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My dude, Jaymes Young's entire new album, I bought it. It fucking rocks, holy hell. I'm obsessed with INFINITY rn. Omfgggg. Thought I'd rant at you! Have a great day/night, darling. (:

OMG. I’m actually listening to it right now, though just via YouTube, because I can’t buy the album. But my Gaaawd, I’m thinking of ranting to you, too, but I thought that you might be busy and fun stuff like that, but yaaaaz. PS. I’m listening to “Habits of my Heart” most of the time because of you. <3 Have a great day/night, too, gorgeous.


I’ve been trying to get into new fandoms recently, but I’m having trouble finding active ones. I’m definitely not leaving the OMGCP fandom, but it would be incredible if anyone could recommend shows/webcomics/webshows to me. (also please rb, if you can. i’d like to get as many responses as possible so I can have a list of shows/comics to work through over the summer) 

(PS- I’m a fanfic writer, so any content that I enjoy I’m likely to write for. That might just be a little bit of incentive to send y’all’s favorite stories/characters to me.)


A Year with BTS in Summary: Year Four (1/7) - Notable Awards Won

“Army! Really, thank you so much. Right from our debut there were many things that happened, that we can’t make it–there were many people who said we wouldn’t make it. Thank you so much for believing in us ‘til the very end. This was something we could only dream of having, thank you for making that dream a reality.” -Kim Namjoon


—   happy birthday, my everything