m:the king's speech

So there’s “The Imitation Game” and “King’s Speech”.
They happen in the same historical period and contain a king and a spymaster.
And quite a few friends of mine ship it so hard it looks like a nuclear-powered ice-breaker to me.

That’s kinda all excuses I’ve got.

Oh, and I like painting interesting men, count that in, too.

anonymous asked:

I was looking more for what AnR was, but I'm glad to have made you excited :)


Akuma no Riddle is an anime/manga about lesbian assassins. 

Plot: One target and 12 assassins get put together in a class. The target has to survive, the assassins need to kill. If one of them succeeds, they get a wish granted. 
Action! Excitement! And a lovestory better than Twilight come together in this epic adventure! Will Ichinose Haru (the target) survive? Will the assassins survive? But most important: will love survive?!