nintendo must think i’m a fool if they expect me to buy a switch just to play the new pokemon game and yes they would be 100% correct because that’s exactly what i’m about to do

“My daughter was injured during birth. Her back was broken during labor. She’s in her thirties now but she still has a lot of problems, especially in her mind. She can’t be left alone. Sometimes she doesn’t even know where she is. It’s like she’s living in a ghost world. It’s been very difficult for us. My wife had to stop working and became severely depressed. We can’t travel. We can’t be active. I try not to resent my daughter but it can be hard. Sometimes she gets very aggressive. When she was younger, she threw all of our possessions out the window. I don’t think many people could have handled it. They’d have taken her to an institution by now. But I can’t do it. Those places are very scary. But my wife and I are getting old. We have no other relatives. So that’s where she’ll end up one day. I try not to imagine it. But it’s inevitable.”

(St. Petersburg, Russia)

jeweledbranchofhourai  asked:

did you purchase that texture brush? it looks so good!! if so can i ask where? :O

I stumbled on the brush during a work project, but a coworker thinks it’s from Alexandre Dibione (Zedig) on Deviant Art. He has a few of his brushes available to download here. That guy has some AMAZING work.

This is the said rake brush in action. So pretty. 

it’s sad that most domestic birds like pigeons/chickens/geese/turkeys/etc. are generally considered dirty or mean but wild birds like parrots that fare notoriously badly in captivity are seen as great (sometimes even low maintenance) pets in comparison