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Sometimes I'm scared to tell people that I'm a heterosexual Christian because I'm afraid they'll automatically assume I'm unaccepting and homophobic when really I'm actually very accepting and willing to learn and correct any mistakes or misunderstandings I might have or make and I just want everyone to know that people like that are out there

Lol well just say that, and let them determine that on their own. If you’re willing to accept people for who they are, that’s best shown through your actions and through your future words. Automatic assumption and judgment is exactly the thing many people in the LGBTQIA+ community deal with allllllll the time.

I had to put my comic on hold for a bit to focus on commissions ‘cause money. Hopefully I’ll get back to it next month since my deadline for it is still mid July.

Anyways here’s fan service 

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What should I draw? It midnight and I can't fall asleep because I want to draw, but can't think of anything

Draw Magic Mike but with the Avengers

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Stretch marks are okay right? Because I have a lot and my family just makes fun of them.

Absolutely!! I got some too! It’s all good!