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Im not sure but I think there is a new roadrat line like:
RH: I’m gonna hook’ em–
JR: – and now Cook’ em!!
… RR is not one-sided I’m gonna cry…. Like he is using the line he in the past shut rat over… true gay character development…

anonymous asked:

so ive noticed that you dislike a court of thrones and roses and i recognize that it has a shit load of flaws. like a lot. but is it necessarily a bad thing that one of the characters has helped me cope with my sexual assault (along side inej that is)?? like i want to know whether or not i need to change how i think about my situation and maybe find another character that can help me because while inej helped a lot with some parts theres parts that the acotar character helps with that inej didnt

okay i literally had to walk away and come back to this.

no it’s not a bad thing. of course that isn’t a bad thing. as long as you recognize the flaws in the book, especially in this character you identify with (bc i’m assuming it’s rh*sand and he’s far from perfect?) there’s no reason you should disregard something that deeply resonated with you. especially not bc other people are telling you you have to go against the book. if it helped you personally, it doesn’t really matter what i or anyone else thinks about it. your experiences are your own, how you cope with it is up to you. as long as it moved you forward and not backward (i.e. what it did for me) i don’t see a reason why you should change how you feel?? 

idk if i’m getting my point across but look - do i like sjm? no. but did she write about real life trauma? yes. do i hate that i saw myself in her characters? more than anything because she wrote them terribly, but it doesn’t change the fact those things she wrote about were very real and it effects people who have been through the same, so if people are reading for those reasons like who cares. that’s no one’s business but their own. 

i don’t think any of her characters are role models so it might help to look for better ones, yes, but like i said if it helped you in some way and you can recognize the flaws in the book i don’t see how this is a bad thing.

Incidentally, I realized while taking that screenshot of Dias’s stupid line that DeSmuMe lost track of my save files when I switched machines. If I was responsible I’d probably try to reconnect it (’cause it also broke ALL my DS save files), but instead I’m seriously considering replaying RH yet again just to have a new 100% save file. And possibly making a “how to beat every boss in this game” video.

This is definitely not a good use of my time.

  • RH: I'm stuck at the office again.
  • RH: right as I was ready to go my boss' boss came and now we all have to sit here while they have a meeting.
  • RH: you should come get me out of here
  • RH: seriously I had one foot out the door, no joke.

My abortion is scheduled for this Friday over Saturday (March 25-26, I’ll be 19 weeks). Prayers/lit candles/good thoughts appreciated!

I *might* liveblog the process, if anyone is interested in watching/hearing about it.

Overall: $730 for the procedure, $80 for a hotel stay overnight out of town, $60 for gas, $30 for someone to petsit the dogs at the house, $120 if I’m Rh- for the rhogam shot, four days of missed wages $400… $1480 for this abortion (and that’s with $600 NAF aid already taken off, so $2080 really). Abortion is fucking expensive.

Happy New Year! A lot has been happening around these parts and I’ve really missed [over]sharing with y'all. I hope that everyone had a happy holiday season. 

Whew. The above photo was taken yesterday morning– the beginning of week 29. And yes, I need to clean my mirror. That belly has exploded and I am well into stretching out any of the non-maternity clothes that I can still squeeze myself into. Thank goodness Santa & the birthday fairy heeded my call and brought me a few pairs of size up workout pants for Christmas. I have a feeling that will be a big part of my wardrobe towards the end of my pregnancy. 

I had a big checkup on New Years Eve. Glucose test, an u/s to check baby’s size, a visit with my favorite doc, and then a not so fun shot as I’m Rh-negative. Thankfully, I passed the glucose test literally by the skin of my teeth (we’re talking ONE DAMN POINT) and all is well with our little nugget. She did have one small issue that we discovered during our anatomy ultrasound @ 18 weeks but, thank God, it has since resolved itself. Healthy baby as far as we know. What a blessing to be able to say that. 

This child has apparently hit her growth spurt and is measuring almost 10 days ahead of where she should be (saying this in hopes that we have a healthy, chunky little girl not in hopes that she comes early at all). I realize this is only according to the doctor’s calculations (which put her at 3.6 lbs), but I can only assume that she’ll be a hearty nugget when the ultrasound tech exclaims “Holy cow- look at that femur! I’ve never seen anything like it!” Oh, and she’s still breech. I have been told to not worry about this until week 36- but I need to start preparing myself for the possibility that she might not decide to come naturally. I’m on the fence about trying an ECV so I’d love to hear from anyone that’s had experience [of any kind] in this department. 

FINALLY sweet baby decided to let us catch a QUICK glimpse of her face (thanks to the orange glucose drink I imagine). Oh, you guys- her lips and those cheeks! I can’t stop staring at her little features. I imagine that our desire to finally meet her will only increase as the weeks go on, but something about seeing her little face makes me giddy with excitement. 

Much to the avail of anyone over 65, I’m still wearing heels. The only issues with my feet thus far has come from going barefoot as my heels are starting to feel the impact of my (baby’s) weight gain. 

Thanks to 10 days off of work, we have nearly finished up baby H’s nursery. All that we are waiting for now is the delivery of her rocker (that I ordered way back in October). I always made fun of those folks that said they really enjoyed going to sit in the nursery before baby’s arrival- until I realized that I do that very same thing myself these days. The little room is just so serene and neutral. I can’t wait to share photos with y'all once it’s finally complete! 

Windsor is starting to get a little territorial with the baby’s room so I have taken to closing the nursery door during the day. Momma only needs to clean up so many messes during the day if you know what I mean. I’m not concerned about W bonding with Baby once she arrives but Windsor is not an idiot an clearly understands that something is about to change given the time we’ve been spending getting the room ready.

A few other tidbits over the past couple of weeks…

  • Weight gain thus far: 18 pounds
  • Cravings: chocolate milkshakes, red meat, avocado salad, hint water (particularly the mango/grapefruit and the blackberry)
  • Sleep: Ha. I toss and turn for a good majority of the night. Thank God for a king sized bed. 
  • I feel a little like a Shar-Pei these days. I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself. 
  • Discomfort: still in my right abdomen (directly related to the position of her head and giant cheeks), heels, sporadic charlie horse in both legs in the middle of the night

I do have some new “favorite things” to share later with you all. Not that I’m a maternity expert by any stretch of the imagination but just some goodies that I’ve come to love. Stay tuned as this post is already far too long. Sorry about that- but I told you I had a lot to share ;)


I don’t understand why people do this on Instagram like so far I haven’t experience it much here on tumblr, though I know it happens, or at all on my twitter but like I posted my comic about boyfriends being competitive about cheering on boyfriends and it is very obviously SR and MH but an RH shipper was like “I’m an RH shipper and prod” (they spelled “proud” wrong) on it and I’m like OK???? That’s all they had to say and I’m like, That’s cool and you do you, but why was it necessary to say this??? Like it’s not just on my art but on other people’s pictures too like obvious the post is about a certain ship and it’s for people who like that ship to enjoy it so why do you have to ruin the fun to declare your presence??? And I’m not pointing fingers at RH shippers specifically, but everyone; this happens across ships and across fandoms, ALL SHIPPING FANDOMS HAVE THIS PROBLEM AND I’M JUST LIKE WHY???? Just let people enjoy their?? Why ruin a good time???