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Good lifting movies/shows/etc?

Anyone know any other good staple lifting media? Like, everyone know Bling Ring is The movie to watch, but anything else? Shows, specific episodes of shows? More movies? Maybe even suggest some documentaries or something I guess? Thank thank

Why I’m no longer a fan of Emma Watson

I used to love Emma Watson back when she worked with lancome, was going to college and made Perks of being a wallflower. She seemed like someone to look up to. She had everything I wanted. 
1.She was studying english 
2.She was an actress and played Hermione (even though I didn’t like her performance) 
3.She was the ambassadress for Lancome my favourite makeup brand ever and promoted two products I still love and use everyday (Tresor midnight rose perfume and Rouge in love lipstick) 
….so even though I thought she was a bad actress, I still wanted to be her because it seemed like she had it all.  

But I think she either lost herself along the way or her true colours are showing now .I started losing intrest around Bling ring because my god that film was awful. She also started to annoy me when she boasted about  the “research” she did on her role. It sounded kind of holier than thou.

The Panama papers really opend my eyes and when the feminism started I was officially no longer rooting for her. As a anti-feminist it was infuriating to see her standing there at the UN and still claim that the wage gap exists, that woman in the first world are opressed.
HeForShe could have been something great if it focused on the problems men face today in our society. but no! 
The organic makeup shit just annoys me because it has been disproven again and again (like the wage gap) that natural is not better for you, in fact it only spreads fear. she now feels she must be this holyier than thou pure femminist who wears eco brands and writes essays about them on her instagram 

I find it kind of sad that somone I used to admire has not only turned out so unlikeble, but also made such a mess of their career. 

my Favourite iConic Underrated/ Overrated Female Characters From Tv History “When woman In power is Cathcy As Hell” Reblog if U Found your Fav too

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