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also one of the novel’s most incredible and typically forgotten moments is definitely when Mr Rochester dresses up like an old gipsy woman and then comes in to read all the young ladies’ fortunes, and they inexplicably don’t recognize him, and he brings Jane in last, and is like, “have you been paying attention… to any man… IN PARTICULAR?????” and she’s like, “no.” “NOBODY??? NO MAN AND WOMAN ESPECIALLY????” “nope,” Jane says. “Mr Rochester’s going to marry Blanche Ingram btw,” he says, and Jane’s like, “yeah I know,” and he’s like, “NO REACTION? YOU HAVE NO REACTION???” and she’s like, are you going to tell my fortune or what?

and then finally he takes off his disguise and is all “wasn’t I impressive, Jane, wasn’t my disguise good, Jane, sit and talk to me, Jane, lavish me with attention, Jane,” until unfortunately somebody comes by and reminds him that he’s already married.

Woman [woo m-uh n]
—  A beautiful creature make by the God who will make you fallin’ in love with her, drown yourselves into beautiful kind of living, giving as the best she can while she with you and make you dream her to be your wife, accompany your day-to-day life several years and then leaving.

To celebrate, here’s a little known Angie fact: I drew the “muscular brow” picture from Phil’s THE HAND video!

That’s right, people. I’m responsible for this beautiful creature:

Thanks to everyone who follows my very much multi-fandom blog! (Special thanks to those who still follow me even after one of my weird 3 AM nostalgic binges of a long forgotten fandom.)

Whether you’re here for my doodles or the hodgepodge of content I reblog, I appreciate every one of you! Thank you!

SO! I just got back from seeing Beautiful Creatures, okay like they played The Host trailer(It was the teaser trailer BUT IT WAS STILL THE HOST!) I saw the beginning of it just ‘OPEN ROAD’ in big letters and I may or may not have been slapping one of my friends next to me when I saw it(I did okay, I don’t regret anything). And THEN they showed the City of Bones trailer and I QUOTED THE WHOLE THING (i feel really sorry for the people sitting infront of three fangirls. Like the people sitting by us moved completely okay just FEELS!) AND FLAILED AROUND! (Seriously I did ask my friends) MY FEELINGS WERE EVERYWHERE!

Anyway now about Beautiful Creatures. I LOVED it a lot! Oh goodnes the humor in the movie was perfect! Absolutly perfect! But It was NOTHING like the book, I know the book is extremly thick, and it was hard putting that story up on screen. They just changed a lot of the story, and I know why so people who hadn’t read the book would understand what’s going on. And like the ending gahhhh I’m still not sure how I feel about that (and if you’ve seen it you know what I mean). Alden and Alice had such good chemistry, they were adorable. And let me tell you something Jeremy Irons was a PERFECT MACON. I cried, okay he was just that perfect. Just Beautiful Creatures was really good, go see it!

i haven’t been online much lately for various reasons so let me give you an update on my life because i’m sure you all deeply care:

  • i’m currently temporarily living with my grandmother in a retirement village (it’s a long story) (it’s kind of fun tho because all the old people think i’m the most beautiful creature to ever walk the planet because of my youthful skin and the fact that i open doors for them sometimes so i’m showered in compliments whenever i leave the apartment which is fantastic)
  • the other day at work i had to deliver a $200k cheque to a very fancy building and the elevator went so high so fast that my ears popped which was very #glamorous
  • i made a delicious honey soy chicken stir fry last night and i cried 
  • i’m so excited to see what’s happening with the 1989 tour i’m gonna paint a 13 on my hand and buy 1989 poptarts and shove red lipstick up my nose