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Here’s the New Cover Art for @mrevaunit42‘s future AU fanfic:

“Nova vs. the Forces of Adolescence”

I also added/drew Nova’s wand, (A Magician’s Wand with added what-i-call “Deth Details” haha im such a dork forgive meeee  XD) so to help the readers know what it looked like.

Here’s the link to the fanfic to get you started on reading :D - Nova vs. the Forces of Adolescence


“S'no way I’d be doing that.”

Harry scoffed, a chuckle from him being heard as he shook his head no, his arms crossing across his chest with a smug smirk, wanting to keep his stance.

“M'not letting you go.”

He’s breathing heavily as his jaw tightened, a knot being tied on his throat as he’s looking at you persistently.

A soft sigh left your lips as a part if you already wanted to give in on not doing si since Harry’s literally doing everything for you not to.


Even the softest pleas nor attempts made his mind flicker from his decision to something else he might not want later.

“M'gonna give you space tonight if you want me to. But I swear to God, love. M'gonna regret this in the morning if I’d let you.”

His voice wasn’t at all stern because there’s this thing in his mind that’s preventing him to do so since he knows he doesn’t have the greatest of capacities to do so.

Instead, his voice is strained and almost worried, a part of you feeling remorse once Harry briefly left with his shoulders slumped.

He realized that it wasn’t all perfect in the long run but he didn’t want it to end, not now nor ever. It meant greatly as a something to him as he now doesn’t know what it feels to not have someone like you, there for him as he hopes you’ll always every be.

“We’re only gonna fight.”

He then came back with his lips pursed but his eyes were hinting onto somehing else less sad, his office chair in trail as he dragged it until it’s positioned on the doorway of your shared room.

Harry shrugged, sitting on his chair as he let out a small smile, leaning his head onto his hand as he slightly spinned around, knowing he’d like this rather than to not at all.

But nobody’s leaving.”


Dia 20 ¨pelea de Agua¨ // Day 20 ¨Water Fight

30 Day OTP Challenge Poth¨

Goth quiere salir con Palette, Gradient y PJ a la play , el problema es que a Gradient no le gusta salir y a PJ le hace daño el agua ademas su tinta se ensucia con la arena. Goth y Palette van juntos y entre bromas terminaron en una Pelea de Agua (Entre nosotros … Goth no dejaba de verle las costillas a Palette ewe ) /// Goth wants to go out with Palette, Gradient and PJ to the beach, the problem was that Grady does not like to go out and a PJ damages the water as his ink gets dirty with the sand. Goth and Palette go out together and between jokes end up in a Water Fight (Between us … Goth kept looking at his ribs a Palette ewe)

Palette belong to @angexci and Gothy Belong to @nekophy


Summary: A chill day with your son, he tells you his daddy is gonna surprise you and you think nothing of it at first.

a/n: so im back!! ive been vv busy if anyone was wondering. my macbook charger also got chewed up by my dog so no laptop, writjng has been very hard. i cant type on app because it crashes and this mobile browser SUCKS. so heres a writing butlike.. I wanted to write something for Jasmine but like I ended up really wanting to write Dad!Shawn. Bc I’m ready so ready, areyouready????? BTW I HAVE MOBILE PERMALINKS IN MY DESCRIPTION NOW IM SO EXCITED

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“Mommy, suprise!” Your 2 year old yells out after giving you a kiss on the cheek when you picked him up to carry him. It sent you and Karen laughing. He has never said that before.

“Aaliyah taught him a new word.” Karen laughed and sat down on the couch. She brought Caden home on Saturday afternoon after his weekly Friday night sleep over at his Avô Karen and Vovô Manny’s. You and Shawn taught Caden how to say Grandpa and Grandma in Portuguese, which made your in-laws very happy. They watched him on the days you had to work. And on Fridays, Caden slept over at his Avô Karen and Vovô Manny’s. 

“How is she?” You ask, sitting beside her. This was a weekly Saturday afternoon thing for you and Karen, catching up with each other. Letting your son play with his toys on the carpet in front of the couch. Aaliyah decided to go to University of California in Berkeley. Very long ways from home, but she loved San Francisco, which was like thirty five minutes from her apartments. 

“She’s happy to be home,” Normally, you would always see Aaliyah every time she came home from California. But you have been busy with work and Caden that you haven’t gotten the chance to. “We hear rumors from her best friend that she’s got an American boyfriend.” 

That was Karen and Manny. All of Shawn and Aaliyah’s friends loves them. Even if Shawn or Aaliyah was halfway across the continent, or even the world, their friends always talked to them. Karen and Manny knows everything that is going on with their children’s friends, not hearing it from their children, but hearing it from the friends themselves that updates them. 

“Shawn’s gonna love that.” Emphasizing on love.

Karen laughs again, “I can already tell.”

Even if Aaliyah was already in her second year of College, Shawn still disliked the idea of her getting a boyfriend. When she bought her first boyfriend home, Shawn scared the poor boy off. In his defense, Aaliyah was only 17. But in her defense, you and Shawn were 17 when you started dating. Because of that, if the two of you had a baby girl, she would probably get married at sixty. 

“What did you do at Avô and Vovô’s yesterday?” You ask, standing near the floor to ceiling windows, drinking tea while your son was playing with his cars on the floor. You and Shawn taught Caden to call Manny and Karen, Vovô and Avô, which is Grandpa and Grandma in Portuguese. Which made Shawn’s parents very happy. Well they are your parents as well, just in laws.

“Uhm,” He replied, not giving any less attention to his toys. “I saw Daddy.” He said in his cute little voice. It always amazes you how smart this kid is and how much words he says. Not thinking much of what he said, you figured that Shawn probably FaceTimed his parents. 

“Yeah, what did Daddy say?” You missed Shawn dearly while he was promoting his new album. Sooner or later, he’s gonna be gone for tour again. 

“I dunno,” Caden blurted his answer your question, he was too focused on his toy cars to care about your question.

“Daddy’s gonna come home soon, you know it?” You smile at your 2 year old. You knew he misses his Dad, but you knew he doesn’t have the concept of soon.

“Yes!” He yelled. “Daddy’s gonna come home latuh.” 

“No, Cadence,” Mentioning his full first name. Shawn wanted to name him something to do with music and you weren’t even sure what cadence means, you got lost when Shawn was explaining it to you. But you did like the name. “Not later. Soon though.”

Caden didn’t give you any attention after that, kids whenever they were distracted. You stared out the windows of the house that you and Shawn built after you got married. Both of you definitely wanted to start a family with kids in mind, and Shawn’s pretty condo in Downtown Toronto wasn’t the place you wanted to raise your kids in. It was obviously decided the house to be in Pickering, close to Downtown Toronto and both of your parents. It’s a gorgeous 5 bedroom house with a spacious kitchen, big backyard, a basement for Shawn’s ‘mancave’, and a lot more. You joke around about living the American dream in Canada a lot. 

“Mommy, surprise!” Caden yells and hands you his toy car. It was such a cute gesture that your heart melted.

“Oh, thank you, honey.” You messed with his curly waves that was just like Shawn’s. If he saw this, he would be so happy.

You missed Shawn dearly. He’s been gone for a month, going to different places every other day. A phone call at least once a day if he’s not busy. A FaceTime if he’s on the bus or in a hotel room. He still has a month left before the promo ends, then he’s going to tour soon after that. You and Caden are hopefully going on tour with him for a short time, your little boy isn’t really fond of traveling.

You missed Shawn so much you couldn’t help but talk to your son. “Caden, I miss your daddy. Do you?” 

“No,” Caden looks at you for a second and goes back to playing with his toys. He looks so much like Shawn, except Caden got your nose and face shape. You and Shawn knew he’s gonna be so good looking. 

“I see daddy yestuhdey.” You laugh at how he said yesterday, but in the back of your head, you thought that maybe Shawn is in town and Caden did see him. You shrugged the idea off since it was quite impossible. 

You stare out the window, watching the few cars pass by. You knew whose car each one of them were since they live in the neighborhood. You spot Aaliyah’s car and got excited as her car turned the curb to get to your house. You moved away from the windows to go to the kitchen to make Aaliyah coffee. As you walked past your son, you gave him a kiss on the forehead, telling him that his Auntie Liyah is here. 

You got the Keurig heating up when you heard the front door open and close shut. Your heart skipped a beat, being so excited to see your sister-in-law. You figured that she let herself in, which you don’t mind at all. It was just Aaliyah. 

 You were very surprised not to see Aaliyah standing in the living room, but found Shawn instead. He had Caden in his arms. He put Caden down once you were standing in front of each other. You couldn’t say anything aside from jump on him and give him a hug. Almost knocking him over because you caught him off guard. 

“Oh,” Shawn chuckled while he had you in his arms. He had been missing you and Caden a lot. Shawn had a week off all in all, due to something happening in the cities he was gonna go to. It was only a few hours plane ride to Toronto, he couldn’t help but go home. “I missed you too.” He put you down on the ground after a tight hug. 

“What? How are you here?” You watched him as he picked the now sleepy Caden up. Caden putting his head on his daddy’s shoulder. 

“I’ll explain later.” Shawn gives you that jaw dropping smile. You missed him so much.

Shawn whispered something into your son’s ear that you couldn’t hear, it made Caden lift his head and yelled, “Surprise, mommy!” Caden is like Shawn’s carbon copy. They both had this goofy smile on their faces. You figured out why Aaliyah taught your son the word. 

“You two are too cute. Come here, give mommy a kiss,” You smile at two of your favorite guys in the whole world. 

 Caden pouting his lips and leaning in to give you a sound and wet kiss. “Mwah,” he makes the noise every time he gives a kiss. It was too cute, you couldn’t help but giggle. 

Shawn leaned in to give you a quick smack. He wanted to kiss you longer, but your son was present. Caden was also impatient and sleepy, wanting his daddy to put him in bed for nap time. Shawn happily agreed to. 

 Once Shawn put your son in bed, it was time for the both of you. All cuddled up on the couch, John Mayer softly playing in the background, you guys caught up on everything that wasn’t mentioned in the calls. 


✨ Error is a Good Parent ✨

We could not help it! Just seemed to be something Paperjam would do to annoy thier father.

Error belongs to @thecrayonqueen
Paperjam belongs to @7goodangel
Cosplays by TheNobles
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sharkworksamurai  asked:

hey there! i hope you can help me! i lost a fic where lance and keith are dating but keith completely forgot. one of the scene might be like this; keith has a crush on lance and he finds out that lance has been giving signs that he was taken and he has a boyfriend and keith is determined to know who he is but he's confused because it fits keith's description. i forgot about it, but in the end lance tells him they've been dating for several months i think? thanks for finding it!!

Is this the fic you’re looking for?
- Vallie

Keith and the case of the mysterious boyfriend by princetins (1/1 | 2,664 | General)

“He said thank you, but he can’t accept because he’s got a boyfriend.”

Keith froze in his tracks, almost dropping his pen which would have resulted in a big blue streak on his notes. Lance had a what?!

Or: 5 times Keith doesn’t know he is Lance’s boyfriend, and the 1 time he finally does.