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The most simple food becomes a luxury when you’ve walked far. Hot beans, roasted bread and a steaming cup of tea. Soaked, then frozen gloves and forgotten matchsticks are some things I advice against though. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day, I bear headcanons. Spock and Kirk, after retirement. They have an interview together because they’re famous starship captains, but Spock prefers to be known as the First Officer. They’re both past caring about decorum, so they show up dressed in civilian clothes. Kirk’s dug out his old green shirt and a jacket with a vintage NASA pin. Spock is bundled up. They’ve got a ton of in-jokes; the interviewer is bemused but entirely delighted over how affectionate they are. The vulcans are no longer scandalized—“It’s that science genius with his human again.” 

ds9 episode: beautifully depicts the private life and dreams of a black science fiction writer in 1950s America and explores the ways that pervasive racism destroys lives and robs people of their dignity and humanity

next episode: Honey I Shrunk The Kids

fyc: jim does not only love spock because he is half-human. jim is absolutely /thrilled,/ in the purest sense of the word, when he is reminded of how different spock is from himself. how alien. when he follows the natural curve of spock’s upwardly flourishing ears or eyebrows with his eyes– when the green tinge of his beloved’s blood is visible beneath his pale skin, revealed by harsh fluorescent lighting– when jim gets the rare, fleeting glimpse of spock’s inner nictitating membranes/ third eyelids flicking across his eyes– jim is pleasantly reminded that his love’s body is one that was born and grown under light from a different sun, respiring the hot winds of an alien world. that everything that spock was, was formed from an impossibly incomprehensible set of cosmic alignments. that as similar to jim as spock is, he is equally dissimilar, foreign, and special…


Happy Star Trek 50th Anniversary! 

I’m so excited! Here’s the main cast as cats!!