Black voters in Alabama were characterized as unmotivated by nearly every media establishment. And yet they made tonight a reality in overwhelming numbers.

They beat a man who proclaimed slavery equated to a better America and who Steve Bannon proudly endorsed.

They came out in droves for a civil rights activist who faught against the KKK.

They were a loud voice against the all too normalized culture that exists around pedophilia and disgusting and sinful perversion.

They took a giant step in the right direction for gay rights and equality.

I know to the outside world this was supposed to be a slam dunk, but this is a region of the country who made candidate and President Trump a reality. A Democrat hasn’t won the deep South in 25 years.

Christ. Selma, Alabama. They made history yet again. Please let this be a sign of things to come. Please.

If net neutrality disappears then that means only rich people will be able to access Tumblr so just to be safe we need to post memes that the rich people will like so we all have a chance at being Tumblr famous after we can’t afford the internet anymore

A young adult customer told me that she’s “too awkward” to use the salad bar and asked me to make her a salad myself and like. How in the fuck can you be too awkward to use a salad bar but not awkward enough that you ask your server to make your salad for you