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Outlander Fanfic Relay #3

This is @ladygloucester for #3 of the Outlander Fanfic Relay!

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The thing I liked the most about being a surgeon was structure. It was the foundation of every surgical procedure, of every medical decision, even when mistakes were made or unforeseen events happened, there was a structure I could set in place in order to solve whatever life threw on my way. Structure was something I could always count with.

My routine was crystal clear, a well defined path I’d walk through every day. Receiving every patient when they arrived at the dialysis room, greeting them by name, helping them get comfortable, supervising every machine ticked and beeped the way it was supposed to. Again, structure bolstered not only my days, but also my patients’. Knowing what to expect, who they’d be with and how every session would end provided some relief in situations where it was hard to find, when future seemed to fade with each day the phone didn’t ring, announcing that hopeful match.

His rich, low voice caught me by surprise. I was charting, my pen quickly scribbling one lab result after the other, completely immersed in levels of urea, potassium and bicarbonate, when his eyes met mine across the counter.

“Sorry, what?”

“I was askin’ ye about yer day, Dr. Beauchamp.” A disarming smirk and a slightly arched eyebrow accompanied his words, making me smile.

“I’m quite alright, James, thank you. Do you know what story you’re going to tell today? Your audience seem impatient,” I pointed with my pen towards the rest of the patients, staring at us. “Come, let’s get you ready.”

His eyes followed the movements of my hands while I prepared the machine, not even flinching as I inserted the needles in his AV fistula.

“I think today will be about the woman of Balnain. D'ye know that one?” I shook my head politely and smiled reassuringly.

“I’m sure they’ll love it.”

Soon enough his voice came back to life, covered in that daydreamer tone that captured both patients and staff and transported them to that place of magic and fantasy where he would take them every day. A trip that dissolved the walls of that room, of that hospital, even of time and space themselves, transforming them into a traveling mist, their pains and tribulations long forgotten. I regretted leaving, but those tubes of blood wouldn’t run to the lab by themselves.

His voice guided me back to the dialysis room. I leaned against the threshold and gave in, letting his words extricate me from reality.

“After all that, she got to return to the stones, leavin’ lovers and friends behind. For she didna belong there, in that space, in that time. She gazed back one last time, before placin’ her hands against the cold stone, the very same that had taken her in the first place, and disappeared into thin air.”

A whirlwind of tartan. Auburn curls, covered in sweat and blood. Blood everywhere, covering his back. His hands, tied to a post. The taste of my tears in my tongue. A scream in my throat, tearing it up.

Then I blacked out.


arynoir  asked:

Just curious: what's wrong with Shinsou?

Shinsou assuming that Izuku had never gone through his own struggles because he had such a strong quirk really bugged me, tbh

i mean, i understand why Shinsou felt that way, since he’s been struggling with how his quirk is viewed all his life, and from Shinsou’s point of view, Izuku is pretty amazingly strong. it makes sense that he’d think that.

and i understand that he’s frustrated and wants to do more with his life, and feels like he’s being held back by the system and feels like he may never reach his dream (tho that seems to be changing now after the tournament)

but it just annoys me b/c Izuku had to work for his power, and spent a lifetime of people telling him he’d never reach his dream. Izuku had to earn OFA, he had to earn his place at UA, he had to earn where he is now in his life. he worked for it, he worked hard for it (a little too hard at times), and had to deal with a lot of shit in the process. people doubting him, bullying him, laughing at him, telling him he’d be better off dead, etc, all his life.

just because someone is strong doesn’t mean they don’t have their own struggles.

so… yeah. his attitude just kinda bugged me. i’m sure i’ll end up liking him more later on, and i realize he was just lashing out his own frustrated feelings on Izuku, and i know Izuku himself isn’t bothered by it at all. 

and it’s not like i hate him or think he’s a bad character. it’s just something he did that bugged me, and that’ll be my biggest impression of him as a character until we see more of him (which… will be who knows when).

i’m actually really looking forward to seeing how he’ll grow as a character, tbh. but for now.. yeah lol

Has anybody else already imagined like 50 AU’s in their mind where the curse was cast after Alice was born? Like maybe Hook still teamed up with Cora to avoid the curse, and she basically appoints herself as Alice’s godmother (because of course the Queen of Hearts would at first). And still tries to use Hook to scam the princesses, but this time when he meets Emma it’s as a father, who knows exactly the lengths a parent would go through to get back to their child? And maybe after Emma learns about Alice she can’t bring herself to lock the kid’s father at the top of a beanstalk with a giant AND BASICALLY I JUST WANT SINGLE-PARENT BONDING CAPTAIN SWAN TO BE A THING