not hurt, actually killed. And if she hadn’t had that Spirit Water, the one she offered to heal Zuko with, Aang would be dead. Forever.

So, no I don’t think her anger at Zuko in “The Western Air Temple” is unfair.

The problem is that this never gets mentioned again. Probably because it would’ve made her feelings towards Aang even more explicitly motherly.

The very next episode she lets Zuko take Aang on a field trip? Like, literally, right after threatening him, the very next episode, she lets Zuko whisk Aang off to fuck-knows-where, for fuck-knows-how-long?

But, lol, this is Season 3, where the good writers get their scripts revised a hundred times because they’re “too shippy” and the bad ones get to write ¾ of the series finale.

The thing about the way Katara got angry at Zuko in “The Southern Raiders” is that it had a very clear trigger: the fact that she had to see her dad walk away. Again. Because of the Fire Nation. Again. And why is the Fire Nation there at all?

Zuko: “Go ahead! I’ll hold them off. I think this is a family visit.”

So, I think that, in Katara’s head, even though Zuko says that he’s cut ties with his homeland and family, he still manages to bring their evil to them, to her, personally.

So, yeah, I agree with you, she was projecting.

And it is really interesting, isn’t it? Zuko is, aside from Hakoda, the only character shown actually addressing Katara’s anger. Aang goes all ‘kicked puppy,’ so she swallows it up, Toph escalates the situation to a point, then one of them walks away until they calm down, Sokka, I think though years of practice, simply ignores her until she works it out on her own, and Suki hasn’t been around enough for us to see anything of her on this front.

Zuko is the only one who actively works, both on his own, and with her, until they reach the root of the problem and then solve it.

No one has, at any point during the show, put that much effort into Katara’s mental health and emotional well-being. No one but Zuko.

But, lmao, Bryke said: ““Zutara” never would have lasted! It was just dark and intriguing.” So we clearly gotta take known liars’ word above our own eyes and ears and completely disregard the themes of the show, the personalities of the characters involved, and the way the narrative was set up.

You know, like they did.

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