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Calling all pastel bois!

I want to meet and talk with other pastel boys!!!! Trans boys are definitely included in that 💖💖💖 I am a trans boy myself and I love pastel fashion and BJD’s and kei and hadeko and I want to have a Skype or discord group with boys like me!!!! I think it would be really fun to share fashion pictures and tips as well as reaffirming to talk to other boys with similar interests outside the harmful illuminati triangle that is masculinity. Send me an ask or comment on this post if you’re interested!!!!!

Pps. Cis boys and demiboys included as well!! I want a safe space for all pastel bois

If I don’t have a doll, I’m not in the hobby. If I have a non-resin BJD, I’m not ‘really’ in the hobby. If I buy a female doll and dress her or pose her in flirty ways, I’m a pervert. If I buy anything smaller than an MSD (or SD, in some cases) and make that character flirty - regardless of their age - I’m a pedophile. If I buy Volks, I’m an elitest. If I buy RS, I’m a ‘starter’ noob. If I buy FL, I’m 'jumping on the band wagon’. If I buy a company faceup, I’m un-creative. If I do my own faceup and it’s not perfect, I’m a shitty doll owner. If I dress a doll in pastel clothes, I’m just like everyone else. If I make gay dolls, I’m sexualizing gay people. If I’m gay and I make gay dolls, I’m still sexualizing gay people.

If I photograph my doll and the background is messy, I’m a slob. If I take a picture and my fingernails are dirty, I’m disgusting. If I show myself and I’m not the body type of most dolls, I’m a fatass. If I share personal stories, I’m a whiny baby. If I correct someone being a jackass, I’m a SJW. If I don’t experience dysphoria, I’m not non-binary.

Thanks, BJD hobby, for telling me exactly who I am and am not. I would have had no idea had I never found out all of these things about myself that you keep telling me, despite having never met me or not knowing a thing about me. But obviously you’re all right, since everyone ever fits into your perfect boxes of 'this must mean this’, and the entirety of the world is black and white.

…Oh wait, no. It’s not. And you can’t tell people 'if you do/don’t do this, you’re this/not this’, because you’re not in charge of anyone’s life but your own. You’re not the hobby police, stop telling others what to do. Step back from your computer, pick up your dolls, and go chill ffs


I’m seeing some people who want to get into BJDs, but because of the price tag of most companies, they get pretty intimidated. There are some companies that sell BJDs under $100, and even that might seem like a little much to some people, but its pretty inexpensive as far as legit BJDs go!

Hujoo has ABS tinies that are about $27USD blank, they’re super tiny, but super cute!

Mirodoll currently has their MSD (44cm) dolls for $90, which is a complete steal for a doll that size, and it is a standard size so it makes shopping for them pretty simplistic. Also, the XM Yo-SD (26cm) dolls that are also available on the Mirodoll site are about $90 as well!

Resinsoul is a go-to company for a lot of people, and their Yo-SD sized dolls are about $100 depending on which one you like, and their sister company Bobobie has them for about $88.

If that is still too much, that’s okay, you can take it one step at a time. Alice’s collections often offers doll heads for under $30 in their “in stock” section, and later you can stop by Fantasy Doll or Mirodoll and pick up an inexpensive body!

If these aren’t your cup of tea, that’s okay. There is no rush, and saving $5 or $10 here and there will eventually add up! 

***Please remember to also support artists. The appealing price tag of bootlegs/recasts/counterfeits comes at an even higher price of illegal activity and the decline of legit bjd companies and dolls, which could very much end up destroying the very hobby you are trying to join in on. Please feel free to ask me, or another experienced member of the hobby if you are unsure if the doll you want to purchase is genuine.***

We’re here to help if you need us. Most of us are more than happy to help out and answer questions!

Also, doll peeps, i would appreciate reblogs with more lists of comapnies with BJDs under $100USD if you know of any! 3d printed, ABS, resin, vinyl, ANY kind of legit bjd with that price tag!


I’m late for Rainbow BJD Day!  I had the stomach flue and it could not be helped.  Still, two of my very favorites come up for Gender Queer day so, better late than not at all!

Denna [Nobility Doll, Raon], was a bit of a surprise.  I thought she was a woman when I was waiting for her.  (Well, I knew she had a male body, but that doesn’t matter.)  When she showed up, though, and I started fleshing out her character, I realized that she is very aware of, and at peace with, her masculine aspects.  She typically presents female, but not always.

Sloan [Little Rebel, Seven] I knew was going to be a basket of WTF from the moment I ordered him.  He inherited one of my personal tenants, “Gender is a Theme park and I have season tickets.”  He presents male, but he’s not terribly fussed over pronouns and refuses to be headed into anything resembling a gender roll.

In the Overdeveloped Backstory™ that I have for The Horde, the two are close friends and roommates.  They even have a boyfriend in common, though there is nothing sexual between them directly. 

gohliath  asked:

Share 5 things your followers may not know about you and pass this on to 5 more blogs!!

  1. i have so many damn games in my steam library and i only play like 2 of them
  2. i like green tea a LOT
  3. i’m in the bjd hobby pls don’t think im a weirdo (or do it’s ok) and i own 7 of em rn
  4. i have a big fear of CATERPILLARS i’m not lying and whenever i tell ppl this they send me pictures of them cuz they think i’m lying and i want to cry
  5. all of my ocs look WEIRD and im not even mad about it

Going to be salty here, but I just don’t want fashion dolls like blythe, pullip, monster high get labelled as BJD when that term was established for resin dolls in the first place. I know your customised fashion dolls is cool but I don’t want to see it when I’m searching for BJD tag. I know that I can just scroll past, but if it like 20-30% of the tag is filled with fashion dolls, of course I will be annoyed. Don’t you feel the same if on your Pullip, etc tag only, you found BJD filling it?


I’m honestly sick of people who say “I can’t say I’m in the bjd community because my dolls are store bought!” I’m sorry if I don’t have a billion dollars to spend on an ACTUAL resin-cast doll,but that doesn’t mean I’m not passionate about the bjd. I just wish people would accept that my girls are just as important to me as their dolls are to them!



Her imaginary friends don’t visit her all that often, but when Kessie’s reading a story out loud, which is her habit, they all spring forth. The monsters under her bed, the creatures from the stories her mother will tell her at bedtime, and the doodles from her notebooks at school; the things she draws when she’s spacing out, too bored to pay attention.

Sometimes, even the characters from the book she’s reading will materialise in front of her, and join the horde of creatures who’re already listening to her story, intently. They look solid, but when she reaches her hand out to touch them, they’ll ripple, like water. There’s resistance, like a membrane between her world and theirs, but if she puts her mind to it, she can push her hand through it. And only then will she notice, will she feel, that the creatures of her mind truly are made of matter.


Switch Seoha par Queena M~

I think I’m BJD Bipolar???? I have no idea what my mental defect is, I see these beautiful bjds and I want to get that exact sculpt, but then I go to the website and they look the same, but they’re now ugly and boring looking?? Doll Chateau is the only place I can buy from, because they always feature more monsters and really wierd looking things that I hate seeing pictures of, but immediately want to buy?? I absolutely hate dolls with that anime cartoony face, but I find my self drawn to them?? I like gory, strange horror themed bjds, but pullips are super appealing to me??? I think I’m doll bipolar or something, I’m having a doll identity crisis.



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