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I look into those blue eyes that no amount of dramatic makeup can make truly deadly and remember how, just a year ago, I was prepared to kill him. Convinced he was trying to kill me. Now everything is reversed. I’m determined to keep him alive, knowing the cost will be my own life, but the part of me that is not so brave as I could wish is glad that it’s Peeta, not Haymitch, beside me. Our hands find each other without further discussion. Of course we will go into this as one.

i love carrie fisher’s twitter because it’s just photos of her dog’s tongue, telling people to fuck off, embracing people calling her ‘mom’, retweeting old star wars set pictures, cute selfies (with her dog’s tongue), and favoriting tweets where people ask if she and harrison had an affair. and every tweet is complete with emojis and in the twitter style of cher. i love carrie fisher


170217 [SUPERCOMMAB / 슈퍼콤마비] 17SS NCT127 ‘SEOUL KIDS’ -Making Film

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What exactly is an autistic/autism burnout? I think it might apply to me but I'm not sure. I've always masked my autism & traits, and survived, but when I went up to high school in year 7 and it was such a big change with so many more people and so much more sensory issues, my health got worse and worse. I ended up leaving mainstream school due to these health issues (which was diagnosed as CFS/M.E. but me and my mum don't think I had that) along with severe social anxiety.

I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough time. It’s hard dealing with health issues. 

Autistic burnout is when the stress in your life outpaces your coping skills in such a way that you are no longer able to handle the things you once were. This often results in the loss of abilities you once had, either temporarily or permanently. It can also result in an increased frequency or intensity of autistic traits. For instance, if you are normally verbal, you may find yourself going nonverbal more often or find yourself semiverbal all the time. You may suddenly have more difficulty with everyday tasks due to an increase in executive dysfunction. Further, sensory issues tend to become worse. 

Burnout is typically exhausting and can mimic chronic fatigue, depression, and/or anxiety. Burnout is a lack of resources to deal with the demands of life. For more info, check out the following links:



Carvoeiro, Portugal by Krystian Krawczyk
Via Flickr:
Hasselblad 500C/M, 80mm 2.8 CF, Hasselblad linear Polfilter, Fuji Velvia 50