m; i am number four

i never thought i’d ever actually see this, but it’s happened. it has officially happened and i’m in tears??? you guys are the best followers and i love you all.

i’m ??? i cannot believe it. my favorite number four times??? i am so grateful to all of you!!  right now, i’m not sure what i actually want to do about the milestone, but I am definitely open for any suggestions you might have!!

Saphael plot idea 16, sci-fi AU

I watched John Carter yesterday and rn I’m re-watching I Am Number Four and…now I kind of want an AU with e.g. Raphael being from another planet that was maybe destroyed and now he’s hiding on earth where he somehow ends up falling in love with some clumsy human with glasses. And, of course, those who destroyed his planet show up someday to make a mess and force him into a “am I going to tell Simon the truth or just disappear to keep him safe” situation.

plot idea 15 <<