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i’m just saying but literally any time this blog talks up against inequality, we get literally dozens of asks being like “FUCK YOU” and “didnt know this blog was run by sjws….” and “umm you’re not a REAL feminist/activist if you criticize MORE FAMOUS feminists/activists” and it’s one of the reasons we don’t talk about this shit very often.

about a year back we reblogged posts saying that autism speaks (literal eugenicists) was a bad charity and people wanted our fucking asses on their mantlepiece like fucking spongebob in that episode about painting mr krabbs house

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Seb's being so generous to his Chinese fans! First an actual half-naked selfie pic, and now he's responding individually to many Weibo fans and saying he plans to to come back to China and will bring "that silly falcon" with him. I'm really hoping Cap will be traveling with them too next year. After all, the China/Asia press tour gave us so much Evanstan goodness last year, and they totally ship Stucky. Unfortunately, he always gets paired with Mackie for most of the press tour outside of Asia.

but does he really already know the promo for IW? Maybe him and mackie are going to a con or sth? 

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How much of the third chapter have u written so far?


I’m almost finished with the first scene? Which is about 2,300 words. My outline says I have about five scenes left to write, but I’m probably going to cap the chapter at around 6,000 words like I did with the other ones. Which means I’ll have yet another part to write! Yay.