m:teen wolf

Ivar playing with a husky pupper at the dog park. He’s an incredibly socially submissive boy, though he does like to play rough-n-tumble when other dogs make it clear that they’re willing to engage.

I wish I’d been able to get video of him playing with the Akita I mentioned in our last post but I was out of battery. He’s been attending the dog park since he was first old enough, and has earned himself a reputation as a slightly socially awkward but incredibly sweet boy who’d much rather walk calmly away from a conflict and play with someone else than take offense to a transgression and escalate the situation.

I notice that doggy-dogs are far more prone to the latter, while well-socialized wolfdogs are more prone to the former. 

Wolfstar prompt: //
  • Remus, sighing : "He's a animal in bed..."
  • Random person, jaw opened really surprised : "OH MY LORD DID YOU--"
  • Remus : "No, he's legit an animal in the bed."
  • Sirius, holding up a photo : "Yeah, James took a photo"
  • It's Sirius in his Animagus form with Remus sleeping next to each other.
  • "See?"
  • Remus face palms.

Hey guys, I just had to drop an obscene amount of money in taxes and vehicle registration related expenses and I’ve narrowed my commissions queue down to one thing left so I’m itching to take on more of any kind! Price sheet breakdowns are at the bottom of this post.

I know it’s also con season so there’s an example at the top of a badge. Digital badges are 20$ each and the files will be sent to you so that you can print and have them laminated any way you like (I’m currently without a laminator at the moment).

If you have questions or you’re interested, message me here or shoot me an email at keristonedraws@gmail.com. Thanks so much!