daisy ridley is living with her makeup artist gal pal in a cabin in the canadian wilderness making vegan pancakes this sounds like a shitpost but its something i read with my two gay eyes

I inject a can of nos directly into my veins and trigger the Jimmy Neutron Brain Blast animation sequence but when the camera pans back out of my ear canal I’m dead on the floor

hey writers if you want to make a metaphor for racism, please maybe remember that racism is literally based on nothing. Africans weren’t enslaved en masse because the Robo-Musa threatened to destroy the world, they were enslaved because it was economically rewarding and politically convenient. If at any point your allegory for racism includes “so <oppressed group> did this major catastrophe and” then you have not only missed the point but you are literally reinforcing the ideas that racism have let racism self-perpetuate (that e.g. black people are naturally dangerous and violent and must be contained or begrudgingly accepted by the Nice White People)

You’re headed home from your boring job, that’s 90% of your nondescript life. You get struck by lightning. All information stored in the “cloud” is instantaneously downloaded to your brain. You now have access to anything uploaded, including govt files and experimental physics

don’t wanna be one of those “just work out and take vitamins and you’ll magically no longer have depression” but….working out, eating better and taking vitamins and supplements really does help. No it won’t make your depression just vanish but you’ll feel a lot better and be able to manage it better

I know its helped me, especially in the winter when you get that layer of seasonal effective on top of the already present depression

December issue of Japanese magazine “Illustration” is out tomorrow! ✨ Including 2018 calendar with my works, big article, talk with Kei Toume and more (Japanese language only)! ✨